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走遍美国should have done

Parting Friends


Hi, Mom. Hi, Robbie, you are home from school early. Yeah, they’re getting the assembly hall ready for graduation ceremony .So we all got to go home early. Too noisy to study. Well, now that you are here, you can help me with dinner. I need those potatoes peeled and sliced. Mom, give me a break. Alexandra’s coming over to help me study for my math final . Well, in that case, you can wash the dishes and clean up after dinner. Can I invite Alexandra to stay for dinner? Of course. You and Alexandra have become good friends, haven’t you? Yes, I like her. Sher’s a terrific person. I’m going to miss her when she goes back to Greece. Would you like to give her a little fareware party? Mom, that would be terrific. Maybe we could make it a surprise. Oh, I don’t know. Surprise parties don’t always work out. Well, we could tell her it’s a graduation party for me. When Alexandra arrives, we’ll surprise her. Well, I supposed that might work. I’d like to give her a nice going-away present. Fine. There’s only one problem. What’s that? I’m broke. I should have saved some money. I’m sure Alexandra will be happy with something simple, Robbie. I know. But , well, I’d like to give her something nice to remember me by. Maybe I could borrow some money from you and Dad. It’s all right with me if it’s all right with your dad. Thanks, mom. I’ll talk to him. Is he still in his office? I think so. Thanks, mom. Robbie! Good luck! Here are the X-rays you wanted, Dr. Stewart. Oh, thank you, Molly. Now, let me check them. What do you think? I don’t see any breaks or fractures. Well, well. Thank you, Molly. Thank you.

Come in! Hi, Son. Hi, Dad. Am I interrupting you? No, no , no , no. What's up? Can we talk? Sure. I need some help. Well, that’s what fathers are for. Well, before I go to college, I have the whole summer. Yes. And I’m planning to get a job for summer. And what sort of job? I applied for a job as lifeguard at the community pool. Sounds pretty good. Yes. I’ll be earning pretty good money if I get it. But, right now, I’m kind of short of cash. Who isn’t? And my friend Alexandra is going back to Greece. Nice girl. We’ll all miss her. Mom says we can give her a going-away surprise party. Good idea! And I’d like to give her a nice gift. What’d you have in mind? Well, a wristwatch, so she’ll think of me when she looks at the time. Nothing flashy or expensive . Something simple ---- but a good one. Sounds fine. Robbie. Well, I saw a nice watch, but I’ll need a loan. If you could lend me the money, I could pay you back out of my lifeguard salary. Well, I guess your mom and I can manage it. When do you need the money? Would tomorrow be OK? You’ve got it. Thanks Dad . My pleasure,Son. Oh,Robbie. Yes? You’ll probablay want the family car, so you can drive her home after the party. Could I? If you drive carefully. I will. Thanks, Dad. My pleasure. You’re OK, Dad. You are not so bad yourself, Son. 语言点: should have + 动词过去分词 I should have saved some money. ( in fact, I didn’t do it) . He should have put some money in the bank. shouldn’t have +动词过去分词 He shouldn’t have left the milk out.


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