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Reading-global warming全球变暖



Unit 4

Global warming


1.To learn something about global warming. 2.To get some ideas about the effects of global warming. 3.To develop some basic reading skills.

Help the students learn how to talk about the causes and effects of global warming .

How to help students express ideas about what people should do about causes and effects of global warming .

一、自学互学 Fast Reading
1)What is the main topic of the article?
Global warming 2) The passage can be divided into four parts. Match the paragraphs with main ideas.

Part1 (para._____) 1

Part2 (para._____) 2--5 6 Part3 (para._____) 7 Part4 (para._____)

a, It's up to readers to think and decide whether people should do something about global warming or not. b, Introduce a debate over the issue of global warming. c, How does global warming come about. d, List two different attitudes among scientists towards global warming.

二、深入学习 Careful reading
Part1 (1)

Introduction of global warming.

________________ Sophie Armstrong writes this article. The ________________________ temperature of the earth rose about one degree Fahrenheit.

Part 2 (2-5)

How does global warming come about?

1. ___________________ human activity 2. ___________________________ the burning of fossil fuels What are the Greenhouse gases?

1. 2. 3.

Carbon dioxide Methane Water vapor

Part 3 (6)

List two different attitudes among scientists towards global warming.

Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks.

sea level ? a rise in the__________
? Severe storms, droughts, floods,
famines, the spread of diseases, and the disappearance species ______________of

quicker crops will ? Make plants grow________, more produce_________.

Part 4 (7)

It's up to readers to think and decide whether people something about global warming or not.

Correct the sentences

1、Greenhouse gases continue to increasing increase in the atmosphere. 2、Though we start reducing the amount of greenhouse gases, but the climate is going to keep on warming for decades or centuries.

三、迁移学习(Summary )

There is no 1._______that the earth is becoming warmer . The doubt

burning “greenhouse effect” begins by 2._________(burn) fuels. The increased to go amount of carbon dioxide is causing the global temperature3._________
(go) up.

resulted Scientists agree the fossil fuels has4._________(result) in this increase in
carbon dioxide . They can’t predict the climate well enough to know

what to expect. On the other hand, George predicts that warming will be 5._____ consequences (consequence). mild with few bad environmental 6._______________ greater He 7.________(state)that more carbon dioxide will encourage a 8._______ states
(great) range of animals.
However, greenhouse gases continue to build up 9. and _____ the climate is going to keep 10._____warming. on

What should we do to protect our earth?

1. Reduce the burning of fossil fuels 2. Plant trees 3. Use bags that can be recycled …

1. Read the passage again and review

the words and expressions.
2. Write a passage about global warming.

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