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The Young Teacher’s Lecture Competition Begin
Translated by Sara, modified by Benson HSCCSC will launch a lecture competition among the young primary teachers on October 19th to 21st to

display their teaching styles. To be different from the traditional, stereotyped, and boring teaching method of cramming, this activity includes international dynamic seminars and bilingual seminars with Sino-Canada characteristics. With a goal of “enjoy learning, learn enjoyably”, all the young teachers who join this activity will apply multiple teaching methods to arouse the students’ initiative and creativity on the premise of achieving course objectives. Earnestly and positively, each young teacher prepares for this activity. They add more interesting programs which involve groups of students. Most of their curriculum designs are related with practice, which aims to help the students develop independent thinking and teamwork. This lecture competition inspires the young teachers’ enthusiasm of exploring student oriented teaching method, which makes students learn happily and flexibly. In an animated atmosphere, the experienced teachers offered their advises to the young teachers to make sure the students will experience the fun of studying on the premise of achieving course goals. Following is the calendar of young teachers’ lecture competition:

Monday(19th) Period 2 Li Wenjing Period 3 Song Weiwei Period 4 Wang Dan Period 5 Li Zhihui Period 6 Yan Lu

Tuesday(20th) Period 5 Guo Yu Period 6 Huo Liying

Wednesday(21st) Period 5 Hao Jing Period 6 Jia Dan

Period 7 Yan Mingxin Period 7 Yang Meiqian Period 8 Peng Dandan Period 8 Han Ye

Demonstration lessons in Young Teacher’s Lecture Competition

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