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A Brief Introduction to Fudan High School

A Brief Introduction to Chongqing Fudan High School Chongqing Fudan High School, one of the key schools in Chongqing , is located at No.22 , Yuzhong District , Chongqing. It has two campuses – Kaixuan campus and Zhuyuan campus, a total area of 70 acres. It has 66 classes, about 2900 students and more than 300 faculty members. Chongqing Fudan High School has a long history. The school was founded in 1935.It has the same root, sings the same school song, holds up the same school flag and complies with the same school motto as Fudan University. This is unprecedented in Chinese educational circles. Chongqing Fudan High School has outstanding resources. As a part of “Wangdao Plan” , Fudan University allows our school to recommend outstanding students to study in the university. Under the organization of Fudan University, six Fudan high schools, including Shanghai Fudan High School, High School Affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai Fuxing High School, Taiwan Fudan High School, and Wujiang Fudan School set up Fudan Basic Education Union in 2010. The six schools take part in exchange activities and share educational resources regularly. Chongqing Fudan High School has distinctive characteristics of education. The implementation of Grading Education was reported by People's Daily and China Education Daily。Success Education and selecting Fudan Star are welcomed by the students and their parents. In the boarding campus, the students and the teachers live and study together. They share each others’ joys and sorrows. It’s convenient for the teachers to care for students. Fudan Forum, the sports festival and the art festival boost all-round development of the students. In recent years, Yang Xuefei and Zeng Yuyu attended Peking University. Nearly 20 students were admitted to Fudan University. Yang Chengxing participated in the APEC Youth Science Festival on behalf of China. He had a number of invention patents and was named "top ten middle school students in Chongqing city" He also won the nomination of mayor award of the Fifth Annual Scientific and Technological Innovation in Chongqing city. These achievements belong to the past. We should meet the needs of the future. Chongqing Fudan High School is to seize the opportunity of constructing the lower part of Yuzhong District as a historical and cultural area and accelerate its school infrastructure construction. At the same time, Chongqing Fudan High School is

organizing international department to accelerate the process of internationalization. Surely It will make a positive contribution to the cause of education in Chongqing. Contact Person: Zhou Xiaoming, Cell phone:18008315887 , Email:710877878@qq.com



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