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2017 年 6 月大学英语四级听力真题及参考答案
2017 年 06 月 17 日 11:21 新浪教育

2017 年全国大学英语四六级考试于 6 月 17 日进行,新浪教育 24 小时直播报道,为你带来第一手四六级考试资讯。以下为英语四级听力 录音材料: SectionA News 1 B The test driver made a wrong judgement 2 D They have generally done quite well. 3 A He works at a national park. 4 B They were making a lot of noise. 5 A The discovery of a new species of snake. 6 C A snake crawled onto his head in his sleep. 7 D From its colour. SectionB Conversation conversation1 8 C His flight is leaving in less than 2 hours. 9 B By credit card.

10 A Give him a receipt. 11 D Posting a comment on the hotel’s webpage. conversation2 12 C He has stopped making terrible faces. 13 D Warn him of danger by making up a story. 14 A They could break pp’s legs. 15 B One would have to shave their head to remove a bat in their hair. SectionC Passage Passage1 16 C Everything seemed to be changing. 17 A Meeting people. 18 D He was a young student in the 1960s. Passage2 19 B They avoid looking at them. 20 C It focuses its eyes on their mouths. 21 B By taking in their facial expressions as a whole. Passage3
22 D They resort to different means to survive the bitter cold.

23 C They consume the energy stored before the long sleep. 24 A By storing enough food beforehand 25 C To stay safe


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