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lesson22 Presents from Canada说课材料

Lesson22 Presents from Canada
Good afternoon, everyone! Nice to meet you here! I’m xxx, an English teacher from No.2 Middle School. Today I’m glad to have a chance to introduce my lesson

to you. Now, I’ll say something about my lesson: Lesson 22 Presents from Canada. I’ll say this lesson from six parts.

Part One. Analysis of the Teaching Material:
(一).Status and function. This is the sixth lesson in Unit 3, Junior English Book 3 (Learning English).This unit focuses on the festivals in autumn in Canada and China. It mainly introduces three important festivals: Thanks giving, Mid-autumn Festival and a birthday. It is helpful for the Ss to learn about Western cultures. This lesson is mainly about posting presents and cards to Li Ming. The Ss will learn what to write in birthday cards, and it’s a chance to show their love to their classmates and parents. (二). Teaching aims: 1、Knowledge objects. A) Master the new words and phrases. B) Learn what to write in birthday cards and how to post them. 2、Ability objects: A) To improve the Ss’ listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. B) To improve the Ss’ awareness and ability of cross-culture. 3、Moral objects. A) To cultivate the feelings of loving each other and caring about others. Make the Ss’ love their classmates and parents more deeply. B) To enable the Ss to take a great interest in learning English and take an active part in the activities in class. (三). Teaching Important Points 1) Master the new words and phrases. 2) Train students’ reading ability. (四).Teaching Difficult Points How to improve students’ reading ability.

Part Two Teaching methods
1. Multi-media teaching. It can help the students be interested in the

lesson and learn the lesson happily and easily. 2、Encouragement and praise. 3. “Task-based” teaching method. “Task-based” language teaching has been one of the most important foreign teaching approaches during these years. The New English Curriculum requires teachers to use it .It’s an effective and advanced teaching approach. It’s widely used in many different countries.

Part Three Learning methods:
As an English teacher, your duty is not only to teach the students some English knowledge, but also to raise their skills of learning and using English. Such as: 1. Co-operation and competition----Students cooperate and compete with each other by working in groups. 2. Reading skills----How to read English

Part Four Teaching Aids
multi- media, the blackboard, objects.

Part Five Analysis of the students
The students are in Grade Eight now, and they have some interests of learning and speaking English, they are willing to co-operate and communicate with others in class, especially this lesson is related to their daily life: Giving presents to a friend. I think it’s easy for them to learn the lesson and they will take an active part in the activities in class.

Part Six Teaching procedures
I’ll finish this in four steps. First, I’ll divide the Ss into four groups and bring a competition into the class. In the end, let’s see which group is the best.

Step1. Greeting
Greet and sing the song “Happy birthday to you ” with the Ss. As we know: Well begun, half done. To have a good beginning, and motivate the Ss’ interest, I let the Ss sing the song together. So the Ss feel relaxed and happy in learning English.

Step2. Pre-reading

1. Show some pictures about a birthday and talk about them with the Ss. 2. Think about it : A) Do you give birthday cards to your friends? B) What do you write in your cards? My purpose is to show the beautiful pictures with the multi-media to attract the Ss’ attention and make the Ss take an active part in speaking English, so that they have more interests in learning this lesson.

Step3: While-reading 1. Fast reading
Li Ming’s birthday is coming. Danny and Jenny will give birthday cards to him. Let’s see what they write in their cards. Get the Ss to read the text silently and quickly, answer the questions: ①What are Jenny and Danny doing? ②What do they write in their cards? ③Where are they going at last? Why?

2. Careful reading
1. Get the Ss to read the text silently and carefully, then fill in the blanks. My purpose is: I use “Fast reading” method to let the Ss get the general ideas of the text and “Careful reading” method to let the Ss get the detailed information of the text. They help develop the Ss’ reading abilities. While reading, the Ss grasp the meaning of the new words and phrases from the context. 2. The Ss answer the questions. If they do them well, I will praise them and give red stars to them or their groups.

Step4: Post-reading A) 1.Make up a new dialogue of posting birthday presents and cards
according to the text, using the objects you have prepared. 2. Ask several groups to act it out.

B) Show your love
1. Make a birthday card for one of your classmates. Don’t forget to make your cards beautiful. 2、Get several groups to show their cards and read what they write to the

class, praise and clap for them. On the above, I designed two tasks: make up a new dialogue and show your love. I use “Task-based” teaching method here is to develop and train the Ss’ ability of communication and also their ability of co-operation. It’s a good way to use English to do things. It’s helpful for the Ss to develop their ability of using English. Making birthday cards is a good chance to show their love to their classmates, so that they will love each other and have a better friendship.



1. Make a birthday card for your parent. 2. Rewrite the story in the text. My purpose is to cultivate the Ss’ writing ability and it’s a good way to consolidate the knowledge they have learned after class. Making a birthday card is a good chance to show their love to their parent. Blackboard Design Lesson 22 New words and phrases: box----boxes post=mail tape wait address cardboard Presents From Canada Groups: 1 2 3 4

post office send…to… all ready on the top of…

Thanks for listening! If you have some good advice, please share with me!

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