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64. buy(过去式) bought 65. buy(反义词) sell 66. have(单三) has 67. have(过去式) had 70. new(反义词) old 68. have(现在分词) having 71. do(否定) don’t 69. say(过去式) said 76. you(形物) your 80. shoe(复数) shoes 72. they(宾语) them 79. told(原型) tell

一、词型转换。 (20 分) 1.is(过去式) was 3.were not(缩略形式) weren’t 5. take(单三) takes 2. story (复数) 6.take (过) took stories 4.toy(复数) toys 7.take taking (现在分词)

73. they (形物) their 74. they(名物) theirs 75. you(宾格) you 77. you(名物) yours 78. say(单三) says 85. have(过去式) had

81. Amy(所有格) Amy’s 82. she(形物) her 83. she(宾格) her 84. she(名物) hers 86. rain(现在分词) raining 87. dress(复数) dresses 93. he(形物) his 94. he(名物) his 88. tell(现在分词) telling 89. neighbours(所有格) neighbours’ 90. know(同音词) no

8. work(现在分词) working 9. What’s (展开形式) what is 10. there(同音词) their 11. man(复数) men 12.meet(过去式) met 15. there(反义词) here 21. go(过去式) went 24. long( 反义词 ) short get(现在分词) getting Make(现在分词) making 27. play(过去式) played 29. cat (所有格)cat’s 30. for(同音异形) four 33. I(名物) mine 36. they(名物) theirs 42. we (名物) ours 31. I(宾格) me 32. I(形物) my 35. they(形物) their 41. we (形物) our 34. they(宾格) them 40. we(宾格) us 13. go(过去式) went 16. child(复数) children 22. go(现在分词) going make(单三) makes 26. play(单三) plays 28. play(现在分词) playing 14. am(过去式)was 17. do(过去式) did 20. go(单三) goes 23. want(单三) wants make(过去式)made


91. know(单三) knows 92. he(宾语) him

95. that(对应词) this 96. wet(反义词) dry 97. this(复数) these 98. that(复数) those 99. was not(缩写) wasn’t 100. class(复数) classes 101. write(同音词) right 102. see(现在分词) seeing 103. family(复数) families 104. can not(缩写) can’t 105. lose(过去式) lost 106. write(现在分词) writing 107. make(过去式) made 二、用所给词的适当形式填空。 1. There was a big mouse before.(be) 2. This is the pig’s house. (pig) 3. There weren’t any benches before. (be not) 4. Does London look different now? (do) 5. We can feed the birds. (feed) 6. There are some birds. Let’s feed them 7. There are three children 9. Is it yours ? (you) 10. Whose flowers are they? (who) 11. Sam’s shoes are wet and dirty. (be) 12. The workers are still working 13. I lost my dress yesterday. (lose) 14. The children are running home.(run) 15. There is a book. It’s mine .(I) .(work) 8. When did you lose it? (lose) .(they) in my family.(child)

18. work(名词) worker 19. heavy(反义词) light

woman( 复数 ) women 25. get( 过去式 ) got

37. is(原型) be 38. help(形容词) helpful 43.bench(复数) benches 44. pig(所有格) pig’s


39. let’s(展开形式) let us

45. are(过去式) were 46. same(反义词) different 47. do(单三) does 48. big(反义词) small 49. sell(单三) sells 50. I(名词性物主代词) mine 51. thing(复数) things 52. sweet(复数) sweets 54. laugh(现在分词) laughing 57. egg(复数) eggs 53. swim(现在分词) swimming

55. wear(同音词) where 56. told(原型) tell

58. children(所有格) children’s 59. tall(反义词) short 60. eat(过去式) ate 61. worker(复数) workers 62. old (反义词) new 63. party(复数) parties


16. He wants to wear my T-shirt. (wear) want to do sth. 想做某事 17. Look! It is raining , my shoes are wet. (rain) rain?raining 18. –What is he doing? be+doing 现在进行时 ---He is making a cake. (make) be+doing 现在进行时 make?making ---He is telling a story.(tell) 19. We are going to tell stories .(story) story?stories 20. I am going to be eleven. (am) be going to+动原 21. Please come to my birthday party. (I) 22. –What are we going to do? ---We are going to have lunch together. (have) 23. Look at these children’s hats. (child) 24. People give children chocolate eggs. (give) 25. It’s really fun. (real) real?really(副词) 26. How many benches are there? (bench) bench?benches 27. They go to their neighbours’ houses.(neighbour) 28. Children wear scary clothes. (wear) 29. Let us go to the park. (we) 30. Please help me put the bags in the car. (put) 31. It sells a lot of things. (sell) go to the park together. (family) supermarket. (England) 32. There is a lot of fruit. (be) 33. Many families 34. This is our favourite shop. (we) 35. There is an English

42. Let’s go

to play football. (go) let’s +动原

43. The workers are still working. (work) 三.根据首字母填空。 1. Amy’s blue dress is wet. 2. Whose bag is it? It’s his. 3. What colour are they? They are red. 4. What’s the matter ? I lost my bag. 5. I am going to be ten, please come to my birthday party. 6. Can you come? Please reply . 7. It’s an invitation to my party. 8. Christmas is a winter festival in the UK. 9. Easter is in spring in the UK. 10. Children wear scary clothes at Halloween. 11. At Halloween, people give children some sweets . 12. This apple is big, that one is small, they are different . 13. This one is heavy , I can’t carry it. 14. There was a small playground before in our school. 15. You are helpful children. festival in the UK. 16. Halloween is an autumn 三、单项选择。 (20 分) ( B )1. ( C ( C is it? It is blue. B. What colour B. Who’s wet. B. was . C. It’s OK. Saturday B. That’s OK. C. are C. When C. Whose A. What A. Whoes )3. His shoes A. is A. This is OK. ( C

)2. is it? It is mine.

36. What do their neighbours do? (they) 37. I can’t carry the big bag. (carry) 38. Sam’s shoes are new. (Sam) 39. Please don’t take them away. (not) don’t+动原 祈使句的否定形式 40. This book isn’t hers, it’s mine .(I) 41. There was an old man long ago. (be)

( B )4.—I am sorry. ---

)5. I am going to play football

A. in ( ( C A. is A. say ( B A. to A. on A. chocolate B. tell B. for B. in

B. at B. was stories. C. talk

C. on ten. Be going to+动词原形 C. be

)6. He is going to

B )7. We are going to

)8. Mum is going to make a cake C. in spring in the UK. C. at eggs.


( B )9. Easter is ( A )10. They are

B. chocolates

C. chocolate’s sells?sell ) ) ) ) ) )

四、改错,画出来并在题后写出正确的答案。 1. The supermarkets sells many things.( 2. This is she favourite shop. ( she?her 3. Let’s going to the park.( going?go 4. Have a ice cream. ( a?an )

阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F) Mr. Black is walking in the park and he is very tired. He looks around and sees a chair in the distance. So he walks towards the chair. As Mr Black is walking, he sees a man going to the chair, too. He thinks, “The man also wants to sit on the chair. I must go quickly. ” So he walks faster. But the man also walks faster. Mr. Black starts to run and the man starts to run, too. However, Mr. Black is a little faster than the man. He gets to the chair first and sits on it. Just then, the man also reaches the chair. He raises a small board in his hands. It says, “Wet paint!” ( )1. Mr. Black walks towards the chair because he is very tired. ( )2. Mr. Black sees a woman going to the chair, too. ( )3. Mr. Black starts to run because he wants to sit on the chair. ( )4. Mr. Black can’t run faster than that man. ( )5. That man also wants to sit on the chair.

5. There isn’t a clock here before. ( isn’t?wasn’t 6. Look at the picture on your school. ( on?of

7. There aren’t some children in the classroom. ( some?any ) 8. How many child are there in your family? (child?children 9. What are they do at Halloween? (are?do ) 10. There are toys chicks on the hats. ( toys?toy 11. It’s a autumn festival in the UK. ( a?an ) ) ) ) ) 12. Long long ago, there is an old man. ( is?was 13. We are going to tell story. (story?stories 14. We are going to have the lunch. ( the? / 15. Let us play the football together. ( the? / ) 16. Today is Child’s Day. ( Child’s?children’s )


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