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例题 24.You have to push the door with the word “PUSH” to go out of the building and to pull the door with the word “PULL” to 24 the building. 24.A.enter B .leave C .open D .close 例题 25.After that ,when I began to fell irritated at someone.I would remember his words and become _51_. 51.A.quiet B.calm C.relaxed D.happy 例 题 26.After they were 50 the temple,they drank their water and ate their moon-cakes—delicious home-made ones...Outside,on the mountain... 50.A.inside B.near C.off D.across 例题 27.High school was just as her mom had said: “You will feel like a small fish in a big pond 34 a big fish in a small pond. 34. A. in return for B. in case of C. in terms of D. instead of 例题 28.Driving home, everyone was in high Christmas spirits, 47 my younger daughter, Ginger, who was unusually 48 . 47. A. including B. besides C. except D. regarding 48. A. quiet B. excited C. happy D. Ashamed 例题 29.A man who knows how to write a personal letter has a very powerful tool.A letter can be enjoyed,read and 21 . 21. A.received B.rewritten C.returned D .reread 例题 30.I was having my dinner at McDonald?s one evening when an old couple slowly walked in.They 21 their meal, took a table near the window and started taking food out of the plate. 21.A.served B.requested C.collected D.ordered 例题 31.She rode the rest of the way home 52 a happy smile, with the money she?d lost earlier forgotten. 52. A. giving B. wearing C. taking D. forcing 例题 32.Outside,on the mountain,young people 52 cross-legged in circles,chatting and telling each other jokes. 52.A.jumped B.sat C.stood D.bent 例题 33.Then, the wheels began disappearing, but the car continued to move forward, __53__ just above the ground. 53 A rolling B floating C drawing D flashing 例题 34.“I wish I could speak French.” I was surprised -this from a boy who hated and 24 French classes throughout school. 24 A.took up B.went in for C . fought against D.called off 例题 35.On the road of life, the help of strangers can 54 our loads and lift our spirits. How much sweeter the 55 will be when we make it a little smoother for others! 55. A. world B. journey C. smile D. friendship 例题 36.I could hear giggles coming from the audience, and I felt the ___47___ rush to my face. 47. A. blood B . pleasure C . pride D . tear 例题 37.On a hot summer day in late August, I sought shade and a cool drink at a

waterfront cafe on a Greet island.Over hundred degrees in 36 air.Crowded. 36.A.fresh B.cool C.still D.Thin 例题 38.However,the mosquitoes would just lightly dance around her forehead and fly away quickly,never biting her.Amazed,I ran to others? rooms ,only to find they were all sleeping 52 as the same thing occurred again and again. 52.A.joyfully B.anxiously C.soundlessly D.worriedly 与金钱有关的同义词辨析考点: 例题 39.Looking at his bbinck-striped bananas,I bargained down to 200 total for the fruit and nuts.He agreed. I handed him a 500 naira note.He didn?t have 41 . 41.A.change B.notes C.checks D.bills 例题 40.She told May that her 30 would be very low and that the work would be hard .However,May said that hard work did not frighten her. 30.A.money B.check C.pay D.price 与成败有关的考点: 例题 41.Scott and his companions were terribly disappointed. When they got to the South Pole, they found the Norwegians had 36 them in the race to be the first ever to reach it. 36.A.hit B.fought C.won D.beaten 例题 42.........it becomes an irresistible force which poverty and temporary defeat can never ___55 . 55. A.win B .match C .reach D .doubt 例题 43.Alfred Nobel became a millionaire and changed the ways of mining, construction, and warfare as the inventor of dynamite (炸药) . On April 12, 1888, Alfred's brother Ludwig died of heart attack. A major French newspaper _took_ his brother for him and carried an article _22_ the death of Alfred Nobel. “The merchant of death is dead.” 21. A. found B. misunderstood C. mistook D. judged 22. A. introducing B. announcing C. implying D. advertising 例题 44.A woman at her sixties lived alone in her little cottage with a pear tree at her door. She spent all her time taking care of the tree. But the children nearby drove her crazy by making fun of her. They would climb her tree and then run away with pears, 22 “Aunty Misery” at her. 22. A. calling B. shouting C. announcing D. whispering 例题 44.When I first entered university, my aunt, who is an English professor, gave me a new English dictionary, also known as a monolingual dictionary. As I found out, there is __46_ often no perfect equivalence between two _47___ in two language. My aunt even goes so far as to 48___ that a Chinese “equivalent” can never give you the __49__exact_ meaning of a word in English! 46 A.at best B .in fact C .at times D .in case 47.A.words B .names C .ideas D .characters 48.A.hope B .declare C.doubt D .tell 例题 45.No other local paving company wanted to do the job, 41 it couldn?t be done in such a short time. 41. A.stating B.reporting C.telling D.warning

例题 46.The battle was followed by a terrible storm.Therefore, it wasn?t until October 26 that Vice.Admiral Collingwood was 36 able to send off his report to Britain 37 the victory and Nelson?s death. 37.A.announcing B.telling C.mentioning D.warning 熟词辟意: 例题 47.“But I?ll never remember the orders, and I?m no good _______ money. Please, Mom, don?t 41 me.” 40.A.of B.on C.about D.with 41. A. blame B. fool C. frighten D. make 例题 48. When I entered Berkeley, I hoped to earn a scholarship. Having been a Straight-A student, I believed I could __36__ tough subjects and really learn something. 36. A. take B. discuss C. cover D. get 例题 49. At the Club, Johnny scanned the crowd for Lisette and 48 her. 48. A. caught B. searched C. sought D. spotted 例题 50.I was completely deaf……My 41 goal was to become a percussion soloist, even though there were none at that time. To perform, I 42 to ?hear? music differently from others. I play in my stocking feet and can 43 the pitch of a note by the vibrations I feel through my body and through my 44 . My entire sound world exists by making use of almost every 45 that I have.” 42. A. turned 43. A. tell B. learned B. see C. used C. hear C. imagination C. feeling D. ought D. smell D. experience D. idea

44. A. carefulness B. movement 45. A. sense B. effort

例题 51.Your watch ______ about three minutes a day. You'd better get it repaired at once. A. gets B. earns C. gains D. quickens 例题 52.Just as Professor Scott often it, success is ninety-nine percent mental attitude. A. gets B. makes C. puts D. means 例题 53.Someone who lacks staying power and perseverance is unlikely to ___ a good researcher. A. make B. turn C. get D. grow 例题 54.I _____it a rule to get up at 7 o'clock everyday long long ago. A. made B. looked C. took D. thought 例题 55.I _____ it as a basic principle of the company that suppliers of raw materials should be given a fair price for their products. A. make B. look C. take D. think 例题 56.The fact that she never apologized ____ a lot about what kind of person she is. A. says B. talks C. appears D. declares 例题 57.You have to be a fairly good speaker to _____ listeners? interest for over an hour.

A. hold B. make C. improve D. receive 例题 58.-Will $200_______? -I'm afraid not . We need at least 50 more dollars . A.count B.satisfy C.fit D.do 高考完型中的三大从句: 例题 59.I said that we must always give things up __43__ we grow-----our youth, our beauty , our friends-but it always seems that after we give something up, we gain something new in its place. 43.A.as B.since C.before D.till 例题 60.At Davis?s store, Buck Davis stood behind the cash desk,talking to a farmer.I nodded 45___ I passed him on my way to the hardware shelves. 45.A.until B.as C.once D.since 例题 61.They?d rather sit quietly at home in front of the TV set and watch a friendly announcer describe a product 43 a model shows it. 43.A.until B.since C.if D.While

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