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说明:请把选择题的答案编号写在提前的括号内。 听力部分:50 分(每小题读三次) 一、听句子,选出句中含有的信息。 (10 分) ( ) 1. A. 4:05 B. 4:45 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 2. A. go to bed ) 3. A. 32687102 ) 4. A. a funny face ) 5.A.

tall ) 6. A. Monday ) 7. A. worker ) 8.A.go shopping ) 9.A.a quarter to ten ) 10.A.policewoman B. go home B. 32697103 B. a round face B. thin B. Wednesday B. father B. clean the house B. a quarter past ten B. policewomen C. 5:15 C. go back home C. 32687100 C. a baby face C. short C. Saturday C. friend C. see a film C half past ten C. policeman

二、听句子,请选出所读的单词。 (5 分) ( )1.Tom likes a of water. A. class ( )2.The toy is very cute. A .bear ( )3.His uncle is a . A. book ( )4.The toy is ninety cents. A. rain ( )5.The girl has long . A. fair

B. glass B. pear B. cook B. train B. hair

C. fast C. there C. room C. tail C. air

三、根据听到的内容,在括号里写上英文大写字母编号。 (5 分)

四、听一段话,请写出人物的衣着和职业的单词。 (选取单词写在横线上。 ) (5 分) ( nurse, pupil, policeman, coat, uniform ) Hi, I’m Jim. Look at the picture of my family. The man in a is my father.

He is a a

.The woman in a white .The boy is me. I am a .

is my mother. She is

五、听录音,请√出每位小朋友起床的时间。 (5 分) time Names 5:30 5:45 6:00 Tom Andy Jack Jiamin Ben



六、听句子,选择正确的答语。 (10 分) ( )1.A.No,she isn’t. B.Yes,she is thin. C.She is kind. ( )2.A.He is my father. B.She is my aunt. C.Yes,she is. ( )3.A.Yes,she does. B.The one with short hair. C.She is a woman. ( )4.A.It’s five o’clock. B.There are two. C.I am a pupil. ( )5.A.She is a teacher. B.He is a boss. C.I like Chinese. 七、听短文,选择正确的答案。 (10 分) ( )1. Mr Black is Tom’s .A.mother B.father C.grandpa ( )2. It is o’clock now. A.seven B.eight C.six ( )3.Mr Black and Tom have at seven o’clock. A. lunch B.dinner C.breakfast ( )4.Tom goes to school at seven. A.a quarter to B.half past C.ten to ( )5.Tom has class at eight. A.a quarter to B.a quarter past C.five 笔试部分:50 分 一、找出一个与其它三个不同类的词。 (6 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A.which ) 2. A. sleep ) 3.A.him ) 4. A. strong ) 5. A .short ) 6.A.Chinese B. what B .have lunch B.her B .tall B. uniform B.subject C. when C. do homework C.me C. thin C. dress C.maths D. with D. dinner D.she D. nose D. jacket D.English

二、读句子,根据中文意思写单词。 (5 分) (每格一词) 1.I am going to _________ (参观) the Guangzhou Zoo next week. 2My mother works on ____________.(星期五) 3.On school days, we have __________(上课)from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the

afternoon. 4.Can you see _______ (他)? 5.I’m so ________ (疲倦的). 三、选择一个正确的答案。 (10 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. _______ that man in a black coat? A .Who A .for, at A. like A. like A. does A .to A .is A. it ) 9. A.Who A.Does ) 11.It’s time for A.do my homework ) 12.I sleep at ten o’clock A.at B.in B. Who’s B. at, at B. looks B. looks B. is B .go B. do B. he B.Where B.Do . B.sleep night. C.on C.class C. she C.Which ---- Yes, I do. C.Did C. Whose C. from, to C. looks like C. looks like C. do C. for C. does ) 2. We have lessons ________ 8:30 _________ 11:55 in the morning. ) 3 .The man in a white shirt __________ a teacher. ) 4. Do you want to be a doctor _______ your father? ) 5. What _________ your mother like? She is short and pretty. ) 6. It’s time __________go to bed. ) 7 .What ________ you usually do after school? ) 8. What time is ______ ? It’s half past nine. is your sister ? The one with glasses.

) 10.________ you have lunch at school?

四、根据上下文,选择适当的词把对话补充完整.(每格一词) (10 分) (一) (homework, home , past, after, time)

Tom: What ________ is it now? Mary:It is half __________ four. Tom: It’s time to go back .

Mary: What time do you do your Tom: _______ dinner. Mary:Are you tired today ? Tom: Yes,I am.


(二) (her, one, round, our, which) A: Who is that woman? B: ________ one? A: The ________ with glasses. B: Oh, she is ________ English teacher. She is very kind. A: She has long hair and a _________ face. She looks pretty. B: We like ________ very much. 五、找出下列句子的正确答语,并把大写字母编号写在括号内。 (7 分) ( )1.What time is it ? ( )2.What’s your favourite subject? ( )3.What is she like ? ( )4.Welcome to my house. ( )5.Can you see him ? A.English. B.It’s a quarter to nine. C.Thank you . D.Yes,of course. E.She is a tall girl with glasses.

六、阅读短文,判断句子是否符合短文意思,符合的写√,否则写× 。 (10 分) There are two men in the park. They’re Tom’s uncles. Uncle David is tall and strong. He is in a white T-shirt and a pair of shorts. He is a good painter. He can draw beautiful pictures. Look, he is drawing flowers now. The one beside a tree is Uncle Jack. He has big eyes and a big mouth. He wears a shirt and a pair of jeans. He is good at football. ( ( ( ( ( ) 1 .Uncle David is drawing a tree. ) 2 .Uncle David wears a pair of shorts. ) 3 .Uncle Jack is good at football. ) 4. Uncle Jack has small eyes. ) 5 .Uncle Jack is tall and strong.


石滩镇小学四年级英语(学科)期中检测卷 (2015----2016 学年第二学期)听力材料


1. I usually do some reading at a quarter to five in the afternoon. 2. It’s half past five. It’s time to go home. 3. This is 32687100, Guangzhou International School. 4. My brother has a round face. 5. What is your father like? He is tall. 6. Monday is my favorite day. On Monday we have a P.E lesson. I like playing sports. 7. The man in a blue uniform is a worker. 8. I usually go shopping with my family at the weekend. 9. What time is it? It’s 10:30. 10. There are two policewomen on the street.

二、听句子,请选出所读的单词。 (5 分) 11. Tom likes a glass of water. 12. The toy bear is very cute. 13. His uncle is a cook . 14. The toy train is ninety cents. 15. The girl has long hair . 三、 根据听到的内容,在括号里写上英文大写字母编号。 A. Look, the woman in shorts is very tall. B. The man in a uniform is a factory-worker. C. The lady in a hat is Jiamin’s mother. D. The woman with glasses is our Math teacher. E. My uncle is a player. He is very strong. 四、听一段话,请写出人物的衣着和职业的单词。 (选取单词写在横线上。 ) Hi, I’m Jim. Look at the picture of my family. The man in a uniform is my father. He is a policeman.The woman in a white coat is my mother. She is a nurse. The boy is me. I am a pupil. 五、 听录音,请√出每位小朋友起床的时间。 Hello, everyone. My name is Tom. I get up at6:30. My classmate Ben gets up at 6:15. Andy lives far away from school. So she has to get up early. She gets up at 5:30. Jack has to get up too. He gets up at 5:45. Jiamin gets up at 6:00. 六、 听句子,选择正确的答语。 1. What is your mother like? 2. Who’s that man with glasses? 3. Does your sister often ride a bike in Zengcheng Square? 4. How many days are there at the weekend? 5. What subject do you like best? 七、 听短文,选择正确的答案。

Tom is a cute boy. He is studying in Class 1 Grade 4. His father Mr.Black is an English . They are in the same school. It’s 7:00 now. Tom and his father are having breakfast. They go to school at 7:30 by bus. The school starts at 8:15.

石滩镇小学四年级英语(学科)期中检测卷 (2015----2016 学年第二学期)参考答案
听力部分:50 分(每小题读三次) 一、 听句子,选出句中含有的信息。

二、听句子,请选出所读的单词。 三、 根据听到的内容,在括号里写上英文大写字母编号。

四、听一段话,请写出人物的衣着和职业的单词。 (选取单词写在横线上。 ) uniform policeman coat nurse pupil. 五、听录音,请√出每位小朋友起床的时间。 time Names 5:30 5:45 6:00 Tom Andy √ Jack √ Jiamin √ Ben 六、听句子,选择正确的答语。C A A B C 七、听短文,选择正确的答案。 B A C B B 笔试部分:50 分 一、 找出一个与其它三个不同类的词。D D D D A B 二、读句子,根据中文意思写单词。 visit Friday classes him tired 三、选择一个正确的答案。B C C A B ABAC B CA 四、根据上下文,选择适当的词把对话补充完整.(每格一词)
time, past, home, homework, After/ Which, one, our, round, her

6:15 √


五、找出下列句子的正确答语,并把大写字母编号写在括号内。B A E C D 六、阅读短文,判断句子是否符合短文意思,符合的写√,否则写× 。 ×√√××


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