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关于turn 关于 1. turn on 打开;发动 Will you turn on the radio? 你打开收音机好吗? 2. turn off 关掉 Turn off the light before you leave. 离开前请把灯关掉。 成功 例句暂无 3. turn up 出现,露面 eg: He didn't turn up at the meeting yesterday. 出现;发生 Something unexpected has turned up. 发生了没有意料到的事情。 4. turn down 1,拒绝 His proposal was turned down. 他的提议被拒绝了。 2,关小 Dad, you turn down the TV? It's too noisy. can -----OK. 爸,你能把电视声音关小一点吗------好的 5. turn out 结果是;证明是 The party turned out to be very successful. 晚会结果开得很成功。 6. turn back 阻 止 ; 阻 挡 The car was turned back at the frontier. 汽车在边境处被拦住了。 7. turn in 交上;归还Turn in all the tools after use. 全部工具用后都要归还。 8. turn to 求助于;转向We can turn to him for help.我们可 以求助于他。 9. turn around 转身 Turn around! Yow are going the wrong way. 转回来!你走错路了。 关于get 关于 1. get up 1. 起床 What time does he get up? 他几点起床?

2. 变得猛烈 The wind is getting up. 风越刮越大。 3. 筹备 She is getting up a performance. 她正在筹备一场演出。 4. 打扮;装饰 She got herself up in a new dress. 她穿上了新连衣裙。 2. get down 1. 吞下 She couldn't get the medicine down. 那药她吞不下去。 2. 记录 Please get down what he says. 请把他的话记下。 3. 使沮丧 The continual wet weather is getting me down. 持续的潮湿天气使我沮丧。 3. get down to 开始认真对待 He got down to his work after the holidays. 度假之后他开始专心工作。 4. get off 1. 动身 They got off immediately after lunch. 他们吃过午饭马上就动身了。 2. 免于受罚 The boy got off. 这孩子没有受罚。 5. get on 1. 进展 Everything was getting on very well. 一切进行得很顺利。 2. 出人头地 He's sure to get on in the world. 他一定会出人头地。 3. 登(车);上(马) 6. get back 1. 回来;回家 When did you get back? 你什么时候回来的? 2. 重新上台(执政) The Democrats hope to get back at the next election. 民主党希望在下次大选中重新执政。 3. 恢复;取回 He got his former job back. 他重获旧职。


7. get round/around 1. 逃避 He got round the difficulty. 他避开了这一难题。 2. 说服 I got round my father to lend me his car. 我说服了父亲借车给我。 8. get at 1. 够得着 I can't get at the book on the shelf. 我拿不到架子上的书。 2. 理解 I cannot get at the meaning of this sentence. 我不能理解这句句子的意思。 3. 意指,暗示 I didn't see what he was getting at until he said he forgot his wallet. 我一直不懂他在暗示什么直到他说出忘了钱 夹的事。 What is he getting at? 他讲这话是什么意思? 9. get out 1. 泄漏 If the news gets out, there'll be trouble. 如果消息泄漏出去,就会有麻烦。 2. 出版 Will they get out the book? 他们会出版此书吗? 10. get out of 1. 逃避 I couldn't get out of going to that wedding. 我不能逃避出席婚礼。 2. 弃绝 He got out of the bad habit. 他改掉了这个坏习惯。 3. 使说出 The police got the truth out of him. 警察迫使他说出真相。 11. get to 1.到达 He got to Beijing yesterday. 2.对...影响 Please turn down the radio, it gets to me. 12. get off 下(车) 车 get on 上(车) 车 这两个是上(下)较高的车,如bus, plane, get out of 下(车) 车 get into 上(车) 车 这两个是上(下)较低的车,如taxi,

关于take 关于 1. take off 1. 脱下;移去 He took off his raincoat and took out the key. 他脱下雨衣,拿出钥匙。 2. 起飞 The plane will take off soon. 飞机马上就要起飞了。 3. 休假 He took two weeks off in August. 他在八月份休假了两个星期。 2. take on 1. 穿上;呈现 The insect can take on the color of its surroundings. 这种昆虫能随环境而变色。 2. 承担 He is unwilling to take on heavy responsibilities. 他不愿承担重任。 3. take in 1. 让...进入;接受 The club took in a new member last week. 俱乐部上星期又吸收了一名新会员。 2. 改小;改短 The dress needs to be taken in a bit. 这衣服需要稍微改小一点 3.欺骗 I was completely taken in by his words. 4.吸收 This article is too difficult to take in 4. take down 1. 写下;记下 He took down her speech. 他记下了她的演说。 2. (使)病倒 She was taken down with fever. 她发烧病倒了。 5. take from 1. 减少;降低 The slight damage did not take from the engine's power. 那点轻微的损坏并不减低引擎的威力。 6. take out 1. 取出 The doctor has taken my bad tooth out. 医生已拔掉了我的坏牙。 2. 扣除;除去 The train fare has already been taken out from his salary.


火车费已从他工资中扣除。 3. 带...出去 7. take care 1. 小心;注意 8. take away 1. 带走,拿走 Who took away my pen? 谁拿走了我的钢笔? 9. take up 1. 开始从事 When did he take up football? 他是什么时候开始踢足球的? 2. 占用;化去 The work took up all his time. 那工作花费了他所有的时间。 10. take for 1. 认为 Why does she take me for a fool? 她为什么把我当作傻子看待? 11. take after(与look like的区别 的区别) 与 的区别 1. take after意为“长得像,行为、性格等像”, 尤其是像自己的长辈,可解释为be similar to。 如: Mary really takes after her mother.玛丽的确 长得像她的妈妈。 2. look like可以用于所有场合,既可指人也可 指物,只指外表看上去像。如: The man looks like our headmaster. 那个人看起来像我们的校长。 The photo doesn’t look like her at all. 那张照片看上去一点儿也不像她。 关于give 关于 1. give out 1. 分发 He gave out books. 他分发书本。 2. 用尽 Our food supply has given out. 我们的食物耗尽了。 3. 公布 The news was given out that the king had died. 国王的死讯已经公布。 2. give away 1. 赠送;分发 She gave away all her money to the poor. 她把钱都送给穷人了。 2. 在婚礼上把(新娘)交给新郎 The bride was given away by her father. 在婚礼上,新娘由其父亲交给新郎。 3. 泄露

His accent gave him away as a northerner. 他的口音让人听出他是北方人。 3. give up 1. 让出 He gave up his seat to an old man. 他让座给一位老人。 2. 放弃 The girl gave up halfway. 这女孩中途放弃。 3. 戒绝 I wish I could give up drinking. 我真希望自己能戒酒。 4. give in 1. 让步 He has given in to my views. 他已让步,接受了我的看法。 2. 呈交 Please give in your examination papers now. 现在请交上试卷。 5. give off 1. 发散 The food gave off a bad smell. 食物已经发臭了。 6. give back 1. 恢复 The holiday gave him back his good spirits. 假期使他恢复了愉快的情绪。 2. 反射 The cave gives back echoes. 这个山洞把回音传回来。 关于make 关于 1. make off 1. 逃走;赶快离开 After breakfast he made off for work. 他吃过早饭便赶去上班。 2. make of 1. 以...为材料制成 2. 了解(多用于问句,否定句) 3. make up 1. 补足 We need $50 to make up the sum required. 我们需要五十元以补足所需要的数目。 2. 编造 The whole story is made up. 整个故事完全是虚构出来的。 3. 组成 The medical team was made up of twelve doctors. 医疗队由十二名医生组成。


4. 和解 4. make for 1. 走向 He made for the door. 他向门口走去。 2. 攻击 The dog made for the stranger. 狗向陌生人扑了过去。 3. 导致 The flood made for much misery in that area. 洪水在那个地区造成了很大的灾难。 5. make out 1. 辨别出 I could hardly make out anything in the thick fog. 在浓雾中我几乎什么也看不见。 2. 填写;写出 The teacher has made out a list of reference books. 教师已开出了一份参考书单。 3. 理解 We can't make out what he is saying. 我们不懂他在说什么。 关于hand 关于 1. hand out 1. 分给 Hand out the pencils. 把铅笔发下去。 2. hand in 1. 提交;呈送 Hand in the pencils 把铅笔收回来。 3. hand down 1. 把...传下去 This custom has been handed down since the 18th century. 这风俗从十八世纪开始流传下来。 4. hand on 1. 转交;传递 Please hand on the magazine to Tom. 请把杂志转交给汤姆。 5. hand over 1. 交出 I've handed over my place on the committee. 我已让出了在委员会的职位。 2. 送交 The thief was handed over to the police. 小偷被送交给警方。 关于call 关于 1. call on

1. 拜访 I shall call on you next week. 我下星期去看你。 2. 号召;请求 You'd better call on your friends to help you. 你最好请朋友来帮你。 2. call in 1. 请求收回;请来 3. call off 1. 取消 Why was the football match called off? 足球赛为什么取消? 2. 喊走 Call off your dog, will you? 把你的狗喊走,好吗? 4. call at 1. 到...作短暂访问 They called at my house yesterday. 昨天他们到我家。 2. 停靠 This train calls at the chief stations only. 这班列车只停靠大站。 5. call for 1. 需要 This is a problem that calls for immediate solution. 这是个迫切需要解决的问题。 2. 接(人) We will call for her early tomorrow morning. 我们明天一早就去接她。 6. call up 1. 打电话;打电话给(某人) 2. 【军】召集 7. call back 1. 收回 I think we'd better call back the statement. 我认为我们最好取消声明。 2. 回电 Tell Tom to call me back this evening. 告诉汤姆今天晚上给我回电。 关于pick1 关于 1. pick out 1. 挑选出;拣出 Let me pick out some good ones for you. 让我来替你挑几个好的。 2. 辨认出 It's easy to pick him out in a crowd because he is very tall. 很容易从人群中辨认出他,因为他个子很高。 2. pick on


1. 【口】找...的岔,对...唠叨指责 His older brother always picked on him. 他的哥哥老找他麻烦。 Why pick on me every time? 为什么每次都怪我? 2. 选中;挑选 I don't see why they have picked on the smaller one. 我不明白他们为什么选中那小的? 3. pick at 1. 吃得很少 The boy is only picking at his food. 那男孩只吃一点点。 2. 找...的岔;挑毛病 Why are you always picking at me? 你为什么老是挑我的毛病? 4. pick up 1. 拾起 The boy picked up the hat for the old man. 男孩替老人拾起了帽子。 2. 收拾 You should pick up the tools after work. 工作结束后应该把工具收拾好。 3. 学到;获得 He was picking up the skills quickly. 他正在很快地掌握技术。 4. 【口】与...偶然结识(常指与异性调情) We picked up a couple of girls at the pub last Friday. 上星期五我们在酒吧结识了几个女孩。 5. 顺便接(常指用车接) My father always picks me up after school. 我父亲常开车顺便接我。



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