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William Wallace, a hero of Scotland
Historical background: There was a time when the local people in Scotland had to pay the taxes and the beautiful girl’s fist night to English ruler in return for ‘protection’. If the money and the fair lady were not paid promptly, the English gangsters would quickly destroy their home and possesses. One of the most excellent figures in Scotland history was William Wallace, who was born in 1272. When he was young, his father was dead in the war which against with the enemy and he was brought up by his uncle. During that period, William Wallace learned the skill of fight and strategy of the war which make an important role of the later days.......

William Wallace unshakable faith touches my heart. Not all the people are stood up to noble, opponents or even die. I admire William Wallace for striving for freedom、his brave and cherishing his woman. Desire for freedom When William Wallace was child, his father and brother died for a fight .The word “free” first appeared in his mind through a dream that his father told him. (The concept of personal freedom was a concept not much celebrated in 1300)Your heart was free; you needed to have the courage to follow it. A history about hero was begun. William Wallace fought for Scotland’s freedom in the 13th century, as longshanks want to rule a



country of one that he arranged his son to marry the daughter of his rival, the king of France in order to control the political situation. Longshanks did also Grant nobles prima noctes, first night to draw more of his supporters to Scotland. Seeing their own woman robed by nobles, men could not tolerate these happened in Scotland. As more and more nobles came to Scotland, the local people suffered a lot from it. Wallace's dying cry, as his body was stretched on the rack, was "freedom!" The time had come. William Wallace killed the noble who infringed upon his beloved women. At that moment William Wallace clearly realized that only freedom was primary condition to live a normal life. I remembered a sentence William Wallace said: “I want children and a home and peace. I had asked god for these, but it is all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.” The power of words and strategies, William Wallace influenced suffer people. And more and more people took part in fighting for freedom. His unshakable resolution leaded him to a battle about freedom. As his saying: Wars could take our lives, but they would never take our freedom. His life’s purpose and personal mission statement was to pursue freedom.

Brave made one fight against exploiters Through the cruel wars, He is an amazing battlefield strategist. Facing a major challenge, he refused to be beguiled into surrender. William Wallace is not naturally brave, because fight to the bitter end for peace and freedom. I think his brave heart derive from his childhood when he saw that the nobles’ army hurls rocks at each other for entertainment. Later, when a Scotsman has his wound numb, a saying came from his heart: “That’ll wake you up in the morning, boy!" Just when they thought all hope was lost, William Wallace still believed Scotland would be one and freedom was not so far from them that created his brave heart—Fight for freedom through wars. We can see his brave somewhere in



this film such as routed one of Longshanks’ garrisons and murdered his noble lord.; Fight with the thousands of opponents in a war between English and Scotland; invaded Longshanks’ northern army in Your; fought with Longshanks face to face; consulted with Robert the Bruce about united the nobles to built a country of their own, even knew that would be grey. He was not the one to support the noble’s rights in Scotland’s land, neither the Balliol, William Wallace’s hometown, but fought against exploiters and looked forward to peaceful life. Brave heart was one of the important reasons that aroused people to fight for freedom and peaceful life. I think it was the power that took William Wallace over the fear of death, the fuel that propelled him toward the life you envision.

True love under the war Everyone had his own true love, so did William Wallace. He was crazy in pursuit of love. But it was a pity, because in the 13th the common survived as slaves and they had less right (or even had no right) to do what they want to do, slaved for nobles, died for nobles. Love between William Wallace and Murron moved me to tears. They loved each other. They had their own land. Their love was smashed by invaders’ selfish desire. Poor Murron was the victim in the war, even she was not wrong, but history arranged her dead in the 13th when a fight for freedom just begun. Nowadays, the law has made to protect our right. We can hold fast to our ideal, such as life、job、love or other else. When I see Historical films about love, I always sigh for the sad ending, which the main actor and the main actress separate, not because the ending of love, but for the history. Thanks for William Wallace; I deeply make sense of the love between people included kinship、friendship and affection. In the long history, people fought for freedom、rights and land all the time. Today we are free, but how many people dare to pursue his love or ideal, and how many people see his



relatives、friends or the one he deep in love getting on a train and going away. I think we should take measures to defend our true feeling and follow it. The love between William Wallace and Murron was wonderful because they had strived for each other. William Wallace, a hero of Scotland, was excellent in Scotland history. His brave heart、unshakable faith about fighting for freedom and love have never influencing the young generation less. His heart will go on.



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