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Dad is a reserved man of few words but is always strict. He is different from others in beliefs and 21 : beating or scolding his son as he believes in such a principle—a dutiful son is the 22 of the rod.(棒) At about 8 years old, Dad busied himself outside in the day time 23 began to punish for whatever I did wrong after the supper. Mom and Sister took turns at telling on me for having made 24 , so he would beat me like 25 , leaving my arms a lot of bruises(伤痕). I was upset and disturbed 26 being just a 10-year-old kid, who thought, “I was unfairly beaten, so I would take my anger out on other smaller kids”. Therefore, I used to 27 with other kids and Dad would deal me a 28 blow the next time. It turned out that I couldn’t concentrate on my lessons, 29 unable to write out the English alphabet. To make matters worse, I was 30 into a reformatory school(少年感化院) where I stayed 31 for two years. This time dad shed 32 tears, saying, “Son, it is not that I don’t love you but that I should not have been so annoyed at your failure to 33 what I expect!” Several years later, my parents were 34 invited to show up at the Ph.D. graduation ceremony. Dad didn’t say a single word to 35 me but cried bitterly again , and at this very moment, my mind was in a mess of 36 emotions and I stood on the stage with warm tears: the first time you cried for my being a 37 guy, but this time you did for my being a Ph.D. Never have I put my children 38 by adopting force as I am aware that I was beaten into 39 inappropriately. I often say to my children, “Well done! A perfect job you’ve done. Now Daddy will give you 40 up or pat you on the back!” 21. A. operations B. practices C. attitudes D. manners 22. A. effect B. effort C. product D. target 23. A. but B. while C. so D. or 24. A. mess B. life C. trouble D. noise 25. A. something B. somebody C. anybody D. anything 26. A. by means of B. on account of C. in terms of D. in spite of 27. A. quarrel B. fight C. play D. debate 28. A. heavier B. faster C. swifter D. crazier 29. A. still B. even C. also D. always 30. A. sentenced B. admitted C. sent D. led 31. A. confusedly B. calmly C. regretfully D. safely 32. A. angry B. sympathetic C. desperate D. bitter 33. A. keep up with B. live up to C. make up for D. put up with 34. A. warmly B. randomly C. seriously D. honorably 35. A. praise B. inspire C. support D. greet 36. A. puzzled B. disturbed C. mixed D. excited 37. A. stubborn B. guilty C. naughty D. tough 38. A. good B. right C. difficult D. easy 39. A. responding B. fighting C. behaving D. performing

40. A. thumbs

B. heads C. arms

D. eyes

参考答案 BCACD DBABC CDBDA CDBCA 二、阅读理解 (2014 福建卷) A It was Mother’s Day morning last year and I was doing my shopping at our local supermarket with my five-year-old son, Tenyson. As we were leaving, we found that only minutes earlier an elderly woman had fallen over at the entrance and had hit her head on the concrete. Her husband was with her, but there was blood everywhere and the woman was embarrassed and clearly in shock.Walking towards the scene, Tenyson became very upset about what had happened to the couple. He said to me, “Mum, it’s not much fun falling over in front of everyone.” At the front of the supermarket a charity(慈善) group had set up a stand selling cooked sausages and flowers to raise funds. Tenyson suggested that we should buy the lady a flower. “It will make her feel better,” he said. I was amazed that he’d come up with such a sweet idea. So we went over to the flower seller and asked her if we could buy a flower for the lady to cheer her up. “Just take it,” she replied. “I can’t take your money for such a wonderful gesture.” By now paramedics(救援人员)had arrived, and were attending the injured woman. As we walked up to her, my son became intimidated by all the blood and medical equipment. He said he was just too scared to go up to her. Instead I gave the flower to the woman’s husband and told him, “ My son was very upset for your wife and wanted to give her this flower to make her feel better.” At that, the old man started crying and said, “Thank you so much, you have a wonderful son. Happy Mother’s Day to you.” The man then bent down and gave his wife the flower, telling her who it was from. Though badly hurt and shaken, the old lady looked up at Tenyson with love in her eyes and gave him a little smile. 57. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. The elderly woman was knocked down by Tenyson. B. Tenyson’s idea of buying a flower gained his father’s support. C. Tenyson’s care for the elderly woman puzzled the flower seller. D. The elderly woman was moved to tears by Tenyson’s gesture. 58. The underlined word “intimidated” in the fourth paragraph probably means “___________”. A. astonished B. struck C. frightened D. Excited 59. What would be the best title for the passage? A. Flower Power B. Mother’s Day

C. An Accidental Injury D. An Embarrassing Moment 答案: BCA B Once when I was facing a decision that involved high risk, I went to a friend. He looked at me for a moment, and then wrote a sentence containing the best advice I’ve ever had: Be bold and brave — and mighty (强大的) forces will come to your aid. Those words made me see clearly that when I had fallen short in the past, it was seldom because I had tried and failed. It was usually because I had let fear of failure stop me from trying at all. On the other hand, whenever I had plunged into deep water, forced by courage or circumstance, I had always been able to swim until I got my feet on the ground again. Boldness means a decision to bite off more than you can eat. And there is nothing mysterious about the mighty forces. They are potential powers we possess: energy, skill, sound judgment, creative ideas — even physical strength greater than most of us realize. Admittedly, those mighty forces are spiritual ones. But they are more important than physical ones. A college classmate of mine, Tim, was an excellent football player, even though he weighed much less than the average player. “In one game I suddenly found myself confronting a huge player, who had nothing but me between him and our goal line,” said Tim. “I was so frightened that I closed my eyes and desperately threw myself at that guy like a bullet — and stopped him cold.” Boldness — a willingness to extend yourself to the extreme—is not one that can be acquired overnight. But it can be taught to children and developed in adults. Confidence builds up. Surely, there will be setbacks (挫折) and disappointments in life; boldness in itself is no guarantee of success. But the person who tries to do something and fails is a lot better off than the person who tries to do nothing and succeeds. So, always try to live a little bit beyond your abilities—and you’ll find your abilities are greater than you ever dreamed. 51. Why was the author sometimes unable to reach his goal in the past A. He faced huge risks. B. He lacked mighty forces. C. Fear prevented him from trying. D. Failure blocked his way to success. 52. What is the implied meaning of the underlined part A. Swallow more than you can digest. B. Act slightly above your abilities. C. Develop more mysterious powers. D. Learn to make creative decisions.

53. What was especially important for Tim’s successful defense in the football game A. His physical strength. B. His basic skill. C. His real fear. D. His spiritual force. 54. What can be learned from Paragraph 5 A. Confidence grows more rapidly in adults. B. Trying without success is meaningless. C. Repeated failure creates a better life. D. Boldness can be gained little by little. 55. What is the author’s purpose in writing this passage A. To encourage people to be courageous. B. To advise people to build up physical power. C. To tell people the ways to guarantee success. D. To recommend people to develop more abilities.

答案:51. C 52. B 53. D 54. D 55. A C The issue of privacy versus openness is a paradox, particularly when it comes to the American home. “Lots” or “yards” (gardens) can be large and many are not enclosed by the walls, fences or hedges so popular in other cultures. Similarly, “window treatments” frame the window. but the use of European-style net curtains to screen out nosy neighbors is rare. In the same style, first-time visitors to an American home may be proudly given the full tour; even walk-in closets and en suite bathrooms are not considered off-limits. They may also be encouraged to help themselves to a soda from the fridge. All this gives an impression of openness. Yet Americans do value their personal space and privacy. A Brazilian expatriate (侨民) who dropped in on her usually friendly Connecticut neighbors unannounced got the clear impression she should have called first. Similarly while a typical suburban home features large, shared areas, such as an open-plan kitchen and family room or “den”, ample private space is also allowed in the floor plan. A visit to a family home in the evening would likely find the family members dispersed, each independently watching TV, on the phone, surfing the Internet, or otherwise recharging batteries in the privacy of their own bedroom. American individualism, expansiveness, and abundance are expressed in lifestyle. Despite the fact that the average household size has declined over the past thirty years from3.1 people to 2.6 people per household, the average size of a new family home increased during the same period from 1,500 to 2,200 square feet. A common observation is just how outsized everything is. The beds are king-sized, the TVs have giant screens, the burgers are “whoppers (庞然大物),” appliances are “industrial” size. The largest popcorn or soda at the movies can be “supersized.”

Closets are “walk in,” and some cars are the size of a military vehicle. 小题 1:The passage suggests that Americans__________. A.are rich enough to afford large size houses and luxurious electricity appliances B.are very shy when talking about keeping their privacy and their personal space C.would like to express their lifestyles in public to show them off D.enjoy openness as well as individualism although they seem to contradict each other 小题 2:Why can we say that American individualism, expansiveness, and abundance are expressed in their lifestyle? A.Because the average size of a new house has increased during the past thirty years. B.Because Americans often use European-style net curtains to screen out nosy neighbors. C.Because many houses are equipped with walk-in closets. D. Because the house size, outsized household furniture and independent living habits have proved it. 小题 3:The underlined phrase in the passage means________. A.filling a battery with electrical power B.recovering your strength and energy by resting for a while C.changing your batteries again D.obtaining new batteries because old ones are running out 小题 4:According to the passage, if you drop in on an American family which is usually friendly to you in the evening, you________. A.will be deeply impressed by their family get-together scene B.will be invited to a party which is well-prepared C.will find family members scattered, and enjoying themselves individually D.will be warmly welcomed even if they don’t get informed of your visit earlier 答案:DDBC D Many people may be surprised by the number of chemicals that they are exposed to through everyday household products. In a study 25 women had their homes and bodies tested for 89 environmental pollutants-including pesticides (杀虫剂) and chemicals found in plastics and cleaning products.On average 20 chemicals were found on their bodies or in their homes. Much is unknown about the possible health effects of chemicals in everyday household products.But certain chemicals-like phthalates (邻苯二甲酸盐) found in plastics-have been linked to potential health risks,including higher risks of certain cancers,though the evidence mainly comes from research on lab animals .Other household chemicals are known to harm the skin,eyes and airways-and may worsen

asthma (哮喘).Many more chemicals found remain untested. Chemicals likely come from a range of sources,so it is not always clear how to reduce people's exposure,according to Dr.Rebecca Altman,the lead researcher on the new study."However," she said,"there are still measures people can take." In the original study,she noted,women were given advice based on the particular chemicals they were exposed to-such as using fragrance-free washing liquid and personal care products . For the current study,Altman and her colleagues interviewed two dozen women who'd taken part in the previous study to see how they would react to information about their household chemical exposures. They found that the women were generally surprised at the range of chemicals found in their homes and bodies.They were also surprised that even some banned things were found. With many questions about the health effects of household chemicals unanswered,some experts worry that giving people information about their everyday exposures will cause unnecessary fear. However,the researchers found that the women in their study were typically not alarmed,and instead wanted "more rather than less" information on the issue. 1.Which of the following statements about chemicals in household products is TRUE? A.Some of them have bad effects on health,while some have good effects. B.Longterm exposure to them is certain to cause a deadly illness. C.In the study it was found that certain chemicals can cause cancers. D.It is uncertain what effects some chemicals have on health. 2.The underlined word "airways" in Paragraph 3 most probably refers to ________ . A.the passage running from your nose and throat to the lungs B.things that look like fine threads growing in the body C.the passage between rows of rooms in a building D.the area just inside the front door of a building 3.According to Dr.Rebecca Altman,________. A.women were more likely to be harmed by chemicals B.fragrant products may contain harmful chemicals C.it is unnecessary to inform people about the study results D.further study on everyday products should be done immediately 4.What was the women's attitude towards the study results? A.They were angry that so many chemicals were found. B.They refused to be subjects for the study any more. C.They were afraid of getting bad news about their health. D.They would like to know more related information. 答案:DABD

三、七选五 Most of you love watching movies. They can be funny, sad, imaginative, inspiring, and so much more! There are so many possibilities and so many great movies to watch! The making of a movie usually begins with a script (剧本). 36The producer is the person who is responsible for coordinating(协调) aspects of the film like budget and scheduling. The producer plans out how the project will be carried out and he usually starts by hiring a director! 37 The director will usually identify themes or feelings that he or she wants the movie to convey to its audience and will then assemble(聚集) all the other people who will be needed, such as costume-designers, makeup artists, special effects crew, stuntmen, cameramen, and, of course, actors! Next, shooting begins! 38Often a director will want to get several “takes” (versions) of a scene or moment and usually only a few minutes of the movie are finished in one day’s work. 39So once filming is completed, the director must then work with editors to piece them all together, deciding which takes to use and adding in any special effects or touch-ups. The entire process from acquiring the script to editing the scenes generally takes months or even years! Once it’s ready, the finished movie is then distributed to movie theatres. 40 A. Scenes are also usually not shot in order. B. The actual filming can be a slow process. C. The way that movies are made has changed a lot over time. D. It gets bought by a movie studio or a producer. E. The producer plays a very important role in making a movie. F. In movies, the director’s job is to bring thescriptto life on camera. G. People can watch and enjoy it in the theatre. 答案:DFBAG

四、语法填空 Something was in the air that day. Birds were chirping and everything was alive. I had suffered from _____________(depress) for about a year before that day. I was walking along the beach at the campground ——_______ my life would change forever. From a distance I saw a handsome young man ____________(admire) me from afar. Our eyes met and it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. We began walking ___________(close) together like something out of a movie. I __________(feel) on top of the world. When we became close enough _______ talk, Jason got on his knee and said the most romantic things. He stood up and spoke my fluent language, French. We talked ______2:00 am the next morning. It turned out that he lived only about ten minutes from the place ________ I was residing. My mother disapproved of Jason because of his flaws and soon ___________(ban)

me from meeting him. But I was against her will __________ I had finally because someone whom I loved. 答案:depression; and; admiring; closely; felt; to; until; where; banned; because 五、单词填空 1. She is a hard-working girl. One of her a__________ is to be admitted to a top university. 2. Vitamins and protein are b ________________ to our health. 3. I was very a_______ because he spoke to me in a very rude manner. 4. I wrote a letter to her in order to express my ____________ for her loss. 5. Whoever d___________ the law will be punished. 6. A great amount of money was d_______ after Wenchuan earthquake. 7. We have five _________ to prove he is innocent. (证人) 8. After ___________ from the company, he went to a remote area to work as an volunteer. (辞职) 9. Of the two clerks, he is the ___________(职务较低者) 10. The child was found _____________ but unharmed. (遗弃的) 答 案 : ambitions; beneficial; annoyed; sympathy; disobeys; donated; witnesses; resigning; junior; abandoned


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