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高英练习 Exercise for Lesson 6

Exercise for Lesson 6 I. Vocabulary. Match the words or phrases with similar meaning in the two columns. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. cryptic ) 2. dispatch ) 3. sardonic ) 4. conceal )

5. blink ) 6. imperious ) 7. respite ) 8. sullen ) 9. vacillation ) 10. grotesque ) 11. discreet ) 12. countenance ) 13. encompass ) 14. unequivocal ) 15. incongruous a. hide b. hesitation c. careful; secret d. surround; encircle e. send out, usually on a specific errand f. wink (the eye) rapidly g. not ambiguous h. face i. lacking harmony j. mysterious k. ironic or sarcastic l. delay; a temporary rest m. arrogant; masterful n. ridiculous; fantastic o. bad-tempered or gloomy; dismal

II. Cloze. In the decade of 1970s, the United Nations organized several ________ on the human environment to study a very serious problem. We humans are destroying the world ________ us. We are using up all our natural ________. We must learn to conserve them, or life will be very bad ________ our children and grandchildren. There are several major aspects to this problem. The first is population. Most problems of the environment come from ________ growth. In 1700 there were 625 million people in the world. In the year of 2020, there will be 6.3 ________. ________ people need more water, more food, more wood and more petroleum. Another problem is distribution. Scientists say there is ________ water in the world for everyone, but some countries have a lot of water and some have ________ a little. Some areas get all the rain during one season. The rest of the ________ is dry.

III. Translation. Chinese to English. 1. 她说她很难过,但她的眼神却流露出喜悦。(betray)


由于表现不能让人满意,他除了辞职没有其他出路。 (alternative)



English to Chinese. 1. The love of money is the root of all evil. 2. Riches are gotten with pain, kept with care, and lose with grief. 3. Small riches has most rest. 4. Justice has long arms. 5. Money can make the mare go. 6. The Great Depression gave rise to the fear that such catastrophes would recur or even that the American economy would live in a state of permanent depression unless radical changes were made in the economic system. This fear is now gone, partly because that analysis was judged faulty: it underestimated the equilibrating features( 自 动 平 衡 性 ) of the system. Changes in institutions and policies that stabilized the economy without weakening its free and efficient feature dispelled those fears.

IV. Proof-reading 1. The Iraqis are counting in enlisting the support of the world

2. Although dressed up as a beggar, the criminal was fallen victim to the sharpeyed policemen.

3. I am glad things have turned up so well.

4. The Duchess of Croydon kept firm, tight rein of her racing mind.

Keys to the exercise

I. Vocabulary. 1. j 2. e 3. k 4. a 5. f 6. m 7. l 8. o 9. b 10. n 11. c 12. h 13. d 14. g 15.i

II. Cloze. meetings; around; resources; for; population; billion; More; enough; only; year.

III. Translation. Chinese to English. 1. She said she was sad, but her eyes betrayed her delight. 2. He has no alternative but to resign due to his unsatisfying performance. 3. Neither of us is adept at figures. 4. He tried every means to conceal the truth. English to Chinese. 1.爱财是万恶之源。 2.财富从辛苦中得来,在忧虑中保持,在悲伤中失去。 3.小康的财富最安宁。 4. 法网恢恢疏而不漏。 5. 有钱能使鬼推磨。 6. 经济大萧条曾使人们害怕这种灾难会重演,担心美国经济会陷入永久性 萧条状态,除非对其经济制度进行大幅度改革。这种恐惧已成为过去,部分原因 是发现原来的分析是错误的,它低估了美国经济制度的自动平衡性。制度和政策 上的变化稳定了经济,同时又不会削弱它的自由性和效率性,由此驱散了人们的 恐惧心理。 IV. Proof-reading 1. in →on 2. was fallen →fell 3. up →out 4. of →on

Lesson 6 Blackmail Ⅰ. Word explanation 1. cryptic 2. errand A. task B. a trip to get sth. C. a written message ess 3. offensive 4. swift 5. abrupt 6. blandness 7. swinging A. attract B. aggression C. intervening D. onslaught A. quick B. smooth C. timely D. swept D. a piece of busin A. hidden B. strange C. mystery D. sacred

A. sudden B. erect C. erupt D. corrupt A. frankness B. mildness C. polite D. blank

A. full of life B. move back and forth C. turn around D. turn out

8. hunch 9. poise

A. doubt

B. double C. suspect D. intuitive feeling B. poison C. direct attention D. pointless

A. self-assurance

10. discreet 11. inevitable 12. adept 13. rivet 14. abundant 15. respite 16. spacious 17. appoint 18. apparent 19. reproving

A. secret B. hidden C. careful

D. volunteer

A. certain B. not to prevent C. not to avoid D. evident A. adapt B. adopt C. add A. attach B. tie down D. expert

C. fasten firmly D. hammer

A. absolute B. complete C. profuse D. thorough A. postponement B. respect C. in spite of D. despite A. special B. large C. magnificent D. glorious A. point to B. name C. important D. furnish A. appearing B. parental C. disappear D. evident

A. understanding B. comforting 20. essential A. sensitive

C. blaming

D. approve

B. sentimental C. fundamental

D. primordial

Ⅱ. Fill in each of the blanks with one of the following words or expression s in its proper form. Each word or expression is to be used only once. accompany, alternative, assume, beyond, blame, caution conceal, fall victim, get around to, get...---where, on the lookout for, ob lige, take one's time, wither 1. The lecturer his explanation with some tape recordings. 2. As a result, his reputation by the scandal. 3. Since there was no need to hurry, we leaving. 4.Work, work, work and ___ does it ___ you? It ___you exactly ___! 5. Clever though she was, she could not her eagerness for praise. 6. There is not much they can do for him, giving him their sympathy. 7. She that he wouldn't want to talk to her after their quarrel. 8. You should always be for pickpockets while taking a bus. 9. You have the of fighting or being taken prisoner. 10. Where there is not enough food many people to disease. 11. If you fail the exam you'll only have yourself __, because only a foolis h workman __ his tools. 12. Could you me with five pounds until the weekend? 13. I did plenty of designs, he hasn’t using it yet. 14. You should exercise extreme when driving in fog. Ⅲ.Replace each underlined part with one word learnt in the text, the first letter of which is given: 1. Where did you get that foolish and absurd idea? r

2. Hands pressed together with the fingers interlaced, she stood there, sil ently praying to God. c 3. Could you do me a favour by posting the letter? o c a of

4. Visitors to the factory must act in accordance with the rules. 5. I don't think anyone can blame you for not being cautious. 6. The boys are not at fault in this case. to b h

7. Prospecting for gold is a dangerous way to earn a living.

8. The plane was old. There was not enough fuel. And bad flying conditio ns were an unexpected factor which made the whole situation even more com plicated. c 9. The boy's face showed the fact that he had been eating jam. b

10. Lincoln is a striking and obvious example of a poor boy who succeed ed. c 第一册第 6 课练习答案 1-1: / 1-4: / 1-7: / 1-10: / 1-13: / 1-16: / 答案:A 1-2: / 答案:B 1-3: / 答案:D 答案:B 答案:A 答案:D 答案:A 答案:D

答案:A 1-5: / 答案:A 1-8: / 答案:C 1-11: / 答案:C 1-14: / 答案:B 1-17: / 1-19: /

答案:A 1-6: / 答案:D 1-9: / 答案:A 1-12: / 答案:C 1-15: / 答案:D 1-18: / 答案:C

答案:C 1-20: /

2-1: / 2-2: / 2-4: / 2-6: /

答案: accompanied 答案: withered 2-3: / 答案:took our time 2-5: / 答案: conceal

答案:where...get, gets...nowhere 答案: beyond 2-7: / 2-9: / 2-11: / 2-13: / 3-1: / 3-3: / 答案:assumed 2-8: / 答案:alternative

答案:on the lookout 答案:fall victims 2-12: / 答案: oblige 答案:caution 答案:clasped 答案: comply 3-7: /答案: hazardous 答案:betrayed

2-10: /

答案: to blame… blames

答案:got around to 2-14: / 答案: ridiculous 答案: oblige 3-6: / 3-2: / 3-4: /

3-5: /

答案:accuse 3-8: /

答案: blame 3-9: /

答案: complication

3-10: /答案:conspicuous

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