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姓名:林同学 学校:天津市第二十五中学 分数:87

Because of the, people are focused to wear mask to avoid breathing polluted air and lot of people are attacked by respiratory diseases. So its n

ecessary to alleviate environment pollution. As a senior high school students, we should save energy like water, electricity, paper and so on. In addition, we should take bus instead of private car. Most important is we have to establish green concept. For example, we should call the environmental protection agency when we saw some contamination accident. If we work together, I believe our environment will getting better and better and haze weather will vanish completely.

(3)定义输出文件:haze.img。 (4)文件坐标类型:Map。 (5)处理范围确定:默认状态为整个图像范围。 (6)处理方法选择:Landsat 5 TM。 (7)单击 OK 按钮(关闭 ...
ERDAS 图标面板菜单条.: 单击 Main ~ Image Interpreter -- Radiometric Enhancement 打开 Haze Reduction 对话框,在对话框中,需要设置下列参数: (1)确定输入文件(...
A A haze of light formed from artificial lights such as streetlights and building light s. B Lights from different sources in the city stream into ...
Unit 13 The Light of Depression Words and Expressions综合教程一
8. haze: n. thin mist; (fig) mental confusion or uncertainty e.g. Things were covered with a haze on that early spring morning. She did not ...
Pollution Haze Recently,the topic of air pollution has again aroused more and more attention since pollution haze,a kind of weather,has appeared increasing...
哈工大-研究生英语口试总 六个话题
We all know that fog and haze continues to affect people after the winter. Some big cities like Beijing/Hangzhou /Xi?an and so on, they all have ...
解析: 试题分析:题目假设了你的身份,即校报小记者王芳,需要为校报写一篇英语短 文, 介绍最近在我国很多城市发生的雾霾(haze)天气。同时参考以下三个要点作 文:...
(2015)03-240-04 Relationships between Long Time Haze Weather and Boundary Layer Meteorological Conditions YANG Xueyan, DU Qian, MU Xiuxiang et al (Jilin ...
Recently,haze weather has become a usual phenomenon here in large part of China. People are forced to wear the mask to avoid breathing poisonous air. ...
Keywords:fog and haze;ecological civilization;administer 引言雾霾不仅危害人类健康,还制约经济发展,破坏社会的稳定性;雾霾天气的出现提醒 我们必须要转变观念,改变...
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