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《写作(一) 作业参考答案 写作( 》
I. 1.He failed to pass the examination because he was lazy. 2.I pretended to be happy to stop my mother from worrying. 3.I waited for him; moreover, I saved him a seat. 4.In some elections, the candidate with charm defeats the one with ideas. 5.While walking in the street, the old man was hit by a car. 6.I enjoy Beethoven, but I like Bach even better. 7.He had little opportunity for schooling. Most of study was done by himself at night by the light of a fireplace. 8.No matter how far away from home a person is, he will always try to get home in time for this big dinner. 9.The doctor suggested plenty of food, rest, and exercise. 10.Sometimes the best way to impress people is to remain absolutely silent. 11.Turning to the left suddenly, he saw a pistol pointing at him 12.I enjoy Beethoven, but I like Bach even better. 13.Unless/Until you say you love me, I will not marry you. 14.I love my husband, but I can’t stand his mother. 15.Shirley bought the old house, which was dilapidated and almost an eyesore, to restore it to its original beauty. 16.Having tucked the children into bed, Mother and Father put the cat out for the night. 17.College students are finding it harder to obtain financial aid. 18.The picnic will be ruined if it rains tomorrow. 19.He soon realized this fact, and straightway busied himself about his own affairs without further thought of John. 20.To make each point convincing, she now develops my ideas more fully and gives enough detail. 21.Come to class and prepare to take notes and to ask some questions. 22.As soon as she finished the history exam, Mary began to study for her math quiz. 23.Having walked for the whole day, finally we saw a farmhouse. II. II. 1.The diamond necklace is not only expensive but also beautiful. 2.More and more universities are creating loan plans to aid middle-income families that are neither rich enough to pay rising college costs nor poor enough to qualify for assistance. 3.He has superior strength, powerful dramatic ability and good boyish looks. 4.Although she wrapped the package as quickly as she could, the post office was closed when she reached there. 5.The doctor recommended John an exercise that would neither harm nor tire him but would strengthen his muscles and increase his lung power, stimulate his heart and improve his circulation.
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写作 III. III. (I). IV. A. 2-4-3-5-1 V. A.(4) (7) VI. 省略 B. (2)(5) C. (2) (4) (6) (7) D.(2)(4) B. 2-1-4-3-6-5 C. 6-5-7-1-2-4-3 D. 5-2-6-3-4-7-1 A). (1) B).(1) B). C C).(1) C).D D). C (II). A). D




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