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Key phrases and expressions:

1.从… 回来

come back from

2. 你的旅行如何? How was your trip? take place 3. 发生 4.越来越美丽 more and more beautiful have/has been to

/>5. 曾去过……(去而复返)

6 .如此……以至于…… so…that… ? 7. 到……去了(去而未归) have gone to take photos ? 8. 拍照 by the way ? 9. 顺便说一下 ? 10提高英语水平 improve one’s English ? 11. 上课铃响了。 There goes the bell.
=That’s the bell. = The bell is ringing.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

在过去 _______________________ in the past 过着艰难的生活 ___________________ live(have) a hard life for 为某人支付…... pay ________________ in order to 为了_________________________ give support to sb 给某人提供支持____________________ get a good education 取得好的教育_____________________ in detail 详细地 __________________________ day and night 日日夜夜 _______________________ disabled children 残疾儿童 __________________

1. 多于 超过 2. 与……保持联系 3. 在20世纪60年代 4. 有机会做某事 5. 不但……而且…… 6. 而且,更为重要的是 7. 取得很大进步

Translate the following into English

8. 在做某事方面获得成功

more than keep in touch with in the 1960s have a chance to do sth not only …but also what’s more make great progress succeed in doing sth

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be popular with 1.受……欢迎 .2. 比起(做)…… prefer A(doing) to B(doing) 更喜欢(做)…… in the open air 3.在野外 4.在…..的帮助下 with the help of (with one’s
5. 起草,拟定 6.仔细检查 7.多亏,由于

help) draw up check over thanks to

It seems that… 1. 好像 2. 一幅……的照片 a photo of (my family) 3. 至少 at least 4. 在那时 at that time 5. 近些年以来 in recent years 6. 由于,因为 because of 7. 过去常常做某事 / 过去是…..) used to do(be) 8. 我父母也不是这样。 Neither助动词myparents. 9. 对某人严格要求 be strict with sb be strict in sth 10. 对某事严格要求 write down 11写下

Some phrases

Some expressions
1. 6.5亿的人口 2. 以….速度增长 3. 美国的人口是多少? 4. 5. 6. 7. 发展中国家 发达国家 它确实是这样。 实施

a population of 6.5billion increase by what’s the population of America? developing country developed country So it is carry out

more than 1. 超过,多于 one fifth 2. 五分之一 because of 3.因为,由于 be short of 4.. 缺乏 5.更加繁忙得多 much heavier so far 6 到目前为止 7.. 采取措施去做某事take measures to dosth be famous (known)as 8. 作为…..出名 9. 在做某事方面有效work well in(doing)sth. 10幸亏 thanks to 11有很长的路要走have a long way to go 12. 例如 for example

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. 来自于……. 2. 相互,各自 3.过得开心 4.一些,几个 5.有着悠久的历史 6.名胜 7.. 诸如…之类 8.. 赶上,跟上 9.属于

come from each other have fun a couple of have a long history places of insterest such as keep up with belong to

1.在电话上谈话 2.一直住在… 3. 一段长时间 4. 习惯于做某事 5. 事实上 6. 来拜访一下, 来参观 7. 某人亲自了解 (看见某事) 8. 照顾

talk on the phone have been in..\have lived in.. for a long time be (get) used to doing in fact= as a matter of fact come for a visit

see sth for oneself take care of=look after

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

无家可归的人 数以百计的 重返工作岗位 过着正常的生活 有困难 的人 在某事上做决定 医疗 为某人提供某物

? 为了,目的是 ? 重拾自信, 自我感觉良好

homeless people hundreds of return to work live a normal life people in need decide on medical treatment provide sb with sth=provide sth for sb so that feel good (happy) about onesel

1. 因……而出名 2. 把某物借给某人 3. 从…..借入….. 4. 为某人买某物 5. 同时 6. 吸毒. 7给某人 一个…的好机会

1.be famous (known) for 2.lend sb. sth.=lend sth.to sb.

3.borrow sth. from sb.

4. buy sth.for sb.= buy sb. sth. 5.at the same time 6.take drugs 7.give sb a good chance to do 8. 过着开心的生活 8.live a happy life

1. 目的是去做某事,力争达到 aim to do . 2.在过去的十六年里 in the past sixteen at home and abroad 3.在国内外 4. 为某人支付,付款 pay for thousands of 5. 数以千计 6有很多工作要做 have a lot of work to do 7.没有….的帮助 without the help

of=without one’s help millions of

? 1.看见某人正在做某事 see sb doing sth ? ? ? ? ?

my goodness 2.我的天呀! smell terrible 3.味道很难闻 4.把..倒进…里面 pour into air pollution 5.空气污染 be harmful to =do 6.对---有害

harm to =be bad for

? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.你有什么事? 2.而且,更为重要的是 3.制造噪音 4.心情不好 5.忍受… 6.写信给某人 7.最好做某事

what’s up? what’s more make noise in a bad mood stand doing sth write to sb had better do sth

be harmful to =do harm to =be bad for a kind of\a sort of 2.一种 go deaf 3.变聋 quite a few 4.相当多 hearing loss 5.听力丧失 It’s reported that 6.据报道 7.与…几乎一样差 no better than in public 8.在公共场所 not only …but also.. 9.不但…而且.. all kinds \ sorts of 10.各种多样的

? 1随着…的增长 ? 2随着…..的发展

? ? ? ?

with the increase in with the development of 3使….变脏 make…dirty 4把… 放进…里面 put…into 5高血压 high blood pressure 6同样 as well

? 1结果,因此 1.as a result ? 2采取有效 2.do something 措施做某事 useful to do sth ? 3保护环境 3.protect the

environment ? 4到处 4.here and there ? 5在公共场所 5.in public ? 6关心,关爱 6.care for

? ? ? ?

just now =a moment ago 1刚才 cut down 2砍倒,砍伐 change .. into =turn…into 3把…变成 4.阻止….做某事 prevent\stop\keep sb
5.把….吹走 6.把…. 冲走 7..人 8形成,出现 9 关掉

? ? ? ? ?

from doing sth blow … away wash … away human beings come into being turn off

? 1在很多方面 ? 2全世界 ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. in many ways 2. all over \throughout \around the world 3.take away 3拿走 4. more and more 4越来越多 5对…..很重要 5be important to 6海平面 6.the level of the sea (ocean )=the sea level 7提到,有关 7 .refer to 8.结果,因此 8. as a result

? ? ? ? ?

1占据,占去 2同时 3处理,处置 4剩下的,剩余部分 5做某事有困难

1.take up 2.at the same time 3.deal with 4.the rest 5.have difficulty\ problem in doing sth

1.work for 1.为… 工作 2.not only … but also 2不但…而且… 3鼓励某人做某事 3.encourage sb to do sth 4.so that 4以便 5.你真是太好了。 5. It’s very nice of you. 6.应该,有义务做..6.be supposed to do 7.nod one’s head 7.点头 8.shake one’s head 8.摇头

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

ought to do 1应该做 turn off 2关掉(灯等) had better 3.最好 instead of 4.代替,而不是 save energy 5.节约能源 6.减少空气污染 reduce air pollution 7.一些重要的事情 something important 8.参加 take part in 9.准时 on time 10确保,确信 make sure

1用… 发电 use …to produce power = produce power from… all over the world 2全世界 all the time 3总是,一直 make biogas 4制造沼气 5在20世纪90年代 in the1990s 6日常生活 everyday life =daily life 7昂贵得多 much more expensive plastic bag 8塑料袋

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