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An interview with Zhang Ruiming

An interview with Zhang Ruiming Alina:Hello,Zhang Ruimin,I’m Alina, a journalist of the focus interview program.Thank you for your coming to our program . Zhang:It ’s my pleasure. Alina: So w

hat gave you the idea to make the Haier Group?You must have gone through many tough experiences. Zhang:The idea is not tough,but it had cast a solid road of the life. In pursut of the ideal of my heart, I have been on the road of hardship and my dream .When I was 35 years old,I opened a refrigerator factory,which only had six hundred employees, who are hard-working and honest.Without any experience,I read dozens of books to enrich my knowledge.Later,we formed the integration of Chinese and Western corporate culture,adapting to the market and to go abroad.God helps those who help themselves.Haier is becoming more and more successful. Alina:In the whole process,what is the biggest difficulty that you met?And how did you solve the problem? Zhang:In 1985,a user of Haier reflected that the refrigerators of our factory had quality problems.Facing the danger of bankruptcy,we decided to destory the 76 sets of refrigerators that have been sold out.Just as the saying goes,it ’s never too late to mend.Because the customer is god.This action won a good reputation for our company.

Alina:Who is the person you want to thank most? Zhang:People with one mind will remove Mount Tai.Haier today ’s glory can not be separated from everyone’s efforts.Accordingly,I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to those who accompany the growth of Haier. Alina:After 18 years of innovation and development,having achieved remarkable success,Haier Group has become the image of China enterprises marching to the world,capable of competing with some multing.So with your experience,What propossal do you have for young people? Zhang:Learn to be a decent person before learning how to do things.As is known to all ,all things in their being are good for something.The reason why a great man is great is that he resolves to be a great man.Death comes to all,but great achievements raise a monument which shall endure until the sun grows old. Alina:Good ideas make people beneft from it.Haier Group has become a legend through integrify and quality.We also hope that it will be getting better and better.Thank you very much for your visit.See you again. Zhang :Good-bye.


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