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Unit5 Nelson Mandela--

A Modern Hero

Who is he ?

Zhang Yimou
1.He is a famous director (导演).
2.He is a Chinese. 3.He directed the film Hero. 4.He

is the general director of the opening and closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games (奥运会).

1. He is an American and died last month.

2. He was one of the founders (创始人) and the CEO (执行总 裁) of the Apple (苹果公司).
3.He has changed people’s life.

Steve Jobs

Sun Yat-sen
1.He founded the first Republic in China in 1911after many years’ fighting. 2. He strongly believed in the three principles(三民主义): nationalism; People’s rights; (Sun Yat-sen (1866people’s livelihood. 1925), China

Norman Bethune
He died during World War II. 2. He saved a lot of soldiers on the battle field. 3. He worked in China, but he was not Chinese. He was Canadian.
4. He


was a doctor.

Norman Bethune (1890-1939), Canada 白求恩

Wen Jiabao
1.He is a Chinese. 2.When there happened something terrible, such as natural disaster, he must be the first political leader(政治 领导人) to console (慰问) the suffering people. 3.He is our premier (总理).

What qualities (品质) do you think a great person should have?

selfless determined generous

hard-working brave qualities confident of the great devoted kind people easy-going helpful

warm-hearted honest

responsible independent

Nelson Mandela South Africa

1.He fought for the black people and was in prison for thirty years. 2. He helped the black people to get the same rights as white people.

3.He was the first black president (总统) in South Africa.

What’s the relationship between them?

A.Strangers B.Helper and supporter

C.Father and son
D.Teacher and student

1. Elias was a poor black worker in South Africa. 2. The time when he first met Mandela was a very difficult period of his life. 3. He could not read and write well. 4. He worried about whether he would become out of work. 5.After he met Mandela, his life changed. For example, he became more hopeful about his future. 6.In 1963 he helped Mandela blow up some government buildings. 7.He was happy to help because he knew it would help them achieve their dream of making black and white people equal.

Match the main idea of each para.
para 1 ① The day when Mandela helped me was one of my happiest. ② We answered violence with violence. ③ Black people have almost no rights at all. ④ I first met Nelson Mandela. ⑤ I needed his help because I had very little education.

para 2
para 3 para 4 para 5

True or False

1. Elias went to see Nelson Mandela when he was in trouble. 2. Elias left school because the school was too far from his home. 3. Nelson Mandela helped him keep his job.

4. Elias trusted Nelson Mandela and he joined the ANC Youth League. 5. Nelson Mandela believed that black people had the same rights as white people in South Africa. 6. Nelson Mandela helped Elias blow up some government buildings.

The text tells us about Elias’ life and what he did with Nelson Mandela to fight for black people.

a poor black worker in South Africa

a black lawyer who offered guidance to poor black people in South Africa

1.Find out the useful words and expressions in the text. 2.According to the timeline, try to retell Elias’s story.

Thank you

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