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初一下册书面表达集锦(模块 1---模块 6)
1) 每个人都有自己的爱好,如体育、音乐、舞蹈、社交、写作、绘画等。你的爱好是什么 呢?对你来说爱好又意味着什么呢? 请写一篇 80 词左右的小短文介绍一下自己的爱好。 My hobby I have lots of hobbies. I like sports, music, dancing and drawing. But I like drawing best. It is my favorite hobby. I think drawing is the happiest thing in the world. It can make me happy all the time. I can draw much better now. My parents are both happy to see my nice pictures. My classmates all say that I am good at drawing. I hope I can be an artist when I grow up. 2)根据下面的图片写一篇作文,描述三班的学生们正在做些什么。

It’s Teachers’ Day. Students in Class Three are getting ready for the day. Look! Zhou Ji is drawing a picture. Wang Tao is making cards for his teachers. Li Ting is sweeping the floor. Liu Mei is writing “Happy Teachers’ Day” on the blackboard. Zhang Jie is decorating the classroom with balloons. They are all very happy. They want to give a surprise to their teachers. 3) 假如你叫张华,请根据下面的提示给你在美国的笔友安迪(Andy) 写封信,介绍一下你家 是如何过春节的。 要求: 词数不少于50词,其中信的开头已经给出(不包含在总词数内)。 ( 提 示 : the most important festival; come in January or February; clean the house; go shopping; have a haircut; on New Year’s Eve; have a big dinner; enjoy fireworks put on new clothes; visit friends) Dear Andy, Thanks for your Christmas card. Do you know Spring Festival in China? It’s the most important festival in China. It is usually in January or February. In my family, we usually clean the house first. Then we go shopping and get a lot of food ready. At the same time, we buy new clothes and have a haircut. On New Year’s Eve, family members have a big dinner together, watch TV and enjoy fireworks. On New Year’s Day, we put on our new clothes and visit our friends. I like it very much. Yours, Zhang Hua 4) 看图,根据图片提示写一篇短文介绍吴眉这个星期六、日的上、下午要做的事情。

This weekend Wu Mei is very busy. On Saturday morning she is going to have a piano lesson. In the afternoon she is going to have a picnic with her friends. On Sunday morning Wu Mei is going to go to Peter’s birthday party. In the afternoon she is going to stay at home and revise for her maths test. 5) 假如你和几位朋友此刻正在伦敦观光。请根据英文和图片提示,写一张明信片给你 的妈妈,把大家正在做的事情写出来。

提示:enjoy the school trip; write to; visit many places; have a good time 要求:1.要把所给的英文提示词和图片信息表达出来; 2.文章要连贯; 词数在 50 词 左右,文章的开头和结尾已经给出(不包含在总词数内)。

Dear Mum, Greetings from London! How are you? We’re enjoying the school trip in London. Now I’m writing to you. London is a beautiful city. We visit many places. Do you know what we are doing now? Let me tell you. Some of us are taking photos, some are swimming, some are shopping, some are eating and some are listening to music. Look! Miss Li, our teacher, is talking on the phone. We’re having a good time! See you soon. Love, Li Hua 6) 假设下表是你及你家人在 2008 年的新年计划,请根据表格内容并以 Our Plans in New Year 为题写一篇英语短文,要求语句通顺,语意连贯,语法正确,词数在 60 词左右。(短 文的开头已经给出) 家庭成员 爸爸 妈妈 哥哥、姐姐 自己 新年计划 找一份新工作,挣更多钱(make more money) 努力工作,照顾好(look after…well) 家庭 努 力 学 习 并 取 好 成 绩 ( get good results) , 上 好 的 大 学 ( go to a good university) 也要努力学习

Our plans in New Year In my family, everyone has a New Year’s plan. My father is going to find a new job to make more money. My mother is going to work hard and look after the family well. My sister and my brother are going to study hard to get good results. They hope to go to a good university. I’m also going to work hard on my study. I think we will be better next year. 7) 根据要求写一篇约 50 字左右的通知。提示:假设你班将举行一次活动。请根据下面要点 用英语拟一份书面通知: 1.下周日去参观长城 2. 乘车去 3.自己带午饭和饮料 4. 早晨 6:30 在校门口集合,请准时到。 8) 根据图片提示,写一篇短文,描述我们将来的生活。

要求:1. 表达清楚,语意连贯,书写工整。2. 词数:50-60词。 Life in the future will be very comfortable. Robots will help us do many jobs. They will help

us do the housework. They will clean the house and cook food. And they will care for old people. They will work in the factories and help workers do heavy work. We will work two days a week, so we will have lots of free time. 9) 根据所给材料,介绍 Karl 的基本情况。 要求:语句通顺,表达清楚,书写美观。 Karl, 我朋友,英国人,今年 14 岁,喜欢足球和音乐。现在正和父母一起在中国学习中文, 并且能说一些中文了。有一些中国朋友。本周日上午,他打算和朋友一起去看足球赛,晚 上复习准备考试。 10) 假如你叫陆威,李明和李桦是双胞胎兄弟,也是你的好朋友。星期六下午五点你到他们 家去找他们,碰巧(happen to do)他们不在。请用英语给他们写一个便条,内容如下: 1. 你们班打算明天上午去中山公园(Zhongshan Park)游玩,请他们一起参加。 2. 明天上午 6 点 30 在校门口集合, 7 点乘校车出发。 请自带午饭, 带上照相机(camera)。 下午你们打算去看电影,4 点返回。 3. 请回电话:3843396。 要求:注意行文流畅,语句通顺,词数在 60 左右(开头已经给出)。 5:00p.m. Saturday Dear Li Ming and Li Hua, I’m here at your home. I want to invite you to join us in our picnic, but you happen to be out. So I have to write this note to you. Tomorrow morning, our class are going to visit Zhongshan Park. I hope you can go with us. We’ll meet at the school gate at 6:30 am. At 7:00, we’ll go by a school bus. Please take your lunch. After lunch we will go to the cinema. We will come back at 4:00 pm. If you can go with us, take your camera, please. We want to take some photos. Would you like to go with us? Please telephone me (Tel: 3843396). Yours, Lu Wei 11) 请以My hometown为题写一篇英语短文,介绍自己家乡独特的地理特征、气候或风景 名胜。 要求:1. 内容具体,语言流畅;2. 标点准确,语法恰当;3. 书写工整,不少于50 词。 My hometown Beijing is my hometown. It’s the capital of China. It’s in the north of China. It’s warm in spring and it’s hot in summer. It’s cool in autumn and it’s cold in winter. It’s a big city with a long history. There are lots of old buildings. And it’s famous for the Great Wall. Welcome to my hometown and you will enjoy it. 12) 下面是 John 下周日(next Sunday)的安排(用将来时和 be going to 句型) ,请根 据下面的要求用第三人称(他)写一篇 50 词左右的短文。 1.星期日七点半起床。2.上午和妈妈一起去动物园。3.中午(at noon)短暂休息(have a break)后去买东西。 4. 下午和朋友一起去踢球。 (用比较级说说踢球和其他运动) 5. 他 擅长阅读,晚上看《西行漫记》(Red Star Over China) John will have lots of plans next Sunday. He is going to get up at 7:30 in the morning. After breakfast he’s going to the zoo with his mother. At noon, he’ll have a break. Then he’s going shopping. He’s going to play football with his friends. He thinks playing football is more

exciting than the other sports. He is good at reading. So he’s going to read Red Star Over China at night. He’ll be very busy on that day. 13) 根据所给英文提示,比较两个城市,写一篇短文,词数 50 左右 Beijing Location(位置) Climate Population Places of interest (名胜) north hot/cold 17 million the Forbidden City Kunming south warm 4 million Stone Forest

14) 假设你是一名桂林人,现在请你为来桂林旅游的游客们充当一名导游。请根据下列要点 提示写一篇 50 词左右的英语小短文,可适当发挥。 要点提示: 1. 桂林山水甲天下(Guilin landscape tops those elsewhere.);2. 位于广西北部;3. 市区人 口六十多万;4. 桂林山清水秀,以风景(scenery)美丽而闻名;5. 每年有许多游客到此游 览。 Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Guilin! Everyone knows that Guilin landscape tops those elsewhere. Guilin is in the north of Guangxi. The population of the city is over six hundred thousand. The hills in Guilin are green and the water is clear. It is famous for its beautiful scenery. Every year lots of visitors come to visit Guilin. I hope you will have a good time in Guilin. Thank you! 15) “五一”假期(May Day)就快到了, 或朋友的假期活动安排。 写一篇不少于50字的短文,介绍你和你的家人

16) 现在北京正在为 2008 年的奥运会积极准备,你作为一名中学生,也不甘心落后。下面 请根据提示,以“What can I do for the Green Olympics?”为题,表达出你准备为我们的绿 色奥运做些什么。 要求:所给的提示要全部用上,60 词左右, 可作适当发挥。 提示: hold the 29th Olympic Games( 举办第 29 届奥运会 ); the Green Olympics ( 绿色 奥 运 ); plant more flowers and trees; not throw rubbish away ( 不 乱 扔 垃 圾 ) ; not draw pictures on the wall; cleaner and more beautiful What can I do for the Green Olympics? This year, Beijing will hold the 29th Olympic Games. It will be Green Olympics. It means that we must make our country much cleaner and greener. As students, we must do something for the Green Olympics. We mustn’t throw the rubbish away. We can’t draw pictures on the wall. We want to plant more flowers and trees in our country. I think our country will become cleaner and more beautiful.


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