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There be 句型

There be 句型
1、There be 句型中的be 应和其后出现的主语在数上一 致,即“就近原则”,如: There are five books, two pens and a ruler in the school bag. There is a ruler, two pens and five books in the school bag.

br />2、there be句型与各种情态动词连用。 例如: There must be something wrong here. There might still be some vacant seats in the library. There ought to be something with which to fill your stocking. There will/is going to be….

3、there be句型中的谓语动词be被be likely to be, happen to be,seem/appear(to be),used to be等代替,用来描写事物。例如: There are likely to be more difficulties than they have been prepared for. There happened to be nobody in the room. There doesn't seem to be much hope of our beating that team . There used to be lots of old city walls in Beijing, usedn't there?

4、there be 句型中的谓语动词be被一些不及物动词 live,stand,exist,remain, come, enter, follow, occur等代替, 例如: There lives a family of five in the village. There remains nothing more to be done. There stands the Monument to the People’s Heroes at the center of the Tian’anmen Square. There exist different opinions on this question. There came a company of actors and actresses. There followed a spirited discussion after class. There have occurred many great changes since we met last.

5. 1) there be no+ V-ing分词,表示“不可能”、“无 法”。 例如: There is no denying the fact that China is still a developing country. There is no telling what will happen to him next. 2). there is no point +V-ing分词,表示“没有必要”, "无用","没有意义","没有用处"。例如: We are disappointed with the new officer elected in our bridge club,but there is no point worrying about it.

6、在由“there be +主语名词”引起的句子中,修饰主语 的情况。 There are still many things to take care of / to be taken care of. There were 200 children studying(=who were studying)music,dancing,or dramatics. Is there anything planned(=that has been planned) for tonight? 7.“there being”在句中作状语。例如: There having been a strong suspicion against the ability of the director,the department asked him to resign. There being nothing to be done,they have to go back home.

? 1. 十一点操场上将有一场友谊篮球赛。 There will be a friendly basketball match on the playground at 11:00. ? 2. 从前在一个小镇上住着一名好医生。 Once there lived a good doctor in a small town. ? 3. 在城市里,有很多有趣的事情可做,有很多地方 可参观。 In the city, there are a lot of interesting things to do and places to see. ? 4. 操场四周有许多学生在 观看排球赛。 There are many students watching the volleyball match on every side of the playground.

? 5. 1990年以来,美国死于交通事故的人越来越多。 There have been more and more Americans killed in traffic accidents since 1990. ? 6. 有很多人不同意我的意见。 There are many people who don’t agree with me. ? 7. 这台机器好象有毛病。 There seems to be something wrong with the machine. ? 8. 毫无疑问,努力会使你成功。 There is no doubt that/There is no denying the fact that hard work will lead to success.

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