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用 of 、from ,in,on。填空 1.I withdrew a lot of money _____the ank yesterday. 2.I refuse to comment ____ his work. 3.The waiter ’s tip is included ______ the bill/ 4He congratulated me ______ havi

ng got engaged. 5.This warm coat will protect you ______the cold. 6.Did anything emerge _____your discussion? 7.I dreamt _______you last night. 8.You can never rely _____him to be punctual. 9.Nothing will prevent him _____succeeding . 10.Are you interested ______music? 11.I suppose Ican count _____you for help _____this matter? 12.Beware _______the dog. 13.H e persisted ________asking questions. 14.I insist ______your telling me the truth. 15.It took me a long time to get rid _____him. 16.Do you mean to say you have never heard

28.She often suffers _____colds. 29.We have embarked ______a new scheme. 30.I believe ______taking my time. 31.Jones was dismissed _____the firm. 32.They began by experimenting _____rats. 33.Please concentrate ______ what you are doing. 34.She prides herself ______her clean house. 35.The climber failed ________his attempt to reach the summit. 36.Many people escaped ______prisons during the last five years. 37.We must economize ______fuel. 38.He’s never done any work. He lives _____his mother. 39.He was employed _____a factory before he joined the army. 40.And what does this horrible drink consist_____? 41.I shall certainly act _____your advice. 42.Don’t write ______the desk! 43.You should not boast ______your success. 44.You must encourage him ______his efforts. 45.He should be instructed ______his duties. 46.Two or three people were involved _____smoking. 47.Children should be prohibited _______smoking. 48.I can assure you ______my support. 49.Do you approve ______hunting? 50.I despair _____ever teaching him 51.Has this play ever been performed _____the stage? 52.I warned him_____t he danger,but he wouldn’t listen to me. 53.How much have you borrowed _____me already? 54.He delights ______annoying me.

______Beethoven? 17.I separated them ___each other because they were fighting. 18.They can only cure him ______his illness if they operate _____him. 19.You can depend _____me. 20.I haven’t accused him _____anything, but I suspect him _____having takes it/ 21.Whatever mad you think ______such a thing? 22.We expect a great deal ______you ,Smith. 23.Wy hands smell _____soap. 24.They differ _____each other so much. 25.He invested a lot of money _____shipping. 26.The film was based _______a novel by Dickens. 27.Don’t lean ______ that shelf ! You’ll regret it.

高考英语介词最新考点训练100题_日语学习_外语学习_教育专区。高考英语介词最新考点...with D. in 22. We will never forget this historical lesson written ___...
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lesson22The Giant(1) 学案
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初二英语下学期lesson22试卷_从业资格考试_资格考试/...当 join 表示参加某项活动时后面跟介词 in . 例如...II.选择题: ()1.Which class was ___ in the...
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新概念第三册Lesson22 By heart
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Lesson22 一、 根据括号内的要求写出下列单词的正确形式 make(现在分词)___ post...(同义词) ___ mean (名词) ___ 二、用适当的介词填空 1. They put ...
新概念英语第三册笔记 Lesson 02 Thirteen equals one...(to 是介词) -- I am equal to running the ...4... 这道题考查的是时态问题。 B in the ...
lesson 22 by heart    lesson 22 第一册    新概念第二册lesson22    介词练习题    中考介词真题    小学介词练习题    英语介词练习题    方位介词练习题    

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