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001)We'd like to express our desire to establish business relations with you on the basis of equality,mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods.

002)In order to extend ou

r export business to your country,we wish to enter into direct business relations with you.

003)Our hope is to establish mutually beneficial trading relations between us.

004)We look forward to a further extension of pleasant business relations.

005)It's our hope to continue with considerable business dealings with you.

006)We look forward to receiving your quotation very soon.

007)I hope you'll see from the reduction that we are really doing our utmost.

008)We hope to discuss business with you at your earliest convenience.

009)We wish to express our desire to trade with you in leather shoes.

010)We look forward to your early reply and trust that through our mutual cooperation we shall be able to conclude this transaction with you in the near future.

011)I hope we can do business together,and look forward to hearing from you soon.

012)I hoped we can cooperate happily.

013)I hoped we can continue our cooperation.

014)We sincerely hope that this transaction will turn out the satisfaction of both parties.

015)We hoped that this market trend will continue.

016)It is hoped that you will seriously take this matter into consideration and let us have your reply soon.

017)We hoped that you will deal with our request honestly.

018)We hope to receive your immediate answer.

019)We are looking forward to having your early reply to this matter.

020)We hoped that this dispute can be settled through friendly negotiation,without being submitted for arbitration.

021)We look forward to your settlement at an early date.

022)Your early settlement of this case will be appreciated.

023)We hoped you can settle the claim as quickly as possible.

024)We hoped that there will be no repetition of this kind of trouble in the future.

025)We expect that you'll offer us a lower price asap.

026)We hoped that the matter can be brought to satisfactory conclusion.

027)I do hope this undesirable incident will not stand in the way of our

future business.

028)We hope this matter will not affect our good relations in our future dealings.

029)I wish this business will bring benefit to both of us.

030)I hope this incident will not bring any harm to our pleasant relations.

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