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高一英语语法衔接 主谓一致


? Hearing __________(hear) the good news, he jumped up with joy. ? Seeing ______(see) from the top of the hill, the town looks more beautiful. to go ? He is old enough ______

____(go) to school. ? I’m going to the supermarket this afternoon. Do you have anything ________(buy)? to buy ? Mrs. White showed her students some old maps ___________ borrowed (borrow) from the library.


is My family ___(be) a big one. watching My familywere __________(watch) TV at that time. are Tom and Lily _____(be) good students. They all ______(like) their hometown. like is She, like you and I, ___(be) able to finish it on time. have 6. Not only he but also we _____(have) seen that film.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


回顾衔接教材p41-42 主谓一致,完成提 纲练习并总结考点


? 对议:核对答案,解决错题。背诵并相互 提问就近原则的短语。 ? 组议:解决组内疑惑。

is 1.What we need now _____plenty of food. are What I bought _____three books.(be) is 2.More than 30 percent of the surface_____ covered by water. are 3/4 of the students in our class______girls.(be) 3. Studying English______so easy. is is Reading books ____ my hobby.

4. The secretary and manager ____very busy now. is Both the secretary and the manager _____agreed are to attend the meeting. are 5.Both of the books______interesting. Either of the books ______interesting.(be) is 6.The old ______well looked after by the government are in China. . were watching The Greens_______(watch)TV at this time last night

7. Tom as well as two of his classmates is _____invited to the party. am Either you or I _____going to the teachers' office after class

1.Neither of these words are correct. is 2. Four hours are enough to do the work. is 3. There are a pen and two books on the desk. is 4.All the students except LI Ming is invited to the party. are 5.The number of people invited was fifty, but a number of them was absent. are

Explaining 就近原则: Either…or; neither…nor; not only…but also; there be; here be; or; not…but are wrong. 1. Either he or you ___ is a pen and two books on the desk. 2. There ___ 3. Either Tom or the twins __ the way to the shop. A. know B. knows C. finds

就远原则: with; together with; as well as; along with; ecxept enjoys 1.Tom as well as his parents _____(enjoy) fishing .
have 2.You, as well as your brother, _____(have) been accepted by our team.

1.Laying eggs ___ the ant queen’s full-time job. a. have b. has c. are d. is 2.No one except Jack and Tom ___ the answer. a. are knows b. is knowing c. knows d. know 3.To know merely the main facts ___ enough. a. are b. be c. being d. is

4. Both of his brothers ___ in this hospital, but neither of them ___ a doctor.
A. works; is B. work; is C. work; are

5.Everything ______ ready. We can start now. A. are B. is C. be D. were



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