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unit9 Dinner is ready

Module Module 4 The world3around us Places and activities 9 Period 2 Dinner is ready Dinner is ready. What do we need for dinner? Bomb game chopsticks chopsticks spoon plate bowl Chopsticks, chopsticks, chopsticks I need chopsticks. A spoon, a spoon, I need a spoon. fork knife A spoon? No, thanks. A plate? No, thanks. Give me a knife and fork, please. A ______? No, thanks. _______? No, thanks. Give me ______, please. A ______? ________. _______? _______. Give me ______, please. ________? ________. ________? ________. ____________, please. A bowl? No, thanks. Chopsticks? No, thanks. I need my hand. Let's guess Let's guess Let's guess I like ice cream. What do you like? What do you need? Let's guess Step 1: Find your partners. (5 students in a group) Step 2: Make a new dialogue. Step 3: Act out the dialogue. 1. Read Student’s Book pages 39-41. 2. Act out the dialogues on page 40.



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