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Unit2 The Olympic Games READING

Warming up
Enjoy a song.

Let’s enjoy!

Which number is concerned with the Olympic Games?

Europe Asia




The five interlocking rings stand for friendship of five continents.

Blue =Europe

Black =Africa

Red =America

Yellow =Asia Green =Oceania

2008 Beijing Olympic Mascots

Welcome to Beijing

the Olympic motto
Swifter Stronger


Summer Olympic events
swimming, relay, gymnastics, weightlifting, tennis, table tennis, running, softball, diving, wrestling, volleyball, football, basketball, judo, pentathlon, javelin, high jump, long jump, marathon

Winter Olympic events
skating ,skiing, ski jumping, sledding, snowboarding(滑雪板运动 ice hockey(冰球) 滑雪板运动), 冰球) 滑雪板运动 冰球

How much do you know about the Olympic Games? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

1.When and where did the ancient Olympic Games start? A. 776BC; in Greece B. 776AD; in Greece 2.What events were there in the ancient Olympic Games? A. Running, jumping, shooting, throwing, wrestling, B. Table tennis, jumping, volleyball, swimming 3.When did the ancient Olympic Games stop? A. 393 AD B. 398AD 4. When and where did the modern Olympics start? A. In 1896; in Athens B. In 1896; in America

5. How many competitors from how many country competed in 1896? A. There were 311 competitors from 13 countries. B. There were 1131 competitors from 113 countries. 6. When did China first take part in the Olympic Games? A. In 1932 B. In 1940 7. Who was China’s first gold medal winner and for what event? A.Xu Haifeng; shooting B.Xu Haifeng; table tennis 8. How many competitors from how many country take part in the 27th Summer Olympics in Sydney? A.Over 10,000 athletes; 119 countries B. Over 10,000 athletes; 184 countries

9 .When did baseball become an Olympic sport? A. 1972 B. 1992 C.1976 10.Match the year and the host city of the following Summer Olympic Games. 1984 2000 2004 2008 Sydney Athens Beijing Los Angeles

Fast reading : True or False.
( F )1.Men and women were allowed to take part in the ancient Olympic Games. ( (

F )2.The Winter Olympic Games are held every

three years.

F )3.The 28th Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.

( T )4. A special village is built for competitors to live in. ( T )5.To hold the Olympic is a rich prize and a big honor for a country.

Careful reading Tell the difference between ancient and modern Olympics according to the reading passage.

Name Time Place People

The ancient Olympics

The modern Olympics

every four years every four years in Greece in different countries only men men and women summer games and winter games

Games only summer games Prizes

olive wreathes Olympic medals The same Olympic (faster,higher,stronger) motto

Beliefs Olympic motto

Reading comprehension 1. Pausanias was__________. A A. a writer who lived in “Ancient Greece” B. an English writer 2,000 years ago. C. a writer who wrote about the modern Olympic Games. D. an athlete 2. Who could take part in the ancient Olympics in Greece? A A. Greek nobles(贵族 贵族) B. Greek slaves. 贵族 C. Greek women D. English nobles

C 3. Who can be admitted to the present Olympic Games? A. All the athletes from all over the world. B. Athlete from the developed countries. C. Athletes who can reach the required standard. D. Athletes from the Greek cities. A 4. When will the next Winter Olympics be held? A. 2006 C. 2008 B.2007 D. 2009

5. Which of the following statements is TRUE? A. Pausanias wasn’t interested in the Olympics. B. It is easy to win the right to host the Olympics. C. Almost every country wants to host the Olympics. D. It costs little to host the Olympics.


Questions :
1.What upsets Pausanias about modern Winter Olympic Games? No running races or horse riding are included. (Many things have been changed.) 2.What amazes Pausanias about the modern Summer Olympic Games? All countries/ women were admitted in the Olympics. 3.Whe does Pausanias think Athens, Greece and Beijing, China should feel proud? They both win the right to host the Olympic Games.

4.Why does Pausanias think people may be competing for money in the modern Olympic Games? 、、、, 、、、 even the olive wreath has been replaced. 5.What makes Pausanias happy about the modern Olympic Games? Not for money but the Olympic motto is the same as the ancient time.

Discussion: What can we do for the 2008 Olympics?

1.Encourage ourselves and other Chinese to plant more trees and grass. 2.Have good manners in public so as to leave a good impression on foreigners 3.have a good knowledge of English and encourage the public speak English widely 4.Be Volunteers to be guides for foreigners 5.Learn the spirit of the Olympic Games and regard its motto as life and study motto

Thank you for attending!


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