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2016 年广西职业院校技能大赛中职组《酒店服务》技能比赛 客房中式铺床项目英语口试参考题库
Part one 中译英: 1. 如果您希望您的房间过一会儿清扫,请打电话给前台。 译:If you’d like to have your room cleaned later, please call the front desk. 2. 先生,请让我为您介绍一下房间设施。

译:Let me introduce the room to you, sir. 3. 在房间上网是免费的。 译:We offer free internet service in the room. 4. 除非有人要求,一般来说,我们总是先打扫走客房。 译:We always clean the check-out rooms first, unless there is a request. 5. 对不起,先生。您再等 20 分钟可以吗? 译:I’m sorry, sir. But could you wait another 20 minutes, please? 6. 对不起,请问有没有要洗的衣服? 译:Excuse me, do you need laundry service? 7. 我们随时为您服务。 译:We are always at your service. 8. 如果您需要帮助,请拨 9 到客房中心。 译:If you need any help, you may call the Service Center by dialing 9. 9. 我们总是尽力按要求尽早打扫房间。 译:We always try to have rooms made up early on request. 10.客房电视可以接收中央台和地方电视台节目。 译:The TV set in the room can receive the China Central Television and local TV programs. 11.酒店客房均设有个人密码保险箱,用于存放您的贵重物品。 译:The guestroom has safety box with personal password to store the valuables. 12.房间里有小冰箱。 译:There is a mini-bar in the room. 13.详细情况可以在服务手册中查到。 译:For detailed information, please refer to the service directory. 14.酒店为客人提供免费的擦鞋服务。 译:The hotel provides free shoe shining service for the guests. 15.我会在 5 分钟内将电源适配器给您送去。 译:I will deliver the adapter to your room in 5 minutes.. 句子:


16.离开房间时请记得带房卡。 译:Please take the room card with you when you leave the room. 17.您能送一个婴儿床到 1215 房间来吗? 译:Could you send a baby cot to Room 1215? 18.先生,您什么时候比较方便? 译:What time would it be convenient for me to come back, sir? 19.您希望我什么时候过来打扫房间? 译:When would you like me to clean your room? 20.这件毛衣要用冷水手洗。 译:I’d like this sweater washed by hand in cold water, please. 21.你替我要一辆出租车好吗? 译:Could you get a taxi for me, please? 22.您希望什么时候把衣服给您送回来? 译:When would you like your laundry back? 23.请让我看一下您的房卡好吗? 译:Could you show me your room card, please? 24.这是我们酒店的规定。希望您能理解。 译:This is our hotel policy. I hope you can understand. 25.请问您要快洗服务还是普通服务? 译:Would you like express service or standard service? 26.我想多要一床毛毯和两只枕头可以吗? 译:Can I have one more blanket and two more pillows, please? 27.我们这里有不同种类的服务,如水洗、干洗、烫、染和缝补。 译: We have different services here such as laundry, dry-cleaning, ironing, dyeing and mending. 28.卫生间的香皂用完了,请再给我添一块新的,好吗? 译:The soap in the toilet has been used. Will you please give me a new one? 29.把要洗的衣服放在卫生间的塑料袋里就行了。 每天早晨整理完床铺后我会把 洗衣袋带走的。 译:Just put your laundry in the plastic bag in the bathroom. I’ll collect it after I make the bed every morning. 30.这是 2139 房间。请送一个电熨斗。 译:This is Room 2139. Can you send me an iron, please? 31.我们饭店提供 24 小时客房送餐服务。 译:Room service is available 24 hours a day. 32.请您填写洗衣单,好吗? 译:Could you fill in/out the laundry form, please? 33.我是送餐服务员,这是您的早餐。


译:This is Room Service. I’ve brought you the breakfast. 34.您能提供一些关于您丢失物品的信息吗? 译:Could you give us some information about your lost item? 35.水龙头整晚都在漏水。 译:The tap has been leaking all night long. 36.3206 房间的电视机坏了,请派人来修理一下。 译:The TV in Room 3206 isn’t working. Please send someone to fix/repair it. 37.这里是失物招领处。我们找到了您的手机。 译:This is Lost and Found. We have found your cell phone. 38.我会通知维修部和客房服务员。 译:I will inform the Maintenance Department and the Housekeeping. 39.史密斯先生不在房间,您需要留言吗? 译:I’m afraid Mr. Smith is not in the room now. Would you like to leave a message? 40.别担心,我会通知夜班人员,他会为您做的。 译:Don’t worry. I’ll inform the overnight staff. They’ll do it for you. 英译中: 1. We provide our customers with a variety of services such as currency exchange, food and beverage, laundry, mail, etc. 译:我们向顾客提供货币兑换、餐饮、洗衣、函件等多项服务。 2. Your room number is 3611. Follow me please. 译:您的房号是 3611。我带您过去。 3. Please contact us if you have any problems, sir. We’ll do our best to help you. 译:先生,有什么问题请与我们联系。我们会尽力给予帮助。 4. The room is at the end of the corridor. 译:房间在走廊的尽头。 5. The pillowcases are dirty; could you change them for us? 译:枕套脏了,请您换一下好吗? 6. If a guest wants his room done at some specific time, he can hang the sign outside on the doorknob. 译:如果客人要求在特定的时间整理房间,他可以把标记牌挂在门外的把手 上。 7. The guestrooms are equipped with mini bar to offer you a variety of drinks. Please sign the wine list after you drink. 译:酒店客房设有迷你酒吧,为您提供多款饮品,请您饮用后在酒水单上签 字。 8. When will I have my laundry back? 译:我什么时候能取回送洗的衣服?


9. Here’s your room. May I put your luggage/baggage here? 译:这是您的房间。我把您的行李放这里好吗? 10.You’ve got three pieces of luggage/baggage. Is that right, sir? 译:先生,您一共有三件行李,是吗? 11.Excuse me, could you return the printer because another guest wants to use it. 译:请把打印机还给我们好吗?有一个客人要用。 12.Is there a tag attached to the luggage/baggage? 译:行李上面有标签吗? 13.There’s a 10% discount for a double room. 译:大床间可以打九折。 14.I’ll send them up to your room, just one moment, please. 译:我马上把东西送到您的房间,请稍等。 15.I would like to store my laptop in your safety box. 译:我想把我的笔记本电脑存在饭店的保险柜里。 16.Could you remove the stain on my skirt, please? 译:您能把我裙子上的污点洗掉吗? 17. We will refund the cost of the laundry. You may buy a new sweater and give us the receipt. 译:我们可以退还洗衣费。您可以买件新毛衣,把发票寄给我们。 18.The shirt lost a button, could you sew it on for me? 译:这件衬衫掉了一颗纽扣,能帮我缝上吗? 19.Please deposit your money, jewelry and other valuables in the hotel safety box. 译:请将您的现金、珠宝和其他贵重物品寄存在酒店的保险箱内。 20.We will check them with the security section. 译:我们会同保安部的工作人员一起去查找一下。 21.You can make long distance calls from your room. 译:您可以在房间里打长途电话。 22.I’m sorry, sir. I’m going to your room as soon as I finish this one. 译:对不起,先生,我打扫完这个房间就去您的房间。 23.If you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to let us know. 译:如果您有需求,请随时找我们。 24.Could you check the contents in your parcel? 译:您检查一下您包裹里的物品好吗? 25.I’d like to have an extra blanket and one more glass. 译:我想多要一张毯子和一个玻璃杯。 26.I’m sorry to hear that, madam. But would you tell me exactly what happened? 译:女士,很遗憾,发生了这种事,您能把事情经过详细描述一下吗? 27.Could you call maintenance to fix the window and housekeeping to clean the carpet, please? 译:您能派名维修人员来修理窗户并派名客房服务员来打扫一下地毯吗?


28.Do you prefer laundry returned on the same day or by express service? 译:您的衣服是要当日取还是快洗服务? 29.I’ll send maintenance to your room to check it right away. He will be here in a few minutes. 译:我马上派一名维修工到您房间检查一下,他马上就到。 30.We’re very sorry for the delay, sir. Your luggage/baggage was wrongly delivered to Room 608. 译:很抱歉行李送晚了,您的行李被误送到 608 房间了。 31.We apologize for troubling you so much. 译:很抱歉给您添了这么多麻烦。 32.I’m sorry to disturb you. I’m here to check the smoke detector in your room. 译:对不起打扰了。我来查看您房间里的烟感器。 33.I assure you it will never happen again. 译:我向您保证这类事情以后不会再发生了。 34.I’m afraid all printers have been sent out. 译:恐怕我们的打印机都被借走了。 35.If the guest doesn’t know how to use the electric facilities in the room, show him how to use it or give some explanations. 译:如果客人不会使用房间的电器设备,给客人演示或解释。 36.For baby-sitting service, the charge is 50 Yuan per hour. 译:托儿服务每小时收费 50 元。 37.How would you like to pay, by credit card or in cash? 译:请问您要怎么付款,刷卡还是付现金? 38.I’ve come to repair the facilities in the bathroom. Can you please tell me what the problem is, please? 译:我来维修卫生间的设施,请您详细地告诉我什么坏了,好吗? 39.According to the regulations, anyone who breaks a glass will have to pay for it. 译:根据规定,任何打碎玻璃杯的人都得赔偿。 40.I am Sandy from housekeeping. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. 译:我是房务部的 Sandy。如果您有任何需要,请及时联系我。 Part two 情景应答:

1. Q:What would you say if the guest wants you to bring some drinks for him? A:I will send them to your room right away. 2. Q:You are going to clean the room for the guest, but he tells you that it is not convenient for him now, what will you say? A:I’ll say: That’s all right. I will be back later. What time would be convenient, sir?


3. Q:What will you do if the guest says that she wants to use her hairdryer but it’s 110 volts? A:I will send her a transformer or a hairdryer for 220 volts. 4. Q:You are going to make turn-down service for the guest, but he is working, what will you do? A:I will ask the guest if I should do it now. If not, I will ask him when it will be convenient for him. 5. Q:What would you say if the guest tells you the temperature is low in the room? A:I will adjust the air-conditioning for you. 6. Q:What would you say when you want to know whether the guest needs some more help? A:Is there anything else I can do for you? 7. Q:If the guest complains that there is hair all over his bathroom counter and in his tub, what will you do? A: I will apologize first. And then explain that cleanliness is very important to us. I will have a room attendant take care of that immediately. 8. Q:If a guest calls to complain that his room key does not work, what will you say? A:I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I will make you a new key right now, however I need your identification please. 9. Q:What will you do if the guest wants to surf the internet in the hotel? A:I will tell the guest that the hotel offers free internet service in the room, and there is an internet caféin the hotel as well. 10.Q:How will you introduce a guestroom to the guest? A:I will introduce the equipment, the views, the services provided and so on to the guest. 11.Q: When a guest asks you to take her clothes for laundry by phone, what will you say? A:Certainly, madam. I will inform our housekeeping to pick up your laundry. May I have your room number, please? 12.Q: If the guest says he would like to sleep late the next morning, what would you say? A:Please press the “Do Not Disturb” button so the room will be cleaned after tomorrow lunchtime. Is that OK? 13.Q:When a guest asks about the express laundry service, what will you say? A:For express service, you may get your laundry back in 4 hours. But there is a 50% extra charge. 14.Q:What do you need to check when you collect the guest’s laundry? A: I will check how many pieces of laundry there are and see if the guest has filled in the laundry list.

15.Q:What would you say if a guest asks the attendant to remove a stain on his clothes? A:We will do our best to remove the stain but we cannot guarantee the result. 16.Q:What will you say when the guest has finished checking-in? A:Here is your room key and a bellboy will show you to your room. Is there anything else I can do for you? I hope you will enjoy your stay in our hotel. 17.Q:How would you deal with a wrong bill? A:I will apologize first, and then check it with the department concerned. 18.Q:What would you say if there is no room available for the guest? A: I’m sorry, but today we are fully booked. Can I have your name and telephone number? We will contact you if there is any cancellation. 19.Q:When a visitor calls to talk to a guest, but the guest is not in his room currently, what would you say? A:I’m afraid he is not in the room currently. Would you like to leave a message? 20.Q:What should you say when you notice a guest is not feeling well? A:I’m sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. What’s the matter, Mr Simon? Is there anything I can do for you?



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