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新概念英语青少版1A Unit5-6测试卷

新概念英语青少版 1A Unit5-6 测试卷 学校________班级:________姓名:_________成绩:__________
一.选出不含有下列所给发音的单词。12% 1.( ) /?/ A.but B.husband C. young D.cart 2.( ) /a:/ A.aunt B.are C.father D.mother 3.( ) /p/ A.gossip B.happy C.sport D.postman 4.( ) /b/ A.beautiful B.neighbour C.spicy D.comb 二.从方框中选择合适的单词填入下列空格内。24% gossip American nationality describe famous fat expensive handsome beautiful actress accountant photographer

1. Claire isn’t English. She is__________. 2. He likes to take photos and he wants to be a_____________in the future. 3. She thinks that she is a little________,so she decided to lose weight. 4. That__________played her role perfectly in this film. 5. She is so___________today that everybody looks at her. 6. His father is an___________. That’s why he is sensitive(敏感的) to numbers. 7. What’s your____________? I’m French. 8. Please____________the man in the picture for us. 9. That book cost me 300RMB. It’s really____________. 10. Is that man ugly(丑陋的)? No, he’s_______________. 11. Don’t believe all the_________you hear. 12. China is__________for its long and rich history. 三.选择 a 或 an 填空。24% 1. That’s___nice name. 2. It’s_____expensive camera. 3. He’s_____art student. 4. He’s____busy accountant. 5. She’s_____famous actress. 6. He’s______honest man. 7. There is_____university nearby. 8. We still need to wait for____hour. 四.按要求改写句子。40% 1. What do you do?(写出同义句) 2. Is he a policeman?(做出肯定回答和否定回答) 3. It’s Lucy’s pen.(对划线部分提问) 4. Are you a teacher?(作出肯定回答和否定回答) 5. Mark is my brother.(对划线部分提问)

6.I like the living room. (对划线部分提问)

7. Jack is from London. (对划线部分提问) 8. Annie is English.(用 what nationality 对划线部分提问) 9.He is a tall student. He is English.(合并为一句) 10. I like the blue ball. I don’t like the red one.(根据答句写出问句)


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