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山西省朔州市平鲁区李林中学高考英语综合考查小卷子 4



一:单项选择: (每题 1 分 共 15 分) 1.Even if there is no scientific proof as yet_____ secondhand smoke causes cancer, there is no reason why non-smokers should be forced to take the risk. A. which B. that C. when D. where 2.The judges had different ideas about the results, so it was two hours before the results were___. A. declared B. announced C. let out D. cried out 3We must____ every penny we spend during a business trip. A. account for B. take on C. make up D. turn out 4.--When could you have a meal with me? ----I'd like to go whenever it is ___to you. A. convenient B. suit C. nice D. fit 5.I have the habit of keeping some candles in the house in case of power____. A. failure B. drop C. lack D .absence 6.In the ___of any evidence, the police had to let the thief go. A. absence B. lack C. presence D. form 7.They arrived to see that it had no suitable tires to ___with her car. A. agree B. match C. go D. deal 8.If you want to change for a double room, you’ll have to pay___150yuan. A. another B. other C. more D. every 9.Upon hearing the interesting story, everyone burst ___laughing. A. into B. out C. in D. on 10.I tried to phone her, but even as I___ ,she was still leaving the company. A. had phoned B. would phone C. have p honed D. was phoning 11.---Why didn't you help the girl? ----Oh sorry, She had struggled to her feet __I ran over. A. until B. after C. while D. before 12.___for the free tickets, I would not have gone to the concert. A. If it is not B. Had it not been C. Were it not D. If they were not 13.It's the love and responsibility that drive him to ___many hardships and survive. A. go through B. see through C. go over D. get over 14.Words___me when I wanted to thank her. I just choked. A. encourage B. failed C. lacked D. are short 15.She was reported by the hospital spokesman___ excellent progress. A. to make B. to be making C. to be made D. to have made 二:完形填空:(每题 2 分 共 40 分) Most worthwhile careers require some kind of specialized training. Ideally, therefore, the choice of an __36__ should be made even before choice of a curriculum in high school.


Actually, __37__, most people make several job choices during their working lives, __38__ because of economic and industrial changes and partly to improve __39__ position. The "one perfect job" does not exist. Young people should __40__ enter into a broad flexible training program that will __41__ them for a field of work rather than for a single __42__ .

One common mistake is choosing an occupation for __47__ real or imagined prestige (声望). Too many high-school students - or their parents for them - choose the professional field, __48__ both the relatively small percentage of workers in the professions and the extremely high educational and personal __49__. The imagined or real p re stige of a profession or a White-collar job is __50__ good reason for choosing it as life's work. __51__, these occupations are not always well paid. Since a large percentage of jobs are in mechanical and manual work, the __52__ of young peopl e should give serious __53__ to these fields. Before making an occupational choice, a person should have a general idea of what he wants __54__ life and how ha rd he is willing to work to get it. Some people desire social prestige, others intellectual satisfaction. Some want security; others are willing to take __55__ for financial gain. Each occupational choice has its demands as well as its rewards. 36. A. identification B. accommodation C. occupation D. entertainment 37. A. thereby B. however C. though D. therefore 38. A . thoroughly B. mainly C. entirely D. partly 39. A. its B. his C. their D. our 40. A. therefore B. since C. furthermore D. forever 41. A. fit B. make C. take D. leave 42. A. means B. job C. way D. company 43. A. to B. for C. with D. without 44. A. little B. few C. much D. a lot 45. A. chance B. purpose C. basis D. opportunity 46. A. apply B. appeal C. turn D. stick 47. A. its B. their C. your D. our 48. A. concerning B. following C. ignoring D. considering 49. A. preferences B. requirements C. tendencies D. ambitions 50. A. a B. any C. the D. no


51. A. Therefore 52. A. majority 53. A. proposal consideration 54. A. towards 55. A. turns

B. Moreover B. mass B. suggestion B. out of B. parts

C. Nevertheless C. minority C. approval C. against C. risks

D. However D. number D. D. without D. choices

BA 答案是 A 。A 用于宣战,议和,宣布开始 宣布结果 B.指的是宣布人们所关心或感兴趣的事情,尤 其指的是 新闻消息 48AAA 51--69 ACABA DBDBD 36-40 CBDCA 41-45 ABDAC 46-50 DACBD 51-55 BADBC




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