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M2U1 What-did-you-buy

Module 2
Unit 1
What did you buy?


Yesterday, I went shopping.

What did I buy?

apples bananas



What did you buy? --I bought bananas. How many bananas? --Four bananas.

Mr Smart

shopping list

Name list
李栩、张岩、王铮、陈凯旋、 杨雯馨、徐千阅、孙世熙、 郑轶群、孟翔宇、王浩凡、 付琳、张振宜、高晟昊、

…… ……

Book list
《一千零一夜》 《十万个为什么》 《儿童大百科全书》

…… ……

What do they need(需要)?
Watch and find the answer.

n d meet

We need food for our picnic.

Listen and answer. Yes, he did.

1.Did dad make a shopping list? 2. Did they lose the list?

Yes, they did.
3.Did they buy bananas?

No, they didn’t.

Read and draw tick(√) or cross(×). (1)Lingling likes bananas. (× ) (2)Mr Smart and Amy lost the list. √ ) ( (3)Mr Smart and Amy bought four pears. didn’t buy any (√ ) (4)They bought some bananas. (×) (5) They bought 12 eggs. (√ )

Listen and say.
We didn’t buy any bananas. We bought twelve eggs. How many bananas did you buy?


What did you buy? I bought three pears.

What did you buy? I bought six eggs.

Did you buy any oranges?

Yes, I bought six oranges.

Did you buy any bananas? Yes, I bought some bananas.

four bananas

seven oranges

six eggs

What did you buy? I bought… Did you buy any…? Yes, I bought…

four apples

three pears

one watermelon

four bananas

seven oranges

six eggs

How many … did you buy? I bought…

four apples

three pears

one watermelon

Match .

- ______ -I bought some pears.What did you buy ? -______ -Four . - Did you buy some apples?

Yes, I did.

I bought three .


How many pears did you buy ?

“how many”和”how much”都是 用于 “多少” “how many”用来提问可数名词的 数量: How many girls are there in our class?
“how much”用来提问不可数名词的 数量: How much milk did you drink?

How many 和how much 的区别
how many 和 how much 都可 以用来提问数量,译为“多少”, 不过how many 提问可数名词,后 需用复数,而how much 提问不可 数名词,后面没有复数形式;另外, how much 还可以用来提问价钱, 译为“多少钱” 。

the key sentence patterns.(重点句型)

? How many… did you buy? ? apples ? pears ? eggs ? bananas ? watermelons ? cakes

? How much…did you buy? ? ? ? ? ? ? water 水 meat 肉 milk 牛奶 cheese 奶酪 fish 鱼 rice 米饭

1.—How many ___did you buy? —I bought five apples. A A. apples B.meat C. water 2.—How much___did you buy? B —Two kilos. A.apples B.meat C.oranges

? Read and write.
? ? ? ? ?
how many how much

How many ___ ___apples do they want? Two. How _____ much meat do you want? Half a kilo. _ How _____ many eggs does she want? Two boxes. _ much water do you want? _How_____ Two bottles.

buy you did What?

What did you buy? many apples we need How do?
How many apples do we need?

cheese, How much, she , did, buy?

How much cheese did she buy? any, We, bananas, didn’t ,buy.
We didn’t buy any bananas.

list can how much er lost cheese need lose any first

What did you buy? I bought some apples.

How many bananas did you buy?
We didn’t buy any bananas.

Make a new dialogue

A bag A bottle A kilo

A box

fish and chips


strawberries noodles eggs





hamburgers sandwiches

meat bread

milk rice

First, we need six banana


girl first

What did they buy?
They bought apples, pears, eggs, cheese.

How much cheese did they bu

We don’t know.

How many apples did they buy? They bought four apples. How many pears did they buy? They bought four pears ,too How many bananas did they bu We don’t know. They didn’t buy any bananas. They bought twel eggs.

You are going to have a picnic with your friends. What are you going to take? Now make a survey and then make a shopping list.
What do we want to buy? How many/much do we need?

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