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区分sometime sometimes some time some times

sometime, sometimes ,some time,的区别和用法. some time 与 some times 不要理解为词组。 some time 中的 time 是时间的意思。 some times 中的 times 是次数的意思。

some time: 相当一段时间 It took me some time to digest what I had heard. 我花了一些时间才把听到的东西弄明白。

some times 几次。 I am sure that we have met some times. sometime 和 sometimes 是单词。 sometime: a. 以前的,某一时间 ad. 改天,来日 I hope to see you again sometime next year. 我希望明年某一时候再见到你。 I saw him sometime last summer. 去年夏天的某个时候我曾经见过他. It is reported that the car accident took place sometime yesterday. 据报导,那场车祸是在昨天某个时候发生的。

sometimes: ad. 有时 Sometimes we went to the beach and at other times we sunbathed on the patio. 我们有时去海滩, 有时在院子里做日光浴.

练习: I ________ receive letters from him. She wondered if she could have the opportunity to spend _______ here so that she could learn more of the city. I hope to see you again ________ next year. The newly bought microwave oven failed to work ___________.


some time sometime sometimes区别
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