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人口爆炸population explosion 计划生育birth control 加强执法strengthen law enforcement officers 失学儿童dropout student 扫盲eliminate illiteracy 脱贫至富shake off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity 人才外流brain drain 腐败和受贿corruption and bribery 浮夸风tendency toward boasting and exaggeration 青少年犯罪juvenile delinquency 可持续性发展 sustainable development 安居工程housing project for low-income urban residents 素质教育education for all-round development 知识产权IPRs(Intellectual property fights) 拜金主义money worship 保护生态环境preserve the ecological environment 产品科技含量technological element of a product 大学生创业university students' innovative undertaking 打假crack down on counterfeit goods/fake products 盗版VCD pirated VCD 恶性循环vicious circle 复合型人才inter-disciplinary talent 共同富裕common prosperity 基因工程genetic engineering 基本国情fundamental realities of the country 教书育人impart knowledge and educate people. 精神文明建设promote cultural and ideological progress 经济全球化economic globalization;economic Integration 科教兴国rely on science and education to rejuvenate the nation 两个文明一起抓place equal emphasis on material and ethical progress 民工migrant laborer 申办奥运会bid for the Olympic Games 双赢局面win-win situation 实事求是seek truth from facts;be practical and realistic;be true to facts 实现中华民族伟大复兴bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation 首创精神pioneering spirit . 团队精神team spirit 信息高速公路information superhighway 吸取世界文明成果assimilate the achievements of civilizations over the world 依法治国manage state affairs according to law;run state affairs according to law 忧患意识awareness of unexpected development;being prepared for unexpected development;being prepared for any eventualities 有中国特色的社会主义道路road of socialism with Chinese characteristics 与时俱进advance with times 因材施教teach students according to their aptitude 义务教育compulsory education 优化资源配置optimize the allocation of resources 振兴中华make China powerful and strong;revitalize the Chinese nation

知识经济knowledge-based economy

永恒词组: 解决问题:crack the nuts 大家公认:it is universally acknowledged that 全力以赴:bring my talent into full play 丰富生活:enrich my life 扩大视野:broaden my horizon 突围困难:make breakthrough out of difficulty 越来越:be increasingly + adj., be on the rise, the growing number of 人们认为:it is generally / widely believed / held / agreed the 许多问题:a host of / a multitude of problems 引起人们注意:claim callattract general / public / world attention to sth. 意识到:there is a growing awareness / realization of / that, awaken sb. to the fact / danger 适应新的形势/变化:adapt / adjust / accommodate oneself to new environment / change 接触各种思想,经历:be exposed to new ideas / experiences / 获得成功:achieve / accomplish success 提出观点,建议:advance / put forward / come up with arguments / ideas 作出努力:make tremendous / persistent / sustained effort to do sth., 产生影响:have / exert a profound influence on life / personality, have a dramatic / undesirable effect on 较好地驾驭生活:be a better pilot of one's life 剥夺机会/权利:deprive oneself of the chance / right 控制我们的环境:take / gain increasing control over our own environment 对……很好的了解:have a better understanding / appreciation of, have a new perspective on, provide / gain an insight into 把某因素考虑进去:take sth. into account (consideration), give much thought to 品味人生,自由,青春:savor the life / freedom / youth 培养对……信心:develop / foster one's interest / confidence in 追求学习职业:pursue one's academic interest / professional career 交流经验,知识:share experience / ideas / problems / knowledge 发挥,起到重要作用:play an (important / active / great) role / part 面临危险,困难:be confronted (faced) with / in the face of danger / difficulty 阻碍了成功:stand in the way of success, be an obstacle / barrier to success / growth 持相反/合理的观点:take the opposite / fresh view 揭穿某种一贯的说法:shatter the myth of 缩小差别:bridge / narrow / fill the gap / gulf (between city and country) 把成功/错误归咎于:attribute / owe the success / failure to 对……重要:be indispensable / important / vital to 施加压力:put / exert a academic pressure on 重视:assign / attach much importance / significance to 把注意力集中在:focus / concentrate one's attention / efforts / thoughts upon 抓住机会:grab / seize / take the opportunity 有可能:there is (little / much) possibility / likelihood that, chances / the odds are that 献身于:devote / dedicate / commit oneself to a cause / career 大不(没啥两样)一样:make much (little / no) difference 真正重要的是:what really matters / counts is 影响思想,态度,事件的形成:shape one's thinking / attitude 实现自己的理想/愿望:realize / fulfill / achieve one's dream (hopes / wish /

desire) 减轻压力,紧张:reduce / alleviate / relieve the stress / pressure / tension 提高社会地位:enhance / improve / upgrade social status / position / standing rise to the position of leadership 加快,促进发展:accelerate / facilitate / advance / enhance / boost / the development of 随着生活节奏的加快:with the quickening pace / rhythm / tempo of modern life / society 开阔眼界,兴趣:broaden one's interest / outlook, expand (broaden / enlarge) one's mental horizons 有助于了解,发展,宣传,解决:contribute much / little / greatly / to a better understanding of / the popularity of / the growth of / the solution of 迷恋名利分数:be obsessed / preoccupied with grades / fame / fortune 充分发挥潜力,能力:develop one's ability / potential to the full, give full play to one's ability 充满激情,渴望:have a burning desire / a great passion for


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