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M2U2 How-much-cheese-did-you-buy

Module 2
Unit 2 How much cheese did you buy?

At the supermarket
What did Amy buy yesterday?

three apples She bought some bananas.

four pears

br />twelve eggs

At the supermarket
What did Amy buy yesterday?

She bought some milk. juice water


At the supermarket
What did Amy buy yesterday?



a watermelon


Look and say .


bought some juice yesterday.

She bought some meat yesterday.

Look and say .

eat 的过去式(吃)

She ate some chocolate yesterday.
drink 的过去式 (喝)

She drank some juice yesterday.

Words . kilo two kilos

two bottles

half an apple

over there

Listen and answer.
1.Did Amy eat all the chocolate?

Yes, she did.
2. Did Amy drink all the juice?

Yes, she did.

--Did Amy eat all the chocolate? --Yes, she ate it all.

- How much juice did she drink? - She drank it all.

Listen and answer.
1.Did they have a big bag? 2. How much juice did they buy?

Yes, they did.

3. How much chocolate did they buy?

Two bottles.

Half a kilo.

Listen and draw tick(√) or cross(×). × (1)They didn’t need any bags. ( ) (2) They bought two bottles of juice. √ ) ( half a kilo (3) They bought a kilo of cheese. (× ) (4)They bought lots of chocolate. (√ ) (5) They can eat some chocolate now. (√ )
need a big bag

Read .
We need a big bag for our picnic.


We can use the bag over there.


How much juice did you buy?

We bought two bottles.

How much cheese did you buy?

许多的 0.5千克 also也,还

Half a kilo. And we also bought lots of chocolate!

How much chocolate did you buy? Half a kilo! We can eat some now!

How many 和how much 的区别
“how many”和”how much”都是用 于 “多少”
“how many”用来提问可数名词的数 量,后接可数名词的复数: How many girls are there in our class? “how much”用来提问不可数名词的数 量: How much milk did you drink?

the key sentence patterns.(重点句型)

? How many… did you buy? ? apples ? pears ? eggs ? bananas ? watermelons ? pencils

? How much…did you buy? ? ? ? ? ? ? water 水 meat 肉 milk 牛奶 cheese奶酪 fish 鱼 rice 米饭

2.Read and write. how many how much
How many did you buy? six eggs .


We bought How much
We bought


1 kilo

did you buy?

one kilo .


How much

did you buy? .

We bought six boxes How many 4. We bought

did you buy? four .

How much

did you buy?

We bought two bottles . Now ask and answer in pairs.

Group works.
A: How many/ much…did you buy? B: …

2 kilos

2 kilos

1 kilo

1 kilo

补全对话 .
- ______ -I went to the supermarket. - ______ -I bought some pears and meat. -______ What did you buy ? -Four . - ______ Where did you go? -2 kilos . How much meat did you buy?

How many pears did you buy ?

1. meat did you buy? A. How many B. how much C. How much 2. sheep are there? A. How many B. What C. How much 3. -What did you buy yesterday? . A. Yes, I did. B. Some food. C. I went to the supermarket.

4. Lingling bought six of . A. bottle, milk B. bottles, milks C. bottles, milk 5.We can the bag over there. A. use B. using C. used 6. How much did you buy? A. cakes B. cheese C. sheep

Listen and repeat.

u, o


Listen and repeat.

a, er




Listen and repeat.

ir, ur




buy, many, you, did, apples, How ?

How many apples did you buy? bought, a, We, half, kilo.
We bought half a kilo.

milk, How much, you , did, buy?

How much milk did you buy? also, We, of, chocolate, lot, a , bought.
We also bought a lot of chocolate.

use half over there kilo bottle a lot of

How many apples did you buy? How much milk did you buy?
We can use the bag over there.

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