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新东方网络课堂-----------类比反义---------宋昊 1111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111 11111 1. SCHOOL: FISH: (A)posse:crowd (B)arrow:feathers (C)union:labor (D)flock:birds (E)stock:cattle 2. BIRD: SNARE: (A)lion:den (B)fish:seine (C)lamb:shears (D)scorpion:sting (E)lobster:claw 3. LISTEN: RECORDING: (A)carve:statue (B)reproduce:plan (C)review:book (D)frame:painting (E)view:photograph 4. REFLECTION: LIGHT: (A)emotion:feeling (B)echo:sound (C)film:scene (D)microphone:hearing (E)iris:vision 5. TORQUE: ROTATION: (A)centrifuge:axis (B)osmosis:membrane (C)traction:elongation (D)elasticity:variation (E)gas:propulsion 6. SUBSIDY: SUPPORT: (A)assistance:endowment (B)funds:fellowship (C)credit:payment

(D)debt:obligation (E)loan:note 7. ALCOVE: RECESS: (A)turret:chimney (B)dome:roof (C)column:entrance (D)foyer:ballroom (E)foundation:building 8. IRON: METAL: (A)granite:rock (B)fragment:block (C)mine:ore (D)shale:petroleum (E)glacier:mountain 9. INSECT: BUTTERFLY: (A)perfume:essence (B)botany:chrysanthemum (C)philosophy:metaphysics (D)pitch:black (E)color:brightness 10. CHOIR: SINGER:: (A) election: voter (B) anthology: poet (C) cast: actor (D) orchestra: composer (E) convention: speaker 11. STANZA: POEM:: (A) pirouette: ballet (B) rhyme: verse (C) duet: chorus (D) act: opera (E) mimicry: pantomime 12. BOUQUET: FLOWERS:: (A) forest: trees (B) husk: corn (C) mist: rain (D) woodpile: logs (E) drift: snow

13. SCALPEL: SURGEON:: (A) laser: agronomist (B) magnet: ecologist (C) syringe: geologist (D) telescope: astronomer (E) microscope: geometrician 14. HAMMER: CARPENTER:: (A) brick: mason (B) road: driver (C) kitchen: cook (D) letter: secretary (E) knife: butcher 15. SAW: CARPENTER:: (A) brush: painter (B) typewriter: author (C) trowel: bricklayer (D) wagon: farmer (E) scissors: tailor 16. MARTIAL: MILITARY:: (A) basic: simplistic (B) classic: musical (C) cosmic: planetary (D) runic: mysterious (E) endemic: patriotic 17. CHARY: CAUTION:: (A) circumspect: recklessness (B) imperturbable: composure (C) meticulous: resourcefulness (D) exigent: stability (E) fortuitous: pluck 18. DESPOTIC: TYRANNY:: (A) authoritarian: superiority (B) skillful: celebrity (C) generous: liberality (D) suspect: illegality (E) peaceful: benevolence 19.CONTIGUOUS: ABUT:: (A) possible: occur (B) simultaneous: coincide

(C) comprehensive: except (D) synthetic : create (E) constant : stabilize 20. GLARING: BRIGHT:: (A) iridescent: colorful (B) perceptible: visible (C) discordant: harmonious (D) peppery: salty (E) deafening: loud 21. TROUBLED: DISTRAUGHT:: (A) annoyed: disillusioned (B) disturbed: interrupted (C) covetous: rapacious (D) outmoded: ostentatious (E) tranquil: placid 22. FASCINATION: INTEREST:: (A) laughter: humor (B) adoration: fondness (C) loyalty: admiration (D) innocence: ignorance (E) violence: disaffection 23. ENTANGLE: INVOLVE:: (A) caution: fear (B) compel: force (C) grill: question (D) replicate: copy (E) waver: adhere 24. GARRULOUS: TALKATIVE:: (A) suspicious: unreliable (B) cantankerous: obtuse (C) cloying: sweet (D) reflective: insightful (E) prudent: indecisive 25.FRUGAL: MISERLY:: (A) confident : arrogant (B) courageous: pugnacious (C) famous: aggressive (D) rash: foolhardy (E) quiet: timid

26. ENVELOPE: LETTER:: (A) scarf: hat (B) box: bag (C) crate: produce (D) neck: head (E) blood: heart 27. LARDER: FOOD:: (A) depository : storage (B) terminal: aircraft (C) garage: mechanics (D) armory: munitions (E) factory: tools 28. FOLDER: PAPERS:: (A) drawer: clothing (B) recipe: ingredients (C) cubicle: partitions (D) suitcase: luggage (E) box: lid 29. REDOLENT: SMELL:: (A) curious: knowledge (B) lucid: sight (C) torpid: motion (D) ephemeral: touch (E) piquant: taste 30.FRENETIC: MOVEMENT:: (A) perceptive: analysis (B) effortless : expression (C) focused : thought (D) spontaneous: behavior (E) fanatical : belief 31. LACONIC: SPEECH:: (A) believable: excuse (B) unyielding: attitude (C) austere: design (D) somber: procession (E) gradual: transition 32. MERCURIAL: MOOD:: (A) energetic: delirium (B) jovial: conviviality

(C) fickle: affection (D) martial: anarchy (E) paranoid: suspicion keys: 1.D 2.B 3.E 4.B 5.C 6.D 7.B 8.A 9.C 10.C 11.C 12.D 13.D 14.E 15.E 16.D 17.B 18.C 19.B 20.E 21.C 22.B 23.C 24.C 25.A 26.C 27.D 28.A 29.E 30.E 31.C 32.C

2222222222222222222222222222222222 2222222222222222222222222222222222 222222 1. INFLATE: BURST: (A) atrophy:evaporate (B) pull:tear (C) expose:hide (D) excavate:increase (E) break:shatter 2.NUMB: INSENSIBLE: (A) reflect:luminous (B) burnish:lustrous (C) heckle:raucous (D) repulse:odious (E) braid:sinuous 3. EVAPORATE: VAPOR: (A) petrify:stone (B) centrifuge:liquid (C) saturate:fluid (D) corrode:acid (E) incinerate:fire 4. PEDIATRICS: CHILDREN: (A) dermatology:skin (B) pathology:medicine (C) meteorology:forecasts (D) neurology:psychologists (E) ecology:environmentalist

5. AESTHETICS: BEAUTY: (A) ethics:etiquette (B) epistemology:knowledge (C) logistics:truth (D) rhetoric:reasoning (E) theology:morals 6. PROCTOR: SUPERVISE: (A) prophet:rule (B) profiteer:consume (C) profligate:demand (D) prodigal:squander (E) prodigy:wonder 7. COWARD: CRAVEN: (A) liar:facetious (B) dupe:gullible (C) commentator:caustic (D) judge:impartial (E) criminal:hostile 8. SKIRMISH: INSIGNIFICANCE: (A) revolution:democracy (B) duel:formality (C) feud:impartiality (D) bout:sparring (E) crusade:remoteness 9. PEST: IRKSOME: (A) salesclerk:courteous (B) expert:proficient (C) enigma:unexpected (D) leader:nondescript (E) accuser:indicted 10. ANNOYING: GADFLY: (A) brave:underdog (B) conniving:killjoy (C) insipid:bungler (D) rude:churl (E) vicious:manipulator 11. COWARD: BRAVE: (A) hero:cynical (B) martyr:impatient

(C) philanthropist:selfish (D) agnostic:intuitive (E) traitor:careful 12. FAWN :IMPERIOUSNESS: (A) equivocate:directness (B) elaborate:originality (C) boggle:imagination (D) manipulate:repression (E) coddle:permissiveness 13. INSIPID:INVENTION: (A) ironic:gravity (B) realistic:originality (C) generic:artistry (D) foppish:affection (E) prosaic:imagination 14. AUDACIOUS: TREPIDATION: (A) refractory:intransigence (B) laconic:volubility (C) sordid:aspiration (D) cursory:accumulation (E) derisive:subordination 15. PURIFY: IMPERFECTION: (A) align:adjustment (B) weary:boredom (C) disagree:controversy (D) verify:doubtfulness (E) hone:sharpness 16. ANTIDOTE: POISON: (A) cure:recovery (B) narcotic:sleep (C) stimulant:relapse (D) tonic:lethargy (E) resuscitation:breathing 17. EMBELLISH: AUSTERE: (A) condense:illusive (B) alter:remarkable (C) train:clumsy (D) adulterate:pure (E) refine:unique

18. ANXIOUS: REASSURANCE: (A) resentful:gratitude (B) perplexed:clarification (C) inured:imagination (D) vociferous:suppression (E) abstemious:indulgence 19. PRATE: SPEAK: (A) digress:conclude (B) probe:examine (C) soar:travel (D) wheedle:coax (E) saunter:walk 20. TWIG: LIMB: (A) microbe:slide (B) galaxy:star (C) doggerel:poetry (D) plant:root (E) brook:river 21. DOGGEREL: VERSE: (A) burlesque:play (B) sketch:drawing (C) operetta:symphony (D) fable:narration 22. LOPE: RUN:: (A) uncover: lose (B) view: see (C) sigh: moan (D) chew: drink (E) drawl: speak 23. BABBLE: TALK:: (A) chisel: sculpt (B) harmonize: sing (C) scribble: write (D) hint: imply (E) quibble: elude 24.MINUTIA: DETAILS:: (A) data : hypotheses (B) research : findings (C) approximations: calculations

(D) queries : answers (E) quibbles: objections 25. EMBRACE: AFFECTION:: (A) jeer: sullenness (B) glower: ridicule (C) frown: displeasure (D) cooperation: respect (E) flattery: love 26. PREEN: SELF-SATISFACTION:: (A) fume: anger (B) inhibit: spontaneity (C) regret: guilt (D) resent: cooperation (E) brood: resolution 27. REDOUBTABLE: AWE:: (A) tart: pungency (B) tacit: solitude (C) despicable: contempt (D) engrossing: obliviousness (E) venerable: renown 28. APOLOGIZE: CONTRITE:: (A) aggravate: contemptuous (B) endorse: esteemed (C) extenuate: guilty (D) compliment: impressed (E) rationalize: modest 29.SEDATIVE: DROWSINESS:: (A) epidemic: contagiousness (B) vaccine : virus (C) laxative: drug (D) anesthetic: numbness (E) therapy: psychosis 答案:1.B 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.B 6.D 7.B 8.B 9.B 10.D 11.C 12.A 13.E 14.B 15.D 16.D 17.D 18.B 19.E 20.E 21.A 22.E 23.C 24.E 25.C 26.A 27.C 28.D 29.D


3333333333333333333333333333333333 3333333 1. FLAG: VIGOR: (A) endure: courage (B) tire: monotony (C) question: perception (D) waver: resolution (E) flatter: charm 2. FLIP: RESPECT:: (A) curt : ignorance (B) bleak: firmness (C) wry: humor (D) nonchalant: concern (E) rash: promptness 3.MELODRAMA: SUBTLETY:: (A) chimera : authenticity (B) parody: wit (C) war: strategy (D) brief: abstract (E) hypothesis : theory 4. ASTROLOGY: ASTRONOMY:: (A) alchemy: chemistry (B) homeopathy: zoology (C) mythology: classics (D) pedagogy: philosophy (E) phenomenology: linguistics 5. MASK : FACE:: (A) pseudonym: name (B) caricature : likeness (C) forgery: imitation (D) disguise: detective (E) code: agent 6. SHARD: POTTERY:: (A) flint: stone (B) flange: wheel (C) cinder: coal (D) fragment: bone (E) tare: grain

7.PROLOGUE: NOVEL:: (A) preamble: statute (B) sketch : drawing (C) movement: symphony (D) index: book (E) blueprint: building 8. PERORATION: SPEECH: (A) tempo:movement (B) figure:portrait (C) light:shadow (D) verse:stanza (E) coda:sonata 9. SOLILOQUY: PLAY: (A) violin:concerto (B) overture:musical (C) duet:ensemble (D) lyric:poem (E) aria:opera 10. INVINCIBLE: SUBDUED: (A) inconsistent:expressed (B) impervious:damaged (C) imprudent:enacted (D) bolted:separated (E) expressive:bought 11. IMPLACABLE: APPEASE: (A) impregnable:defy (B) inconsistent:persuade (C) indomitable:subdue (D) imperturbable:mollify (E) intractable:understand 12. MAVERICK: CONFORMITY: (A) renegade:ambition (B) extrovert:reserve (C) reprobate:humility (D) zealot:loyalty (E) strategist:decisiveness 13. COUNTENANCE: TOLERATION: (A) defer:ignorance (B) renounce:mistrust

(C) encroach:jealousy (D) demur:objection (E) reject:disappointment 14. COMPLAIN: CARP: (A) supply:donate (B) argue:debate (C) grumble:accuse (D) drink:guzzle (E) pacify:intervene 15. MERCENARY: MONEY: (A) vindictive: revenge (B) scholarly: library (C) immaculate: cleanliness (D) thirsty: water (E) belligerent : invasion 16. ASSUAGE: SORROW: (A) retaliate: antipathy (B) dampen: ardor (C) entrust: reliability (D) counsel: reluctance (E) withhold: appreciation 17. OVERDOSE: PRESCRIPTION: (A) deprivation: materialism (B) indiscretion: convention (C) affliction: sympathy (D) adventure: expedition (E) drug: medicine 18. HAMMER: ANVIL: (A) knocker: door (B) stick: gong (C) hand: drum (D) pestle: mortar (E) gavel: lectern 19. CLOT: DISSOLVED: (A) enthusiast: influenced (B) cartoon: distorted (C) crowd: dispersed (D) chain: disengaged (E) disciple: inspired

答案:1.D 2.D 3.A 4.A 5.A 6.D 7.A 8.E 9.E 10.B 11.C 12.B 13.D 14.D 15.A 16.B 17.B 18.D 19.C

4444444444444444444444444444444444 4444444444444444444444444444444444 4444444444 1. GLOSSARY: TEXT: (A) bibliography:source (B) abstract:dissertation (C) legend:map (D) index:catalog (E) abbreviation: footnote 2. ATTENTIVE: OFFICIOUS: (A) doubtful: ambiguous (B) absorbed: engrossed (C) refined: snobbish (D) magisterial: authoritative (E) impromptu: spontaneous 3. BLANDISHIMENT: COAX: (A) medal: honor (B) budget: save (C) diary: reminisce (D) concert: play (E) plea: threaten 4. FIRE: INFERNO: (A) speech: shout (B) wind: temperature (C) storm: hurricane (D) whale: minnow (E) plant: flower 5. HOAX: DECEIVE: (A) scandal: vilify (B) lottery: disburse (C) gimmick: wheedle (D) filibuster: delay (E) boast: cajole

6. BALLAST: INSTABILITY: (A) buoy: direction (B) purchase: slippage (C) lathe: metal (D) pulley: leverage (E) hoist: elevator 7. MITIGATE: SEVERE: (A) compile: available (B) restore: new (C) contribute: charitable (D) venerate: reverent (E) qualify: general 8. SYLLABUS: COURSE: (A) rules: jury (B) map: destination (C) recipe: ingredients (D) appetizer: meal (E) agenda: meeting 9. DROLL: LAUGH: (A) grisly: flinch (B) bland: tire (C) shrill: shriek (D) coy: falter (E) wily: smirk 10. SCOOP: CONCAVE: (A) tongs: hollow (B) spatula: flat (C) beater: tined (D) cleaver: indented (E) skewer: rounded 11. SYMBOLS: REBUS: (A) notes: score (B) military: insignia (C) proportions: recipe (D) program: computer (E) silversmith: hallmark 12. INTERREGNUM: GOVERNMENT: (A) splice: rope (B) cleavage: crystal

(C) infraction: law (D) frequency: wave (E) hibernation: activity 13. PERNICIOUS: INJURE: (A) officious: deny (B) propitious: conjure (C) audacious: allude (D) avaricious: dispel (E) disingenuous: mislead 14. AMORPHOUSNESS: DEFINITION: (A) lassitude: energy(B) spontaneity: awareness (C) angularity: intricacy (D) rectitude: drabness (E) precision: uniformity 15. EQUIVOCATE: COMMITMENT: (A) procrastinate: action (B) implicate: exposition (C) expostulate: confusion (D) corroborate: falsification (E) fabricate: explanation 16. GADGETS: TOOLS: (A) blankets: linen (B) leaflets: posters (C) trinkets: jewelry (D) sockets: bulbs (E) ringlets: hair 17. PECCADILLO: SIN: (A) provocation: instigation (B) anxiety: fear (C) perjury: corruption (D) penury: poverty (E) admonishment: castigation 18. EPITAPH: TOMBSTONE: (A) pedestal: statue (B) prologue: play (C) melody: song (D) salutation: letter (E) motto: shield

19. EGG: GHICKEN: (A) pearl: oyster (B) roe: salmon (C) shell: clam (D) skin: shark (E) tusk: walrus 20. PORTFOLIO: SECURITILES: (A) assessment: taxes (B) computer: programs (C) insurance: risks (D) resume: careers (E) dossier: reports 21. CLAY: PORCELAIN: (A) glass: china (B) fire: ash (C) slag: iron (D) flax: linen (E) sand: sediment 22. MATRIX: NUMBERS: (A) gas: molecules (B) volume: liquid (C) crystal: atoms (D) interaction: reagents (E) stratum: layer 23. PARQUET: WOOD: (A) potpourri: medley (B) collage: tapestry (C) color: painting (D) linoleum: marble (E) mosaic: glass 答案: 1.C 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.D 6.B 7.E 8.E 9.A 10.B 11.A 12.A 13.E 14.A 15.A 16.C 17.E 18.E 19.B 20.E 21.D 22.C 23.E

1. CORNUCOPIA: ABUNDANCE: (A) fortune: success (B) mace: authority (C) ensign: ship (D) unicorn: myth (E) medal: badge 2. LURK: WAIT: (A) abscond: depart (B) bilk: cheat (C) topple: stabilize (E) deplete: drain (D) boost: elevate 3. INTERESTED: AGOG: (A) persistent: daunted (B) careful: meticulous (C) curious: questioning (D) blithe: willful (E) occupied: engaged 4. DOGMA: ICONOCLAST: (A) authority: subordinate (B) patriotism: coward (C) ideology: rebel (D) responsibility: renegade (E) convention: maverick 5. MALAPROPISM: VERBAL: (A) heresy: moral (B) hoax: cognitive (C) gaffe: social (D) feint: martial (E) perjury: legislative 6. CENSUS: POPULATION: (A) itinerary: journeys (B) inventory: merchandise (C) roster: audience (D) slate: incumbents (E) manifest: debts 7. STREAM: EDDY: (A) trend: anomaly

5555555555555555555555555555555555 5555555555555555555555555555555555 5555555

(B) shove: punch (C) assault: defeat (D) force: motion (E) illness: symptom 8. TACT: OFFENSIVE: (A) manners: sincere (B) money: poor (C) speech: illiterate (D) wine: sober (E) friends:cheerful 9. ANOMALY: PARADIGMATIC: (A) membrane: impenetrable (B) weakness: durable (C) blemish: flawless (D) fallacy: convincing (E) liability: solvent 10. TERSENESS: SUPERFLUOUS: (A) randomness: observable (B) elegance: simple (C) arbitrariness: just (D) spontaneity: studied (E) flexibility: stable 11. JUGGERNAUT: CRUSH: (A) quisling: betray (B) incubus: hatch (C) sphinx: destroy (D) sibyl: mislead (E) paragon: purify 12. VERNACULAR: PLACE: (A) landmark: tradition (B) code: solution (C) fingerprint: identify (D) symptom: disease (E) jargon: profession 13. UNDERSTUDY: STAR: (A) patient: surgeon (B) deputy: sheriff (C) secretary: executive

(D) clerk: judge (E) groom: jockey 14. INSULIN: PANCREAS: (A) bile: liver (B) menthol: eucalyptus (C) oxygen: heart (D) honey: bee (E) vanilla: bean 15. TALON: EAGLE: (A) fang: snake (B) hoof: horse (C) quill: porcupine (D) tusk: elephant (E) claw: panther 16. DEMUR: QUALMS: (A) placate: pique (B) obligate: benevolence (C) atrophy: rehabilitation (D) manipulate: experience (E) waver: irresoluteness 17. PHILOSOPHER: COGITATE: (A) linguist: prevaricate (B) politician: capitulate (C) scholar: extemporize (D) misanthrope: repeat (E) iconoclast: attack 18. SUFFOCATE: OXYGEN: (A) restrict: supplies (B) rob: money (C) inhibit: drives (D) imprison: freedom (E) starve: nutrients 19. RESOLUTENESS: WILL: (A) zeal: conviction (B) honor: restitution (C) esteem: adoration (D) anguish: hesitation

(E) sorrow: compassion 20. DIDACTIC: INSTRUCT: (A) pedantic: contend (B) comic: amuse (C) theatrical: applaud (D) imperative: obey (E) rhetorical: recite 21. TENDER: ACCEPTANCE: (A) publish: wisdom (B) exhibit: inspection (C) scrutinize: foresight (D) authorize: approval (E) declare: observation 22. PLUTOCRACY: WEALTH: (A) democracy: freedom (B) aristocracy: land (C) gerontocracy: age (D) technocracy: ability (E) autocracy: birth 23. GRAZING: FORAGERS: (A) skipping: readers (B) strolling: prisoners (C) weeding: gardeners (D) stalking: hunters (E) resting: pickers 24. PERTINENT: RELEVANCE: (A) insistent: rudeness (B) benevolent: perfection (C) redundant: superfluity (D) prevalent: universality (E) aberrant: uniqueness 25. ASSERT: BELABOR: (A) tend: fuss (B) refine: temper (C) describe: demean (D) resemble: portray (E) contaminate: purge

26. TRANSGRESSION: MORALITY: (A) mistake: probity (B) invitation: hospitality (C) gift: generosity (D) presumption: propriety (E) misconception: curiosity 答案: 1.B 2.A 3.B 4.E 5.C 6.B 7.A 8.B 9.C 10.D 11.A 12.E 13.B 14.A 15.E 16.E 17.E 18.E 19.A 20.B 21.B 22.C 23.D 24.C 25.A 26.D

6666666666666666666666666666666666 6666666666666666666666666666666666 6666666666 1. SNUB: DISDAIN: (A) forsake: desertion (B) condemn: exasperation (C) incense: tact (D) double-cross: disloyalty (E) lampoon: respect 2. LIKEN: SIMILARITY: (A) classify: hierarchy (B) hesitate: reluctance (C) discriminate: difference (D) argue: debate (E) vacillate: decision 3. NEPOTISM: RELATIVE: (A) cronyism: friend (B) elitism: leader (C) narcissism: self (D) recidivism: criminal (E) jingoism: patriot 4. ORATION: HEARD: (A) epic: revised (B) ballet: appreciated

(C) poem: analyzed (D) movie: directed (E) novel: read 5. DOSE: MEDICINE: (A) current: river (B) electricity: shock (C) tremor: earthquake (D) sentence: punishment (E) tempo: music 6. INDECIPHERABLE: DECODED: (A) indecisive: advise (B) insensitive: criticized (C) unlawful: apprehended (D) unimaginative: stimulated (E) unmanageable: controlled 7. GRATING: SOUND: (A) dysfunctional: design (B) fetid: smell (C) piquant: flavor (D) asymmetrical: shape (E) numb: sensation 8. HEDONISTIC: PLEASURE: (A) narcissistic: self (B) aesthetic: love (C) laconic: words (D) democratic: justice (E) pragmatic: intellect 9. SYCOPHANT: FLATTERY: (A) extortionist: intimidation (B) champion: dispiritedness (C) arsonist: retribution (D) sociopath: nonconformity (E) intellectual: speciousness 10. THEATER: PERFORMANCE: (A) kitchen: food (B) movie: acting (C) market: commerce (D) raft: swimming (E) family: outing

11. ASCETIC: LUXURY: (A) pauper: wealth (B) prisoner: liberty (C) beggar: food (D) teetotaler: alcohol (E) novice: experience 12. DRAW: DOODLE: (A) talk: whisper (B) travel: ramble (C) run: walk (D) calculate: add (E) eat: gobble 13. CHUCKLE: LAUGHING: (A) uproar: shouting (B) whisper: speaking (C) hum: whistling (D) lecture: conversing (E) murmur: mimicking 14. EPHEMERAL: ENDURE: (A) insensitive: cooperate (B) infirm: react (C) ineffectual: proceed (D) inelastic: stretch (E) inflammable: ignite 15. ROSTRUM: ORATOR: (A) stage: audience (B) bench: judge (C) shelf: clerk (D) municipality: citizen (E) crosswalk: pedestrian 16. TEDIOUS: ENERGY: (A) avaricious: satisfaction (B) fractious: irritation (C) disturbing: composure (D) improbable: ambition (E) informed: intelligence 17. GRACEFUL: MOVEMENT: (A) euphonious: sound (B) forbidding: countenance

(C) ephemeral: duration (D) melodramatic: emotion (E) vibrant: color 18. BRAVURA: PERFOMANCE: (A) extravagant: expenditure (B) elaborate: oration (C) foreseeable: outcome (D) thorough: analysis (E) resplendent: appearance 19. BADGER: BOTHER: (A) persecute: injure (B) haunt: remember (C) belabor: mention (D) quibble: argue (E) censure: evaluate 20. CONGRUENT: DIMENSIONS: (A) convenient: time (B) coordinate: axis (C) conglomerate: part (D) coincident: chance (E) coeval: age 21. INTERVIEW: APPLICANT: (A) recital: pianist (B) exercise: athlete (C) audition: actor (D) manuscript: writer (E) flight plan: pilot 22. BIGOT: TOLERANCE: (A) scoundrel:misdeed (B) liar:honesty (C) brat:annoyance (D) outcast:respect (E) snitch:information 23. IMPROVEMENTS: MASTERY: (A) efforts: exertion (B) savings: wealth (C) performance: talent (D) practice: intention (E) diversification: proficiency

24. DILETTANTE: SUPERFICIALITY: (A) partisan: bias (B) crusader: passivity (C) libertarian: authority (D) champion: restlessness (E) sage: argumentativeness 25. WINNOW: CHAFF: (A) ferment: alcohol (B) skim: cream (C) pare: fruit (D) refine: oil (E) filter: impurities 26. REVISE: MANUSCRIPT: (A) retouch: picture (B) replicate: experiment (C) repair: hammer (D) replace: book (E) restore: masterpiece 27. PROFLIGATE: SOLVENT: (A) mercurial: committed (B) caustic: rational (C) indecisive: confused (D) cautious: uncertain (E) practical: seemly 答案: 1.D 2.C 3.A 4.D 5.D 6.E 7.B 8.A 9.A 10.C 11.D 12.B 13.B 14.D 15.B 16.C 17.A 18.E 19.A 20.E 21.C 22.B 23.B 24.A 25.E 26.A 27.A

7777777777777777777777777777777777 7777777777777777777777777777777777 7777777777 1. PLACEBO: INNOCUOUS: (A) antiliotic: viral (B) vapor: opaque (C) salve: unctuous (D) anesthetic: astringent (E) vitamin: synthetic

2. DISSEMINATION: INFORMATION: (A) amend: testimony (B) analyze: evidence (C) investigate: crime (D) prevaricate: confirmation (E) foment: discontentment 3. CRAVEN: HEROIC: (A) unruly: energetic (B) listless: attractive (C) volatile: constant (D) deft: trifling (E) awkward: amusing 4. FILLY: HORSE: (A) antennae: butterfly (B) pullet: chicken (C) gaggle: goose (D) duck: drake (E) wasp: bee 5. VAGARY: PREDICT: (A) quotation: misdirect (B) investigation: confirm (C) stamina: deplete (D) turbulence: upset (E) impossibility: exe 6 EQUIVOCATION: MISLEADING: (A) mitigation:severe (B) advice:peremptory (C) bromide:hackneyed (D) precept:obedient (E) explanation:unintelligible 7. CENSORSHIP: COMMUNICATION: (A) propaganda: ideology (B) preservative: decay (C) revision: accuracy (D) rest: atrophy (E) exercise: fitness 8. DISABUSE: FALLACY: (A) cure: disease (B) persevere: dereliction

(C) belittle: imperfection (D) discredit: reputation (E) discern: discrimination 9. ILLITERACY: EDUCATION: (A) bureaucracy: clarification (B) oppression: agreement (C) vagrancy:travel (D) inequity: redistribution (E) inclemency: evasion 10. MALLEABLE: SHAPE: (A) apathetic: emotion (B) irresolute: opinion (C) demonstrable: evidence (D) irredeemable: value (E) gustatory: taste 11. MASK: FACE (A) pseudonym: name (B) caricature: likeness (C) forgery: imitation (D) disguise: detective (E) code: agent 12. INCORRIGIBLE: REFORMED: (A) inscrutable:understood (B) infallible: believed (C) inferior: defeated (D) ingenious: copied (E) infamous: condemned 13. MAGAZINE: PERIODICAL: (A) newspaper: edition (B) mystery: fiction (C) volume: encyclopedia (D) chapter: book (E) article: journal 14. FRANK: SECRETIVENESS: (A) honest: theft (B) transparent: light (C) free: autocracy (D) callow: maturity (E) confident: intrepidness

15. TACITURN: CHATTER: (A) covert: detect (B) dissolute: exhaust (C) secretive: examine (D) insufferable: tolerate (E) magnanimous: begrudge 16. YOKEL: SOPHISTICATION: (A) nomad : direction (B) huckster:salesmanship (C) extrovert: pragmatism (D) coward: courage (E) gambler: luck 17. SMUGGLER: IMPORT: (A) lobbyist: convince (B) analyst: inform (C) embezzler: appropriate (D) theorist: postulate (E) witness: incriminate 18. DITTY: ORATORIO: (A) satire: parody (B) libretto: opera (C) anecdote: novel (D) fresco: panorama (E) sonnet: madrigal 19. FRIEZE: BUILDING: (A) illumination: manuscript (B) roof: foundation (C) shading: drawing (D) column: pillar (E) melody: rhythm 20. MOTIVE: DEED: (A) goal:need (B) means:method (C) regret:retribution (D) doubt:question (E) hope:fulfillment 21. DIARY:BIOGRAPHER: (A) cards:dealer (B) scripture:theologian

(C) notebook: stenographer (D) caption: cartoonist (E) primer: teacher 22. TINT: SUFFUSE: (A) ponder:yearn (B) regret:undo (C) damp:quench (D) shroud:screen (E) amble:wander 23. RECALCITRANT: AUTHORITY: (A) implacable:conciliation (B) remorseful:recompense (C) indomitable:challenge (D) insubordinate:camaraderie (E) enthusiastic:opportunity 24. DISPERSE: RECONVENE: (A) believe:persuade (B) explain:understand (C) tell:know (D) dismiss:reinstate (E) increase:recombine 25. CAVERN: SPELUNKER: (A) wood:carpenter (B) horse:jockey (C) machine:mechanic (D) star:astronomer (E) ocean: diver 26. DIGRESSIVE: STATEMENT: (A) connotative:definition (B) slanderous:slur (C) tangential:presupposition (D) biased:opinion (E) circuitous:route 27. NONCONFORMIST: NORM: (A) pessimist:rule (B) extremist:conviction (C) criminal:motive (D) deviant:dogma (E) heretic:orthodoxy

答案: 1.C 2.E 3.C 4.B 5.E 6.C 7.B 8.A 9.D 10.B 11.A 12.A 13.B 14.D 15.E 16.D 17.C 18.C 19.A 20.D 21.B 22.C 23.A 24.D 25.E 26.E 27.E

6. NADIR: (A)immobile object (B)uniform measurement (C)extreme distance (D)topmost point (E)regular phenomenon 7. METAMORPHOSE: (A)move ahead (B)remain unaltered (C)descend slowly (D)examine in haste (E)prepare in advance 8. METAMORPHOSE: (A)relief from strain (B)continuation without change (C)cyclical motion (D)dogmatic persistence (E)varied activity 9. RAVE: (A)flak (B)flop (C)cant (D)pan (E)snub 10. FULMINATION: (A)repetition (B)addition (C)ratification (D)praise (E)escape 11. APPROBATION: (A)disinclination (B)stagnation (C)condemnation (D)false allegation (E)immediate repulsion 12. LURCH: (A)divide equally (B)relate dishonestly

8888888888888888888888888888888888 8888888888888888888888888888888888 8888888888888 1. ANCHOR: (A)unwind (B)unbend (C)disjoin (D)disrupt (E)dislodge 2. ORIENT: (A)hasten (B)defile (C)menace (D)confuse (E)decline 3. GIST: (A)tangential point (B)tentative explanation (C)faulty assumption (D)flawed argument (E)meaningless distinction 4. GIST: (A)artificial manner (B)trivial point (C)informal procedure (D)eccentric method (E)singular event 5. ZENITH: (A)shortest line (B)furthest edge (C)lowest point (D)roughest curve

(C)formulate hypothetically (D)progress smoothly (E)accomplish handily 13. LUMBER: (A)align (B)squelch (C)swerve (D)resist (E)glide 14. GAMBOL: (A)admit (B)plod (C)ruin (D)follow (E)fret 15. CADGE: (A)conceal (B)influence (C)reserve (D)earn (E)favor 16. INVEIGLE: (A)display openly (B)request directly (C)initiate willingly (D)advocate strongly (E)contribute lavishly 17. SUPPLICATE: (A)misrepresent (B)demand (C)evade (D)vacillate (E)discourage 18. GRIEVOUS: (A)slight (B)stereotyped (C)solicitous (D)sophisticate (E)sparkling

19. PRODIGIOUS: (A)implicit (B)slight (C)constant (D)unnecessary (E)premature 20. INCHOATE: (A)explicit (B)dependable (C)pragmatic (D)therapeutic (E)enduring 21. NASCENT: (A)widely displaced (B)completely clear (C)totally natural (D)strongly contrary (E)fully established 22. INCIPIENT: (A)exuberant (B)full-bodied (C)explicit (D)plentiful (E)full-blown 23. SUBLIMINAL: (A)adroit (B)gentle (C)downcast (D)able to be manipulated (E)at a perceptible level 24. RAZE: (A)build (B)strengthen (C)impede (D)refurbish (E)stabilize 25. BUCOLIC: (A)cynical (B)cultivated

(C)mythical (D)urban (E)gentle 26. IMMEDIATE: (A)complex (B)limited (C)future (D)multiple (E)tiring 27. PROLOGUE: (A)soliloquy (B)trilogy (C)analogue (D)dialogue (E)epilogue 28. CODA: (A)prelude (B)crescendo (C)solo (D)refrain (E)improvisation 29. PRECURSORY: (A)derivative (B)ephemeral (C)original (D)essential (E)solid 30.RESCIND: LAW:: (A) postpone: performance (B) withdraw: candidacy (C) default: debt (D) demote: hierarchy (E) retire: position 31.ALCHEMY: SCIENCE:: (A) sideshow: carnival (B) forgery: imitation (C) burlesque: comedy (D) ploy: tactic (E) nostrum: remedy

32. EXHORT: SUGGEST:: (A) crave: accept (B) goad: direct (C) instruct: teach (D) tamper: adjust (E) conspire: plan 33. MAIL: MAILBOX:: (A) medicine: treatment (B) laundry: hamper (C) gasoline: pump (D) coat: factory (E) toothpaste: cleanliness 34. INDULGE: ASCETIC:: (A) adapt: mutineer (B) sacrifice: politician (C) restrain: libertine (D) defy: traitor (E) stint: benefactor 35. STICKLER: APPROXIMATION:: (A) leader: guidance (B) connoisseur: anachronism (C) sluggard: indolence (D) purist: adulteration (E) scientist: theorizing 36 ANECDOTE: AMUSEMENT:: (A) parable: brevity (B) lecture: instruction (C) harangue: complacency (D) caption: illustration (E) slogan: repetition sh_2 37. COMMAND: ENTREATY:: (A) threat: antagonism (B) reproach: fault (C) spat: quarrel (D) snare: entrapment (E) goad: enticement 38. GRANDSTAND: IMPRESS:: (A) patronize: alienate

(B) hedge: reveal (C) equivocate: deceive (D) presume: disprove (E) upbraid: dislike 39. HISS : SIBILANT:: (A) staccato: regular (B) moan : stressful (C) yell: sensible (D) drone: monotonous (E) screech : nonverbal 40.INSECT: PESTICIDE:: (A) antiseptic: germicide (B) preservative: fungicide (C) plant: herbicide (D) blood: coagulant (E) skin: astringent 41. MOSAIC: CERAMIC:: (A) sculpture: gallery (B) song: note (C) painting: brush (D) patchwork: cloth (E) seam: stitch 42. FOOT: PERAMBULATE:: (A) nose: pry (B) archive: accumulate (C) text: cite (D) door: shut (E) eye: observe 43. AGRARIAN: FARMING:: (A) urban: society (B) mercantile: trade (C) nautical: sailor (D) pastoral: pasture (E) global : region 44. GULLIBLE: CHICANERY:: (A) servile: domination (B) provincial: cosmopolitanism (C) adventurous: timidity

(D) hypochondriacal: infection (E) placid: deliberation

答案: 1.E 2.D 3.A 4.B 5.D 6.D 7.B 8.B 9.D 10.D 11.C 12.D 13.E 14.B 15.D 16.B 17.B 18.A 19.B 20.A 21.E 22.E 23.A 24.A 25.D 26.C 27.E 28.A 29.A 30.B 31.E 32.B 33.B 34.C 35.D 36.B 37.E 38.C 39.D 40.C 41.D 42.E 43.B 44.A

9999999999999999999999999999999999 9999999999999999999999999999999999 999999999 1. INEVITABLE: CHANCE:: (A) absolute: variability (B) candid: openness (C) certain: regularity (D) relaxed: diligence (E) sincere: hesitancy 2. SYNONYMOUS: MEANING:: (A) interchangeable: function (B) equivocal: interpretation (C) coincidental: cause (D) ambidextrous: skill (E) bilingual: language 3. PORTRAIT: PAINTING:: (A) ballet: music (B) meter: poetry (C) solo: ensemble (D) biography: history (E) documentary: event 4. REPROVE: REPRIMAND:: (A) blame: censure (B) control : contain (C) persuade : convince (D) thwart : confront (E) inconvenience : effect

5. FLUENT: GLIB:: (A) meticulous: finicky (B) dedicated: steadfast (C) humorous: wry (D) miserly: altruistic (E) wise: impartial 6. GRAMMAR: LANGUAGE:: (A) pitch: music (B) protocol: conduct (C) stanza: poetry (D) revision : speech (E) oratory: ceremony

(B) canal: river (C) stratosphere: air (D) strait: water (E) tunnel: mountain 5. EMBARGO: COMMERCE:: (A) abstention: election (B) strike: lockout (C) boycott: development (D) quarantine: contact (E) blockade: port 6. DILATORY: PROCRASTINATE:: (A) recalcitrant: comply (B) malcontent: complain (C) ambivalent: decide (D) inept: modify (E) credulous: learn 7. NOMINAL: SIGNIFICANCE:: (A) titular: honor (B) ephemeral: brevity (C) divisible: continuity (D) anomalous: distinction (E) disjunctive: unity 8. PLAGIARISM: IDEAS:: (A) libel: words (B) forgery: documents (C) arson: buildings (D) kidnapping: ransom (E) rustling: cattle 9. POLITIC: OFFEND:: (A) distressing: terrify (B) aloof: associate (C) misunderstood: surmise (D) vacuous: deplete (E) trivial: bore 10. RECONSTITUTE: (A) detail (B) invent (C) spoil


十十十十十十十十十十十十十十十十十十 十十十十十十十十十十十十十十十十十十 1.WALLET: MONEY:: (A) bank: vault (B) suitcase: clothing (C) checkbook: balance (D) wealth: prestige (E) envelope: stamp 2. INSTRUMENTALIST: SYMPHONY:: (A) author: drama (B) photographer: cinema (C) composer: concerto (D) artist: painting (E) dancer: ballet 3. PLATEAU: CHANGE: (A) respite: activity (B) asylum: security (C) terminus: journey (D) interval: time (E) lull: rest 4. ISTHMUS: LAND:: (A) peninsula: island

(D) conform (E) dehydrate 11. TAME: (A) resolute (B) ruinous (C) racy (D) erratic (E) experienced 12. INDURATE: (A) soften (B) puncture (C) denude (D) immure (E) exchange

(E) accede: contentious 17. PONTIFICATE: SPEAK:: (A) indoctrinate: preach (B) impersonate: imitate (C) obey: listen (D) soar: fly (E) strut: walk 18. OFFICIOUS: MEDDLE:: (A) disaffected: rebel (B) bustling: excel (C) profligate: conserve (D) subservient: esteem (E) acrimonious: soothe 19. ATTENUATE: THICKNESS:: (A) separate: substance (B) ventilate: circulation (C) vaccinate: immunity (D) transfer: location (E) cool: temperature 20. CHAMPION: (A) emulate (B) disparage (C) compel (D) anticipate (E) disappoint 21. DECADENCE: (A) cheerfulness (B) promptness (C) cleanliness (D) wholesomeness (E) carefulness 22. IMPUGN: (A) rectify (B) classify (C) vindicate (D) mollify (E) chastise

13. FRIABLE: (A) not easily crumbled (B) not easily torn (C) not easily melted (D) not easily eroded (E) not easily punctured 14. AMBIGUOUS: UNDERSTAND:: (A) veracious: defend (B) blatant: ignore (C) prosaic: classify (D) arcane: conceal (E) plausible: believe 15. PRISTINE: DECAY:: (A) adequate: imprecision (B) stable: fluctuation (C) volatile: force (D) symmetric: flaw (E) valid: exception 16. DIGRESS: EXCURSIVE:: (A) improvise: studied (B) reiterate: redundant (C) excise: prolix (D) refute: plausible

23. BAIT: (A) perplex (B) disarm (C) delude (D) release (E) fortify 24. CATASTROPHE: MISHAP:: (A) prediction: recollection (B) contest: recognition (C) humiliation: embarrassment (D) reconciliation: solution (E) hurdle: challenge 25. DEPORTATION:COUNTRY:: (A) evacuation: shelter (B) abdication: throne (C) extradition: court (D) eviction: dwelling (E) debarkation: destination 26. .MAELSTROM:TURBULENT:: (A) stricture: imperative (B) mirage: illusory (C) antique: rare (D) myth: authentic (E) verdict: fair 27. ABSTEMIOUS: INDULGE:: (A) affectionate: embrace (B) austere: decorate (C) articulate: preach (D) argumentative: harangue (E) affable: jest 28. BLUSTERING: SPEAK:: (A) grimacing: smile (B) blinking: stare (C) slouching: sit (D) jeering: laugh (E) swaggering: walk 29. INDELIBLE: FORGET:: (A) lucid: comprehend

(B) astounding: expect (C) inconsequential: reduce (D) incorrigible: agree (E) fearsome: avoid

30. STARTLE: (A) appease (B) lull (C) reconcile (D) dally (E) slumber 31. RECIPROCATING: (A) releasing slowly (B) calculating approximately (C) accepting provisionally (D) moving unidirectionally (E) mixing thoroughly 32. TERROR: FEAR:: (A) craving: desire (B) inclination: liking (C) sympathy: empathy (D) urgency: lack (E) alibi: excuse

33. PESTLE: GRIND:: (A) scissors: sharpen (B) spice: flavor (C) spoon: stir (D) hammer: swing (E) fan: rotate 34. DISSEMBLE: HONESTY:: (A) smile: amiability (B) snub: politeness (C) disagree: error (D) flee: furtiveness (E) elate: exuberance 35. SYNOPSIS: CONCISENESS:: (A) distillate: purity

(B) mutation: viability (C) replication: precedence (D) illusion: quickness (E) icon: charity 36. MEDIATION : COMPROMISE:: (A) exclamation: remark (B) approbation: acclaim (C) election: legislation (D) prosecution: conviction (E) conclusion: evaluation 37. EQUIVOCATION: TRUTH (A) rhetoric: persuasion (B) obfuscation: clarity (C) metaphor: description (D) repetition: boredom (E) conciliation: appeasement 38. CRAVEN: ADMIRABLE:: (A) unruly: energetic (B) listless: attractive (C) deft: awkward (D) trifling: amusing (E) volatile: passionate 39. FLIPPANCY: (A) temperance (B) reliability (C) seriousness (D) inflexibility (E) reticence 40. BUNGLE: (A) bring off (B) bail out: (C) give in (D) pull through (E) put together 41.SERE: (A) lush (B) obstinate (C) immersed

(D) fortunate (E) antiquated 42. VACUOUS: (A) courteous (B) exhilarated (C) modest (D) intelligent (E) emergent 43. BOMBAST: (A) kindness (B) nonthreatening motion (C) great effort (D) down-to-earth language (E) good-natured approval 44. EXEMPT: LIABILITY:: (A) flout: authority (B) bestow: reward (C) permit: request (D) restrain: disorder (E) pardon: penalty 45. FULL-BODIED: FLAVOR:: (A) penetrating: vision (B) humorous: character (C) salacious: language (D) nostalgic: feeling (E) resonant: sound 46. LEGACY: PREDECESSOR:: (A) gift: donor (B) gratuity: service (C) contribution: charity (D) receipt: customer (E) loan: collector 47. HERO: ADMIRABLE:: (A) critic: capricious (B) braggart: surly (C) eccentric: unconventional (D) anarchist: powerful

(E) enemy: immoral 48. GALVANIZE: STIMULATE:: (A) agitate: occlude (B) incubate: humidify (C) sterilize: separate (D) irrigate: flush (E) purify: amalgamate 49. LOOSE: CONFINEMENT:: (A) forgive: injury (B) promulgate: rule (C) disabuse: misconception (D) redress: allegation (E) disengage: independence 50. BLANDISHMENT: COAX:: (A) prevarication: deceive (B) reverie: dream (C) persuasion: coerce (D) enticement: impoverish (E) explanation: mislead 51. CONVULSION: CONTRACTION:: (A) aggression: attack (B) sulkiness: punishment (C) persistence: acquiescence (D) frenzy: emotion (E) indifference: greeting 52. INTEGRAL: (A) profuse (B) superfluous (C) meritorious (D) neutral (E) displaced 53. FRIABLE: (A) substantial (B) inflexible (C) easily contained (D) slow to accelerate (E) not easily crumbled

54. DERACINATE: (A) illuminate (B) quench (C) amplify (D) polish (E) plant 55. FATIGUE: REST:: (A) gravity: weight (B) friction: heat (C) dehydration: water (D) dizziness: vertigo (E) radiation: light 56. RECYCLE: DISPOSAL:: (A) recommend: insistence (B) reciprocate: treatment (C) rehabilitate: demolition (D) attach: conquest (E) offer: sale 57. STOIC: PERTURB:: (A) perplexed: enlighten (B) nondescript: neglect (C) tranquil: pacify (D) avaricious: satisfy (E) daunting: bewilder 58. EXCULPATORY: ABSOLVE:: (A) motivational: stir (B) conventional: resist (C) rhetorical: speak (D) pedantic: learn (E) ponderous: choose 59. JOLT: MOVE:: (A) possess: acquire (B) arrive: remain (C) check: stop (D) spiral: turn (E) rattle: hear 60. GENIAL: (A) dyspeptic

(B) ceremonious (C) wistful (D) ravishing (E) variable 61. CONSTRUCT : REMODEL:: (A) exhibit : perform (B) compose : edit (C) demolish : repair (D) quantify : estimate (E) predict : assess 62. ILLUSTRATE : PICTURES:: (A) particularize : details (B) abridge : texts (C) parse : sentences (D) regularize : inconsistencies (E) economize: words 63. MIRTH : LAUGHTER:: (A) uncertainty : nod (B) approval : applause (C) danger : alarm (D) labor : sweat (E) love : respect 64. ABRADED : FRICTION:: (A) refined : combustion (B) attenuated : coagulation (C) diluted : immersion (D) strengthened : compression (E) desiccated : dehydration 65. NTTPICK : CRITICIZE:: (A) mock : imitate (B) complain : argue (C) interogate : probe (D) fret : vex (E) cavil : object 66. DEACTIVATE: (A) palpate (B) alleviate (C) inhale

(D) articulate (E) potentiate 67. DEFINITIVE: (A) prosaic (B) convoluted (C) unusual (D) provisional (E) vast 68. ANONYMOUS : IDENTIFY:: (A) nonchalant : excite (B) repressed : constrain (C) misled : trust (D) annoying : assist (E) unremarkable : please 69.EXEMPLARY: IMITATION:: (A) venerable : denigration (B) novel : duplication (C) redoubtable : regard (D) challenging : determination (E) creditable: verification 70. SUPERCILIOUS. (A) castigating (B) obsequious (C) reclusive (D) rambunctious (E) abrasive 71. AWASH: (A) fouled (B) quenched (C) rigid (D) dry (E) sturdy 72. BIBLIOPHILE : BOOKS:: (A) environmentalist : pollution (B) zoologist : animals (C) gourmet : food (D) calligrapher : handwriting

(E) aviator : aircraft 73. VOICE:SHOUT:: (A) ear : overhear (B) eye : see (C) hand : clutch (D) nerve : feel (E) nose : inhale 74. AMENITY : COMFORTABLE (A) tact : circumspect (B) nuisance : aggravated (C) honorarium :grateful (D) favorite : envious (E) lounge : patient 75. ADMONISH: DENOUNCE:: (A) challenge: overcome (B) reward: praise (C) control: contain (D) persuade: convince (E) punish: pillory 76. MARTINET: DISCIPLINE:: (A) illusionist: misdirection (B) dilettante: commitment (C) renegade: allegiance (D) pedant: learning (E) hack: writing 77. CATHOLIC: (A) narrow (B) soft (C) trivial (D) calm (E) quick



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