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2011年中考英语复习三年经典真题题库12 情态动词

温馨提示: 温馨提示: 滑动鼠标滚轴, 此题库为 word 版,请按住 ctrl,滑动鼠标滚轴,调节合适的观 滑动鼠标滚轴 看比例,点击右上角的关闭按钮可返回目录。 看比例,点击右上角的关闭按钮可返回目录。 中考题库 12 情态动词 选择题 1.(2010 .河北中考) —Do we have to finish our homework this afternoon? —Yes, you ________. A. must 【答案】A 2.(2010·娄底中考) —Must I be in hospital for a week, Doctor? ? —No, you A.mustn’t 【答案】B 3.(2010.盐城中考)The desk is not dirty.You_______clean it. A.mustn’t 【答案】C 4.(2010.内江中考)—What is your mother going to do this Saturday? --I’m not sure.She_____go to see my grandmother. A.can 【答案】C 5.(2010·潍坊中考)—Is Jessica giving us a speech this evening? --No, it ________be her. She________ to Japan. A.mustn’t ; has gone C.can’t ;has gone 【答案】C 6. (2010·南京中考)It’s the library! So you________ know shouting is not allowed here. A.can 【答案】B 7.(2010.衢州中考) Boys and girls . don’t forget your report . It ______ today . A. can’t finish B. can’t be finished B.must C.need D.may B.mustn’t ;has been D.can’t ;has been B.must C.may B.shouldn’t C.needn’t C.can’t . You can go back home tomorrow.? B.needn’t C. must? B. can C. may D. need

C. should finish 【答案】D

D. should be finished

8.(2010.无锡中考)—Mr Smith must have been to your home this morning. --No, he______ ,because he didn’t know my address. A.couldn’t 【答案】A 9.(2010·扬州中考)—Must I mop up the follr now? --No,you________. A.needn’t 【答案】A 10 (2010·成都中考)—The lake is said to be dry. Is that ture? --It _______.Look ,some kids are swimming in it. A. must be true 【答案】B 11. (2009·绍兴中考) –Another cup of coffee? -No, thanks. I _____ be off. Mary is waiting for me. A. can B. may C. must D. might B. can’t be true C. may not be true B.can’t C.shouldn’t D.mustn’t B.can’t C.mustn’t D.may not

【解析】选 C。考查情态动词 must 的用法。结合关键信息“Mary is waiting for me.”可知题意为“我必 须离开了”,故排除 A、B、D 三项,选 C。 12. (2009·阜康中考) -I’m a little tired. Let’s go to the zoo by taxi. -We A. can’t take a taxi. It’s not far from here. B. mustn’t C. couldn’t D. needn’t

【解析】选 D。四个选项都是情态动词的否定式,结合关键信息“It’s not far from here.”可知“我们不 必乘出租车”,故排除 A、B、C 三项,选 D。 13. (2009·绵阳中考) -Let’s go to the West Hill Park by taxi. -Oh, it is not far away from here. We _______take a taxi. A. couldn’t 【解析】选 C 14. (2009·宿迁中考) –Must I finish watering the flowers now? -No, you________. B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. can’t

A. must

B. won’t

C. needn’t

D. can’t

【解析】选 C。考查对 must 开头的一般疑问句的回答。以 must 开头的一般疑问句,作否定回答时 用情态动词 needn’t,故正确答案为 C。 15. (2009·江西中考) –Susan has bought a large house with a swimming pool. -It ______ be very expensive. I never even dream about it. A. must B. might C. can’t D. shouldn’t

【解析】选 A。考查情态动词 must 表示肯定的推测。结合关键信息“I never even dream about it.”可知 题意为“它肯定是非常贵的”,故排除 B、C、D 三项,选 A。 16. (2009·苏州中考) It is usually warm in my hometown in March, but it _______ be rather cold sometimes. A. must 【解析】选 B 17. (2009·泰安中考) -Listen! Is Professor Johnson giving a report in the hall? -No, it A. needn’t be him. He has gone to Japan. B. may not C. mustn’t D. can’t B. can C. should D. would

【解析】选 D。本题考查 can’t 表示否定的推测。四个选项都是情态动词的否定形式,分别意为“不 能;不可能”、“千万不能”、“应该”、“可以;可能”。结合关键信息“He has gone to Japan.”可知“他不 可能是约翰教授”应选 D。 18. (2009 重庆市) –Can you play the piano? -Yes, I _______. I often practice it on weekends. A. needn’t B. need C. can’t D. can

【解析】选 D。以 can 引导的一般疑问句再作肯定回答时还是用 can。 19. (2009·常州中考) -____________I borrow these magazines? -Sorry, only the magazines over there can be borrowed. A. Must 【解析】选 C 20. (2009·东营中考) If the traffic light is red, you ________ cross the road. It’s dangerous. A. don’t 【解析】选 C 21. (2009·武汉中考) -May I watch TV for a while? B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. wouldn’t B. Would C. May D. Need

-No, you _______. You have to finish your homework first. A. shouldn’t B. needn’t C. mustn’t D. won’t

【解析】选 C。对于情态动词 may 的一般疑问句的肯定回答为:Yes,you may / can . 否定回答为: No, you mustn’t. 22. (2009·北京市) -______ you swim? -Yes, but I’m not a good swimmer. A. Can B. May C. Need D. Must

【解析】选 A。考查情态动词 can 的用法。结合题意“你会游泳吗?”“是的,但是我不是一个好游泳 员”可排除 B、C、D 三项,选 A。 23. (2009·河南中考) -Excuse me, where are we going to have our class meeting? -I’m not sure. Ask our monitor, please. He A. can B. may C. need know. D. shall

【解析】选B。考查情态动词may表示推测。结合前句“I’m not sure. Ask our monitor, please.”可知题意 为“他可能知道(我们将在哪里开班会)”,故选B。may表示可能性的推测,常用在肯定句中。 24. (2009·山东中考) –How is your friend coming? -I’m not sure. He ______ drive here. A. may 【解析】选 A 25. (2008·长沙中考) -Is Lucy knocking at the door? -No. It ________ be Lucy. She is in Japan now. A. needn’t B. must C. can’t B. can C. must D. will

【解析】选 C。考查情态动词 can’t 表示推测的用法。can’t 表示否定的推测;must 表示肯定的推测。 由题意“不可能是露西,她现在在日本”可知应选 C。 26. (2008·苏州中考) We hope that as many people as possible ________ join us for the charity show tomorrow. A. need B. can C. must D. should

【解析】选 B。考查情态动词 can 的用法。as many people as possible can 意为“尽可能多的人”。 27. (2008·湖北中考) -Let’s go to the concert tonight, Michael! -Sorry, I _______. I have to help my mother with the housework A. mustn’t B. may not C. needn’t D. can’t

【解析】选 D。考查情态动词 can’t 的用法。由答语“我必须帮助我的母亲做家务”知“我不能去参加 音乐会”,故选 D。 28. (2008·河南中考) -Our class won the English speaking contest. -Congratulations! You _______ be very proud of it. A. can 【解析】选 D 29. (2008·南昌中考) If the traffic light is red, you ________ cross the road. It’s very dangerous. A. don’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. wouldn’t B. need C. would D. must

【解析】选 B。考查情态动词 mustn’t 的用法。mustn’t 意为“一定不能”,由“很危险”可知用 mustn’t, 故选 B。 30. (2008·咸宁中考) -The sports shoes must be Linda’s. -No, they ________ be. They’re too small for her. A. mustn’t 【解析】选 B 31. (2008·随州中考) -I have spent too much time playing computer games these days. -I think so. You _____ stop, for your study and your health. A. will B. must C. can D. may B. can’t C. may not D. might not

【解析】选 B。考查情态动词的 must 的用法。结合题中的关键信息“for your study and your health”可 排除 A、C、D 三项,故正确答案为 B。 32. (2008·芜湖中考) We ________ fight against pollution. A. may B. should C. mustn’t D. needn’t

【解析】选 B。考查情态动词 should 的用法。由常识可知“我们应该与污染作斗争”,故选 B。 33. (2008·山西中考) We _______ careful when we are walking across the road. There are too many vehicles now. A. can be 【解析】选 C 34. (2008·厦门中考) –I can’t give up smoking, doctor. -For your health, I’m afraid you ________. A. may B. can C. have to D. must B. may be C. must be

【解析】选 C。考查情态动词 have to 的用法。may 意为“可能、或许”,can 意为“能、会”,have to

意为“必须、不得不”,表客观要求,而 must 表主观愿望。根据题意“为了健康,你必须戒烟”可选 C。 35. (2008·安徽中考) –Is Mr. Brown driving here? -I’m not sure. He _______ come by train. A. may 【解析】选 A 36. (2008·北京中考) -_________ you speak Japanese? -No, I can’t. A. Can 【解析】选 A 37. (2008·北京朝阳区中考) -Dad, must I finish my homework today? -No, you ________. You may do it tomorrow. A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. don’t D. won’t B. Must C. May D. Should B. shall C. need D. must

【解析】选 A。对于以情态动词 must 提问的疑问句,否定回答要用“No, 主语+needn’t”,故由问句 中的 must 和答句中的 No 可选 A。 38. (2008·河北中考) Thomas, please be quiet. The others _______ hear very well. A. can’t 【解析】选 A 39. (2008·宁波中考) -You mean this CD ________ belong to Victor? -Yes, it has his name on it. A. must 【解析】选 B B. may C. might D. can B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t


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