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高中英语必修三Book 3,module 1 Reading

Homework checking(page 3). ancient architect gallery landmark locate sculpture writer

1. someone who designs buildings architect 2. to be in a certain place locate 3. something tha

t is easy to landmark recognise, such as a building 4. someone who produces novels or writer poems 5. a large building where people can gallery see famous pieces of art. 6. the art of making things out of sculpture stone and wood, etc. 7. of a time long ago. ancient

United Kingdom France
Portugal d


e Spain Italy


b Greece

The Eiffel Tower 埃菲尔铁塔

Louvre 卢浮宫

Cathedral of Notre Dame巴黎圣母院

Acropolis 雅典卫城

Sagrada Familia 圣家大教堂


Fast reading:read the passage and match the photos with these descriptions.

AThe Eiffel Tower BThe Parthenon CThe Uffizi Palace DThe Sagrada Familia





1. A landmark in Paris 2. An art gallery in Florence 3. A church in Barcelona 4. A building in Athens

Read the passage and answer the questions.(page3,exercise 3)
1. Which of the cities are capital cities?

2. Which one is situated on the coast?

Athens and Paris Barcelona

3. Which is famous for its places to eat?


4. Which ones are or were important cities for writers and artists? 5. Which was the world’s greatest city a long time ago? Athens

Paris, Florence and Athens

Decide if these sentences are True or False.
1. The Eiffel Tower is a tall building in France. T 2. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes in Paris. T 3. Barcelona is the capital of Spain. F 4. The Church of the Sagrada Familia was built in 1926. F 5. The artistic movement called the Renaissance began in Florence. T 6. The Uffizi Palace is a famous hotel in Florence. F T ago, Athens was the world’s most powerful city. 7. A long time 8. There were a lot of good writers in ancient Athens.


Fill in the form.
countries cities France location on the River Seine

landmarks The Eiffel Tower; Louvre famous for/as


Louvre, cafes, restaurants & theatres

Spain Italy Greece

Florence Athens

on the northeast coast

The Sagrada --------Familia
The Uffizi Palace The Parthenon

the Renaissance, art galleries, churches, museums

Birthplace of western civilisation

Retell the passage with the information in the table

Which of them would you most like to visit?

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