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2001 年江苏省普通高校 专转本 统一考试 年江苏省普通高校“专转本 专转本”统一考试 大学英语参考答案

01-05 BCCAD

06-10 CDBAC

11-15 DDCAB 16-20 CCBCA (英语类学生必做) 31-35 AADCA 36-40

16-20 BACCC (非英语类学生必做) 21-25 ADDDC BDBAC 41-45 AADDC ABBDC 非英语类学生必做 61-65 BCBDA ABCBC 英语类学生必做 61-65 DABDA AABCD 66-70 CCCAB 66-70 DBDCC 46-50 BCCBB 26-30 ACBBC

51-55 DCBDC


71-75 DABAC


71-75 ADCDA


81、它有一排电子笔,能用总统最喜欢的浅蓝色墨水写出他的笔迹。 82、为了学会实现自我,有必要获得世界中已被阐述和实践过的宽广的知识。 83、几乎三千万美国人的体重比他们理想的体重至少重百分之二十。事实上,美国是世界 上最超重的国家。

(非英语类学生必做) 非英语类学生必做)

84、其中一个来自我的学生时代,我的九年级老师,瑞波小姐会从《读者文摘》中选词来 测试我们的词汇量。 85、我并不反对在适当的时候用大词,但是我也知道如果小词选择恰当,在适当的地点、 适当的时机能够创造奇迹。
(英语类学生必做) 英语类学生必做)

84、大约一半的残疾疾病是发育病,也就是说,疾病发生在 22 岁生日之前,通常由遗传引 起,严重到影响发育的三个或更多方面,例如,行动、交流和就业等。 85、只有当公众态度像法律那样进步,残疾人才能够完全在社会中占有公正的地位。 86. He was so absorbed in with his work that he didn’t hear anybody knocking at the door. 87. The problem confronting the factory is how to improve the quality of its products. 88. If you want to pass your exam, you have to concentrate on improving listening skills. 89. It was the driver’s carelessness that led to the accident. 90. I don’t think you should act on his advice immediately. Part V 参考例文
Saving Energies and Resources

Saving is a good habit not only for an individual but for a company, factory, even the government. As we know, with the increasing population of the world, more and more natural resources and energies are consumed. If people want to have a healthy and good life in the long future, they have to form the habit of saving things.

Actually, for and individual, there are many things worth saving, such as water, food, power, etc. As is known to all, water shortage has been a serious problem in many areas and countries. For example, in the west area of China, many people store rain for cleaning and cooking. Since drinkable water is limited in the world, we should save water as possible as we can in our daily life. For the same reason, we should also save power. We can limit the time of using air conditioners, and set the temperature not too high or too low. Turn off lights when we leave. Use towel instead of facial paper to save paper. Stop using once-and-away chopsticks to save wood. If everyone can form good habit of saving, we can make great contributions to the whole world. Only by saving can we protect our environment for a better world both for ourselves and for the future generations.


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