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一、翻译。 医生: 教室: 英语书 : 父母亲: 讲台: 护士: 厨房: 冰箱: 农民: 语文书: 鸡肉: 司机: 友好的: 图片: 安静的: 蔬菜: 二、选择最佳答案。 1、----- is in the classroom? Many desks and chairs. A Where B Who C What’s D What 2、----- your sister? She’s in the study. A Where B Where’s C What D Who 3、----- go to school. OK. A Let’s B Let C Who D Where 4、He ---- tall and strong.He ---- big eyes. A has is B am is C is has D is is 5、Would you like some beef? ___ A OK B Here you are. C Thanks. D No,thanks. 6、The bowls and chopsticks are in the ______ A. bathroom B. living room C. kitchen 7、Go to the _____. Watch TV. A. living room B.bathroom C. study 8、Is it in your desk? — A Yes, it isn’t. B Yes, it is. C Yes, they are. 9、Are they near the phone? — A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, it is. C. No, they are. 10、My grandparents are________. A . farmers B. farmer C. teacher 11、How many-----are there in your family? A.people B peoples C puppy 12、 How many ____do you have? A math books B math book C a math book 13、 I have ___English book and __story-book. A. a , a B. an , an C. an , a 三、读一读,字母发音相同的打“√”不同的“×” 。 ( )1.face cake ( )2. Rose dog

( )3.cute mum ( )4. Bike rice ( )5. He she ( )6. Cat make 四、给下列句子排序。 ( )What colour is it? ( )Here it is. ( )Excuse me. I lost my schoolbag. ( )An English book, two toys and a notebook. ( )It’s yellow and black. ( )OK. What’s in it? ( )Thank you so much. 五、选择正确的答语。将序号填入题前括号内。 ( )1. What colour is it? A. I have 6. ( )2. How many books do you have? B. It’s yellow. ( )3.What’s in your bag? C.Good idea. ( )4. What’s her name? D. Her name is Amy. ( )5. Let’s clean the window. E. 3 pencils and many books. 六、阅读理解,正确的写 T 错误的写 F。 1 Hello, I’m Mike. I’m a teacher. I’m tall and strong. I like music and sports. I often read story-books. Look, this is my family photo. I have a brother. We are good friends. He is twenty-seven. He is thin. He is a driver. He likes milk very much. ( )1. Mike is a doctor. ( )2. Mike is short and strong. ( )3. Mike likes science and music. ( )4. Mike’s brother likes rice very much. ( )5. Mike’s brother is thin. 2 This is my family. My grandparents are farmers. My mother is a teacher. My father is a doctor. My aunt is a nurse. She has long hair. My brother and I are good students. This is my family. My family is happy. ( )1. My father is a doctor. ( )2. My grandmother is a farmer. ( )3.My grandfather is a driver. ( )4. My mother is a cook. ( )5.My aunt is a teacher.


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