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2012 年下半年牛津版湖南高三版第十二期语法、完形填空 2、阅读填空、简答练习

2012 年下半年牛津版湖南高三版第十二期语法、完形填空 2、阅读填空、简答练习 2013 届长沙云麓长桥高考补习学校第五次周训英语试题 夏星频 Michael Star Part II Language Knowledge (45 marks) Section A (15 m

arks) Directions: For each of the following unfinished sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. 21. _____ of danger in the street at night, she had to go home, with a friend ____ her. A. Warning, following B. Having warned, following C. Having been warned, following D. Warned, followed 22. Michael never dreamt of ___ for him to be sent abroad so soon. A. being a chance B. there’s a chance C. there to be a chance D. there being a chance 23. Farmland in Wugang county______ quickly, so the diversity of/a variety of/various/different diverse governments are considering _____ a program to solve the problem. A. is getting lost, starting B. is lost, to start C. is losing, starting D. loses, to start 24. Which do you enjoy ______ your holiday, going abroad or staying at home? A. spending B. to spend C. being spent D. spend 25. This problem is far from ____, so it has to be discussed again at tomorrow’s meeting. A. settled B. settling C. being settled D. being settling 26. What is the way/method/means/solution/key thought of _____enough money to buy the house? A. to get B. getting C. having got D. being got 27. —Henry doesn’t seem like the same person. — ________so much in the war has made him more thoughtful. A. For him to see B. His seeing C. Having seen D. To be seeing 28 . —I really appreciate________ to holiday with you on this nice island . —It’s my pleasure . A. have time B. having time C. to have time D. to having time 29 .They really have a great time too , designing everything , drawing the blue prints , _____ out the angles and so on . A. figured B.to figure C. figure D. figuring 30. Dan apologized for ______ to inform me of the change in the plan. A. his being not able B. him not to be able C. his not being able D. him to he not able 31. At the seventh International Ballet Competitions , Danfel won the first gold medal ever_________ to an American male dancer . A. awarded B. to be award C. being awarded D. should be awarding 32.The student, if well _____ , will pass the examination without much difficulty. A. preparing B. prepared C. to prepare D. ready 33. ________a little money , Liujuan was able to buy her mother a lovely new watch . A. To save B. Saving C. Saved D. Having saved 34.We saw new houses ________wherever we went on our visit. A. built B. being built C. building D. to build 35.That gas pipeline project,______ in July 2011 and _______in June 2012, will be China’s longest gas pipeline in history.

2012 年下半年牛津版湖南高三版第十二期语法、完形填空 2、阅读填空、简答练习

A. starting; completing B. started; to be completed C. to start; completed D. starting; completed Section C (12 marks) Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. One of the most difficult challenges in life is learning not to take things to heart. We take so much of 48 comes our way to heart, especially when we’re young,. This can be unproductive if it throws us 49 balances on a regular basis. When we are feeling criticized from all the directions, it becomes very difficult __50__us to recover ourselves so that we can continue to speak the truth. Most of the time, the criticisms of 51 have much more to do with them than with us. Therefore, we __52__be able to hear the criticisms, taking in anything that might actually be constructive, but releasing those that have 53 to do with us. This is when we make like __54___duck, shaking water off 55 letting it roll off our back as we continue our way in the world. Part IV Writing (45 marks) 21CDABC/26ABBDC/31ABDBB Section C 48. what 49. off 50. for 51. others 52. should 53. nothing 54. a 55. and 生活中最大的挑战就是学会不要太在意别人对我们的评论。我们应该像鸭子抖落身上的 水一样,不要去管那些与自己无关的东西,只吸取建设性的批评。 48. what。what 在此处引导宾语从句。 49. off。表示离开或掉下来。 50. for。此处为固定搭配 for sb. 对某人而言。 51. others。根据上下文可知,此空应填一个代词来表示“他人的” ,故填 others。 52. should。根据句意, “我们应该能够去听一听那些批评??” 。 53. nothing。固定短语 have nothing to do with“与??无关”。另外根据此空所在的前后句的 转折关系也可推断出答案。 54. a。duck 在文中是首次被提到,故用不定冠词 a 来修饰。 55. and。连接 shaking water off 和 letting it roll off 两个对等的部分。 Section A



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