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2015 年邯郸联考
一.选择 1.I often have _________good rest after having ______________glass of milk. A. a , the B. an, the C. the , a D. a, a 2. Hello, what is _____________name? ______________na

me is Kate. A. her, my B. she, her C. you, my D. her ,her 3. __________,Jenny. Is this your book? Yes, thanks. A. Thank you B .Excuse me C. Sorry D . See you 4. Who is that girl? _______________is my new friend, Linda.

A. This B.It C.She D. That 5. Can you tell me the way to the ___________? I am flying to Dalian today. A. train station B.bus station C. airport D.park 6. Nick is from Canada. But he can __________Chinese. A.say B.talk C.speak D.tell

7. Bob ____________TV at home every night. A.looks at B.sees C.watches D..likes

8. I can’t find my dictionary. Let me __________you look for it. A.help B.helping C.to help D.helps. 9. Is this your book?_______________ A. Yes, it does B. No, it doesn’t C.No, it is. D.No, it is not. 10. _____________shoes are they? They are ___________shoes.

A. Whose, his B. Who, his C.Who, he D.Whose ,he 11. Can I help you ,sir?____________. I don’t need anything. A. I want a book B.Yes, please C.Sorry, I can’t D. No, thanks. 12. How many birds are there ___________the tree? Three. A. on B. to C.in D.above 13. ---Jill, what is your favourite _____________? ---Well, I like basketball best. A. food B.colour C. sport D.movie

14. I have two pens; One is black, and ____________is white. A. another B.others C.other D.the other. 15. ___________do you like pandas? Because they are very cute. A.What B.How C.Why D.Who 二 完形填空:

Many Americans like to have their vacations in other countries .One day an American ______1______comes to China. This is her first time to ____2_________and she wants to make some ______3______there. She meets a Chinese young man. This Chinese __4________a little English. He wants to 5____________in English with the American. So he comes to the 6__________woman

and says ”hello” to her. Then he begins his first talk with7___________from an English-speaking country. “How old are you?” the Chinese asks.”I’m 8______.Please don’t ask a lady about her 9__________.”answers the woman. The Chinese is surprised. He doesn’t know10_________.Can you help him? 1.A. man 2.A. American 3.A. friends 4.A. visits 5.A. say B.boy C. woman D. child D. Japan

B. England C. China B. money B. sees B. talk

C. coffee D. food C. learns D. knows C tell D. know

6.A. Australian B. Canadian 7.A. someone 8.A. sure 9. A. dinner 10. A. how 三.阅读理解

C. Chinese D. American

B. everybody C. anyone D. something B. shy B. age B. why C. happy D. sorry C. job D. family C. what D.where

A Red Star Clothes Store Hi,boys and girls! Come and buy your things at our great sale! We have sweater,T-shirts,hats,trousers,shorts and bags in all colours. They are all at a very

good price. These green T-shirts are fifteen dollars each. And the sweaters are thirty dollars each.The trousers are only twenty dollars each.Do you like shorts?We have great shorts for nine dollars each. Do you need bags? We have bags in black,blue,yellow,for seventeen dollars each. Those blue hats are only ten dollars each. Welcome to Red Star Clothes Store! You can find what you want here. 1.( ) How many kinds of clothes are there in the store? A.Four B.Five C. Six D.Seven

2.( )Which costs fifteen dollars? A.A sweater B. A green T-shirts C. A hat D.A pair of shorts

3.( )How much does a pair of trousers cost? A.Thirty dollars B.Nine dollars C.Twenty dollars D.Forty dollars

4.( )If you have twenty-six dollars,which two cost you all the money? A.A T-shirts and a sweater B.A sweater and a bag

C. A bag and a pair of shorts D.A hat and a pair of shorts 5.( )If Tom buys a hat from the store,what colour should it be? A.Red B.Yellow C.Green D.Blue B Freddy’s Halloween It is Halloween, the last day of October. It is October31.Halloween is Freddy’s favorite day. he likes Halloween better than his birthday. Halloween is a dress-up day. Halloween is a costume (服装)day. Halloween is a Super-man(超人)day. On Halloween, Freddy is Superman. Every Halloween, Freddy wears a Superman costume. He wears his red boots, blue pants, yellow belt, red cape(披风)and blue shirt. His blue shirt has a big red ”S” on it. The “S” is for Superman. Superman is Freddy’s hero. superman is strong. He can pick up a train, a house and a ship. Freddy loves his costume. He feels so great after he wears his Superman costume every Halloween. Everyone says ”Hello, Superman !” to him. He says hello to everyone. People give Superman lots of candies. 6.( )When is Halloween day? A. the last day of October. C. the second day of October. B. the first day of October. D. the third day of October.

7.( )What does Freddy wear on Halloween? A. a Superman costume. C. a vampire costume. 8.( )What’s the colour of the boots? A. red B .blue. C. yellow. D. black. B. a spider-man(蜘蛛侠)costume D. a wizard(巫师)costume.

9.( )What is the letter on the blue shirt? A.B. B.S. C.V. D.W.

10.( )What do the people give to Freddy? A. pencils. B. lots of candies. C. money. D. lots of best wishes.

四、词语运用。 Do you want to go to my school?Let me tell you the way. Walk along this street. And turn left at the first crossing. Go s_______ down Center Street. Then turn right at the__________(two) crossing. Then walk for about five minutes,you can see my school on your right. Look! Many students are______________(walk) to the school. A supermarket is w____________ of the school. A big park is east of the school. There _______________(be) a statue and many flowers in it. We like to go there to play. Welcome to our school.

五、连词成句: 1. don’t crayon,I,any, have . _________________________________________________________(.) 2. blue, am, wear, my, I, coat. _________________________________________________________(.)

3. hair, short, Sam, blond, have. _________________________________________________________(.) 4. on, we, list, have, we, everything. ________________________________________________________(.) 5. are, much, books, how, this?


六、作文 哪个是你最喜欢的季节?请你以自己最喜欢的季节名称为题目写一篇英语短文, 60 词左 右。 (内容包括:1.你最喜欢的是哪个季节;2.这个季节的天气特点;3.在这个季节你最喜欢 的运动。 ) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________


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