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人教版PEPUnit 2 My Schoolbag Part A Let’s learn

Unit 2 My Schoolbag
1. 知识目标 教学内容: 义务教育课程标准实验教科书 四年级英语上册第 16 页 教学目标: 能听、说、认读单词:Chinese book, English book, math book, notebook, story book 和 schoolbag。 B. 能听懂 Let’s do 口令并作出相应的动作。

2. 能力目标 (1)培养学生手、耳、眼、脑各个部分的综合运用协调能力。 (2)培养学生能够将所学知识运用到生活实际等情境中去。 (3)培养学生小组合作学习的能力。 3. 情感、策略、文化等有关目标 (1)培养学生学习的积极态度,以及快乐地学习英语的幽默风趣感的发掘。 (2)培养学生积极运用所学的语言进行表达和交流,注意观察生活及运用所学 英语知识,鼓励学生自主、合作、探究的学习行为。

二、教学重、难点 重点 A:听、说、认读相关单词。 重点 B:根据指令熟练地做出相应动作。

三、课前准备 A:教师准备语文书、数学书、英语书、笔记本、各一本,故事书两本,一个书包 和文具用品。 B:教师准备多媒体及教具。 C:学生准备好自己的书包、各类书和文具。

四、教学步骤 Step 1. Warm-up

(1) 日常口语练习,内容: 二、Preview T:What’s this? T:What colour is it? T:Now,let’s play a game and review the words. Look. This is a bomb. Please say out the words ,when you see the bomb. Please pull down. Understand? T:let’s go.(学生开始读单词) 三、Presentation Step1 Presentation of the new words T:Yes. This is a bag. We can call this schoolbag.(贴图 板书) T:follow me. shoolbag schoolbag My schoolbag

T:Look! I have a schoolbag. (从桌子底下把书包拿出)(呈现课题) T:Wow! I have many things in it . What’s in my schoolbag? Guess! 老师伸手进去拿了本书出来,然后放到自己身后 A T:What book is it ? Ss: English book. T: Well. Let’s play. Your please. English book . English book T:Now,play with yout partner. Let’s go. B T:Now , I want a student to come here. Take out the book.Who wants to come here? T:You please. (学生摸出一本书出来,然后老师把它放在后面,让在座的学生猜猜,) T: What book is it ? An English book?/ C T: Now,let’s go on guessing game. Who wants to come here? You please. T: What book is it? Ss: math book. T: Follow me. math book. math book. a math book.


D T:Ok, let’s go on . Who wants to come here? Come here. T: What book is it? Ss: notebook. T: Yes. This is a notebook. Follow me. notebook. notebook. a notebook. (贴图, 板书) T:Boys and girls. Look. If my hand up up up. You read it loudly loudly loudly. Understand ? T: Ok, who can come here ? and do it in this way. (学生举手) Wonderful. You stand up,please come here. E T: Look. a story-book. two story-books. Follow me. story-book story-book two story-books 贴图,板书。

T: Now, let’s play our funny game. Only two students . T: you and you please.(学生上来玩找单词游戏) T: story-book story-book one two go. Step2 T: Look here.I have many books .(板书 I have…) T: I have an English book. I have a Chinese book. I have a math book. I have a note book. I have two story-books. Step 3 Let’ chant.

1. Follow me. 2. T: Now let’s sing together.(begin) 3. T: once again. Step 4 Presentation of the new sentences

T: Look at blackboard. How many books do I have? T & S: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I have 6. T: (问学生)How many books do you have? (学生数数) S1:I have .


S2:I have


T: How many books do you have? 板书:How many books do you have? I have .

T: Yes. Now, you read in this way. How many books do you have? (做手势越来越高 的动作) T: One two begin.( 学生读句子) T: Who can come here, and do in this way. T: OK. Good. You please. (学生上来做我刚才那样的动作,两位同学) Step5 Let ’s check.

How many books do you have? I have… Booo k Name English book Chinese book math book notebook storybook books 总数

Step6 A

Presentation of the new phrases

T: Now,Show me your English book. Put your English book on the desk. Put your English book in the desk. Put your English book under the desk. Put your English book near the desk. B T: Now . Let’s listen.( 利用资源呈现 A, Let’s do 部分的内容,让学生明白大意。) T: Ok. Read after me. C 看课件 Let’s do,学生跟着一起做。 T: In this class,we have learn: How many books do you have? (引导学生说)


an English book /a Chinese book /a mathbook /a notebook /two story-books T: Look here. How many starts do you have? 板书设计: Unit 2 My Schoolbag How many books do you have? I have… .

an English book a Chinese book a mathbook a notebook two story-books



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