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人教版七年级英语下册 unit 10课件


How was your weekend ? It was pretty good/great / good/OK/terrible…
What did you do over the weekend ?
do my homework go to the beach visit my aunt do some reading play soccer play tennis stay at home practice English

clean play visit study have go

→ → → → →

cleaned played visited studied had went

stay → stayed watch → watched practice → practiced do → did am/is → was

Did he watch TV? Yes,he did.

He stayed at home.

Where did he go on vacation?

Where did she go on vacation?
She went to New York City.

Did she go to Central Park? No,she didn’t.

Where did they go on vacation?
They went to the beach.

Did they swim? Yes, they did.

She visited museums(博物馆)

Did she see old things? Yes,she did.

Where did she go on vacation?

Pair work
They went to summer camp.

She visited his friend.

He went to the mountains.


d c a f g


Listen and answer: Where did they go on vacation?

Where did Brad go on vacation?
He visited his uncle.

Where did Tom go on vacation?

He went to summer camp.

Where did Sally go on vacation?

She stayed at home.

Where did Tina go on vacation?

She went to the mountains.

Where did Xiang Hua go on vacation?

He went to New York City.


You will hear three conversations about people’s vacations.Listen and find out where Nancy, Kevin and Julie went, and what they did.

2a: 1.c 2. a 3.b

2b. Listen again :
For each question check ( ) “Yes , I did .” or “No , I didn’t” as you hear them talk .
Did you … Nancy
go to Central Park ? play basketball ? swim ? go to the movies

Yes, I did .

No, I didn’t

Kevin Julia

study for exams ?

Ask your partners
Where did you go on vacation?
What did you do on vacation? Did you …on vacation?


What did they do?

Played foolball

What did she do?

flew a kite

Hushan Park

Mount Tai

have a picnic

Choose one picture as the thing you did on May Day. Write a short passage about it.

Model: On May Day,I went to the Great Wall with my parents, I had a good time there. We went to the mountains in the morning, and we ate our lunch on Great Wall. It was fun, and a little bit dangerous. After we came back from Great Wall, We were all very tired.


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