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Unit 6

A: What do you want to be when you grow up? B: I want to be a/an ...

What do you want to be when you grow up?


basketball player



How are you going to do it?

study hard practice basketball every day

read more take singing books lessons


going to +动词原形”表示将要 发生的事或打算、计划、决定要做 的事。

Make a group survey :
Name What do you How are you going to want to be when do that? you grow up?

Welcome to the dream theater
Talk about your group’s dreams Hello, everyone. I’m…,I want to be… when I grow up. I’m going to…. Tom wants to be…when he grows up. He is going to…

That’s all, thank you.

2.上表演课 3.practice basketball every day 3.每天练习篮球 4.study hard 4. 努力学习 5.一直坚持写故事 5.keep on writing stories 6. 擅长于做某事 6.be good at 7.be sure about 7.对……确信 8.确保 8.make sure 9. 尽某人全力 9.try one’s best 10.搬到,移到 10.move to

1.grow up 2.take acting lessons

2.听起来很难 ? 3.把他们寄到杂志社和报社 4. 学会做某事 ? 5.取得好成绩 ? 6. 进行大量练习 ? 7. 另一种外语 ? ? 8. 向某人许诺 ? 9. 做决定,下决心 ? 10.在……的开始 ? 11.写下
? 1.Study medicine ? 2.sound difficult
3.send them to magazines and newspapers

4.learn to do sth. 5.get good grades 6.get lots of exercise
7.another foreign language

8.make promises to sb. 9.make resolutions 10.at the beginning of 11.write down

B ? 1 Are you going to be___ actor ? ? Yes ,I’m taking ___ acting lessons. ? A a ,the B an,/ C the,an D /,the
C ? 2 ---What is she going to ___ next week ? ? ---She is going to travel to Australia. ? A have B be C do D stay

are going to (go) play soccer this afternoon. 1.The boys __________ Are you _____________(play) going to play 2. _____ basketball with me next week? is going to ________(move) move to 3.The actor ___ New York. 4. He admires actors very much. He’s going to take _____ (act) lessons every day. acting 5. Lucy ________________(not stay) at home next is not going to stay weekend.

II.把下列各句译成英语。 1.我叔叔今晚要来。 My uncle ______ will _______ come _______ tonight. 2.他没有打算住那座小屋 He ____ isn’t _______ going _______ to _______ live in the small house. 3.我们要读这本书。 We ______ _____ are __________ going to ______ read this book. 4.—你爸爸要去钓鱼吗? —不,他要去游泳。 Is going fishing ? —______your father ________ __________

going swimming —No,he is __________ __________.

Summary :
What did we learn in this class ?

Good Bye Everyone

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