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Class __________ Name __________ No. _____
单项选择: 1. The students union was founded for the______ of them. A. benefit B. advantage C. interest D. value 2. ----Igot more than 650 marks in the middle examination. ---- Congratulations! You are really clever. ----________! A. No, nothing B. Oh, thanks a lot C. Sometimes I’m clever D. My pleasure 3. I know little of my new neighbor____ he comes from the northwest of China. A. expect where B. besides that C. except for which D. except that 4. He, _____ in a poor family, became one of the greatest writers in the world. A. as born B. that is C. who is D. although born 5. One of the most famous tourist_____ in Oxford is Christ Church. A. views B. scenes C. sites D. sights 6. We should discuss the possible______ we can take of the present financial crisis. A. notice B. use C. advantage D. best 7. The price of cell phones _______ recently. A. has been raised B. has been risen C. has been fallen behind D. has been broken down 8. He visited the bookstore every week. He became such a ______ customer that the bookseller gave him some books as presents. A. common B. normal C. usual D. ordinary 9. You often say that everyone should be equal, and this is _____Idisagree. A. why B. where C. what D. how 10. The problem puzzled me so much that I stopped for a few seconds to try to_______. A. make it over B. make it off C. make it up D. make it out 11. No sound and no voice ______ for a while. A. have heard B. has heard C. has been heard D. have been heard 12. We need to take action instead of waiting here for problems . A.to solve B.to be solved C.solved D.being solved 13. A brilliant idea occurred to him, to his research in the lab. A.while devoting B.while devoting himself C.while he was devoted D.while devoted 14. Dry weather ______ the peasants’ harvest this year. A. has influenced B. has affected C. have effected D. have efforted 15. ---Excuse me, what time is it now? --- Sorry, my watch______. It____ at the shop. A. won’t work; is being repaired B. doesn’t work; is being repaired C. didn’t work; is repaired D. doesn’t work; is repaired

16. ----_____ would you like your coffee, black or white? --- Black, please. I always prefer coffee with nothing in. A. What B. Which C. / D. How 17.--- Hurry up. The bus is coming. --- Oh, no. We mustn’t cross the street the traffic lights are green. A.until B.since C.while D.after 18.I admired my classmate Lisa very much. her prettiness, she was smart and helpful. A.Apart from B.Except for C.But for D.In spite of 19.Since you have seen both fighters, will win? A.do you think who B.who you think C.who do you think that D.who do you think 20. Li Yuchun’s song was a______ at once and its recording tape rose to No.1 on the best seller list. A. shock B. strike C. hit D. beat 21. “Long time no see” is______ sort of informal. But it is part of _____language that Americans use daily. A. the; a B. a; the C. /; the D a; a 22. They had quarrelled all the time before they _____ their engagement. A. broke off B. broke through C. broke down D. broke out 23. _____ the Internet brings much profit in, it can cause o lot of social problem. A. If B. While C. Once D. When 24. Living in the central Australian desert has its problems,______ obtaining water is not the least. A. for which B. to which C. of which D. in which 25. With the influence of the financial crisis ,only two people came to look at the house,_____ wanted to buy it. A. neither of them B. both of them C. none of whom D. neither of whom 26. ----- What does Canada export? ---- A large quantity of wheat_____ sent away. A. is B. are C. have D. is being 27. ---- Have you seen your nephew lately? ---- Yes, in fact, I saw him yesterday. I ______ him for three years. A. haven’t seen B. didn’t see C. hadn’t seen D. don’t see 28. As they couldn’t satisfy my ____, I’m _____ .now. A. needs; starving B. need; starved C. needed; starvation D. needing; hunger 29. Suspecting the traveler of carrying drugs, the Customs official stopped him and ______his suitcase, but found nothing at all. A. looked up B. went through C. searched for D. referred to 30. ---- I’ve told Nancy many times about the meeting, but she still forget it! ---- I understand. Actually, anyone ______ be very forgetful at times. A. must B. should C. ought to D. can 31. They were so far away that I couldn't _____ their faces clearly. A. see through B. make up C. see off D. make out


32. Achieving a high degree of proficiency in English as a foreign language is not a mysterious _____ without scientific basis, is it? A. process B. practice C. procedure D. program 33. The child should be punished. You shouldn’t let him ______ telling lies. A. keep away from B. keep away with C. get away from D. get away with 34.--- What is the weather like tomorrow? --- The weather forecast says a big snowstorm is . A.hoped B.supposed C.expected D.announced 35. --- You don’t seem to enjoy your meal very much. --- Not really, I’m just______. A. on diets B. on a diet C. on the diet D. in a diet 36. ______ it is hoped that college students should be equipped with the ability to take a good set of notes, this is not always the case. A. When B. While C. As D. Unless 37. The job is great in terms of salary . It has its disadvantages, _______ . A. though B. however C. even D. therefore 38. She has a lot of bad habits ______. A. to get rid B. to get rid of C. to get away D. to get away from 39. How does she _____ herself now that she is free from work? A. devote B. spare C. spend D. occupy 40. The illness from which Mary is suffering has now been _____ as hepatitis (肝炎). A. diagnosed B. determined C. deduced D. discovered 41. In order to continue to learn by ourselves after leaving school, we must ______ learn how to study in the school now . A. after all B. in all C. above all D. first of all 42. ---- Can I pay the bill by check ? ---- Sorry, sir. But it is the management rules of our hotel that payment _____ be made in cash. A. shall B. can C. will D. may 43. ---- I heard that there were a lot of shouts and screams at yesterday’s party. It must have been terrible. ---- Oh, no. ________ , I enjoyed every minute. A. In the end B. As a result C. On the other hand D. On the contrary 44. In order to _____ the rising production costs, the subscription rates have been increased. A. add up to B. look up to C. come up with D. keep up with 45. Safety in school has been of great concern because of frequent reports about accidents _______ students got injured or killed while in school . A. that B. when C. in which D. for which 46. There are ______ to show that a new , different city is coming out of its dark past . A. signals B. marks C. signs D. symbols 47. ---- Bob failed in the exam again . ---- He _____ it ; he never worked hard . A. deserved B. succeeded C. missed D. considered

48. Bob Geldof, who organized Live Aid, ______ to raise money for the famine and it ______ to be a great success. A. intended; turned out B. tried; turned over C. hoped; turned in D. wished; turned up 49. It suddenly____ to me that the man might be the robber the police had been hunting for. A. occurred B. happened C. come about D. referred 50. I’m going to the supermarket this afternoon. Do you have anything____? A. bought B. to be bought C. for buying D. to buy


Keys to 高三总复习跟踪检测题(4)
1.【解析】A 考查名词义辨析。for the benefit of 为了----的利益;B 为优势;C 为兴趣;D 为价值均不合题意。 2.【解析】B 考查交际用语。回答祝贺、鼓励、赞赏意思的句子,以感谢来回答。A 表示 谦虚;D 表示别客气,用于对方表示感谢的用语。 3.【解析】D 考查介词辨析。依据句意表示的是不包括,排除 B;后面句子意思完整 except 后应用 that 4.【解析】D 考查省略句的用法。依据句意前后转折,因此应该是 although 的让步状语从句 的省略。 5.【解析】C 考查名词词义辨析。A 观点,视点;B 场景,幕景;C 场所,地点;D.视力, 视线 6.【解析】C 考查固定短语 take advantage of 表利用的变式用法。其中 advantage 用作先行 词,后面是定语从句;take notice of 意思是注意到,use 无 take use of 短语。 7.【解析】A 考查短语同义词在被动句中的用法辨析。只有 raise 为及物动词。B 为不及物 动词;C,D 为不及物动词短语,不能用于被动语态。 8.【解析】A 考查形容词词义辨析。A 常见的,共同的;B 正常的;C 惯常的,通常的; D 平凡的,一般的。 9.【解析】B 考查表语从句连接词的辨析。依据后面表语句意“我不赞同的” ,但 disagree 为不及物动词,不能选 B,应该理解为不赞同的地方。 10.【解析】D 考查动词短语的辨析。A 改造,转让;B 匆忙离开;C 弥补,组成;D 弄清 楚,辨别符合句意。 11.【解析】C 考查主谓语的一致性和现在完成时的被动语态。No—and no----指同一概念, 作主语时用单数,且与 hear 为被动。 12.【解析】B 13.【解析】C 14.【解析】B 考查动词同义词辨析。affect 对物的影响,往往产生不好的影响; influence 多指对人的影响;effect 为名词,作动词时意思为实现;effort 为名词努力,尽力。 15.【解析】B 考查时态和语态。依据句意表正在被修,排除 C,D; 现在进行不是将来,排 除 A。 16.【解析】D 考查疑问词的辨析。因为从 black or white 两个形容词里选一种,不是名词里 边选一种,因此答案为 how ,要防止误选 B。 17.【解析】A 18.【解析】A 19.【解析】D 20.【解析】C 考查动词词义辨析。shock 震惊;strike 有意或无意用力打;beat 连续不断的 敲打;hit 命中,击败,演出成功。依据句意为演出成功,选 C 21.【解析】C 考查冠词在短语中的运用。sort of 有点,在某种程度上;a sort of 一种; (a) part of 意思是“一部分 ” ,句意为“Long time no see”在某种程度上有一点不正式,但却 是美国人日常使用的语言的一部分。后空特指。 22.【解析】A 考查 break 动词短语的词义辨析。break off 中断,解除;break through 突破; 出故障;break out 突然爆发。 23.【解析】B 考查连词的辨析。依据句意来突破。从 profit 和 problem 发现前后对比转折, 故选 B

24.【解析】C 考查定语从句中介词与关系代词的用法。先行词为 problems,此句意思为“在 这些问题中获得水是最重要的” 。在---中,因此选 C 25.【解析】D 考查不定代词和定语从句的比较。依据句意和语法用法选 D,防止误选 A。 因为没有连词,它不是并列句。 26.【解析】A 考查主谓语的一致性。A large quantity of---作主语谓语动词的数取决于 of 后 面的名词,quantities of---作主语不管 of 后面的名词是可数还是不可数,谓语动词一般用复 数。 27.【解析】C 28.【解析】A 考查固定短语“satisfy one’s needs”和 starve 的用法。依据句意“由于他们 不能满足我的需要,我快要饿死了” 。选 A。 29.【解析】B 30.【解析】D 31.【解析】D.考查动词短语词义辨析。 make out.辨认出。see through 表示看穿,看透,把 —进行到底, see off 送行;make up 构成,组成,拼凑;弥补,赔偿;化装,编造: 32.【解析】A. 考查名词辨析。process 过程;practice 实习,练习;开业;procedure 程序; program 课程,计划,大纲。 33.【解析】D 34.【解析】C. 35.【解析】B 考查与 diet 有关的固定短语搭配。表示节食 on a diet, go on diet 36.【解析】B 37.【解析】A 38.【解析】B 考查不定式短语动词作定语与修饰词的搭配。必须保留 of. 39.【解析】D 考查动词词义辨析。句意“既然她不上班了,她怎么还如此的忙啊?”occupy 意思是占用某人时间,使---忙。 40.【解析】A. 考查动词词义辨析。diagnose...as 把......诊断为......句意为“玛丽的病现已诊 断为肝炎” 。其他答案没有诊断的意思,故选 A. deduce 推论 41.【解析】C 42.【解析】A 43.【解析】 D 44.【解析】D. 考查动词短语意识辨析。 keep up with 跟上。add up to 合计,总计是;;look up to 赞美,尊敬;本题中 rates 意为“价格,费用” 。come up with 提出,找到,产生。 依据句意“为了跟上生产成本的上升,预定费已提高。 ”故选 D 45.【解析】C 46.【解析】C 47.【解析】A 48.【解析】A 49.【解析】A 考查表示发生意思的动词词义辨析。某人突然想起,只有 occur 有此意思。 50.【解析】B 考查不定式的用法。这里要注意 have 意思的理解。have 为“有” ,主语是 you 他不参与 buy 的动作;不要和 have sth done 结构混淆,此处的 have 为让别人作,被动。 (1)I have something to tell you.(此处的 have 为有,但主语参与用 to do ;) (2)I have my hair cut.(此处的 have 为使,让德意思,主语不参与让别人做,事不能发出 后面的动作为被动) (3)I have you do that again.(此处 sb.能发出动作 )



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