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2016—2017 学年度第一学期五年级英语期末统考模拟卷
一、找出下面单词中意思不同项,把序号写到前面的括号里。 (10 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( (

)1、A. tasty )2、A. bedroom )3、A.village )4、A. in )5、A. curtain )6、A. fish )8. A.play )9. A


B. sour B. closet B. tree B. old B. trash bin B. tofu B. do

C. thin C. kitchen C. flower C. on C.fresh C.tomato C. Friday C. read C. sing

D. salty D. bathroom D. glass D. under D. mirror D.road D. Monday D. tree D. speak D. cartoon D. thirsty


)7. A.Tuesday

B. week B. young B. plant B. hot

( ( ( (

)10. A.wonderful )11. A.Salad

C. clock C. fresh

二、选出正确的答句,把序号填到问句前的括号里。 (20 分) ( )1.Who’s your English teacher? ( )2.What’s he like ? ( )3.What do we have on Monday ? ( )4.What do you do on Sunday? ( )5.What do you have for lunch? ( )6.What’s your favourite food? ( )7.What can you do? ( )8.What do you have on Tuesdays? ( )9.What's your favourite food? ( )10. What's he like? ( )11. Are there any fish in the river? A.He’s tall and strong B. Mr Carter C. I often do homework D.We have Chinese and English E. I like apple . They are sweet . F. We have tofu and fish . G. No, there aren’t. H. I can make the bed I. He is strong. J. We have math and P.E.. K. Sandwich.

三、读句子,选择最适合的答句。 (20 分) (1) ( ) What can you do? A. I can make the bed. B. Yes, I can . (2) ( ) What's he like? A. She is strict but kind. B. He is strong. (3) ( ) Is she young? A. She's our principal. B. No, she's old. (4) ( ) What do you have on Tuesdays? A. It's Tuesday. B. We have computer, P.E. and math. (5) ( ) What's your favourite fruit? A. I like mutton very much. B. Grapes. It is very tasty. (6) ( ) What would you like for lunch today? A. I'd like some beef and two eggs, please B. I like onions and pork. (7) ( ) What day is it today? A. Thursday B. Birthday (8) ( ) What do you do on Sundays? A. I have math, English and Chinese. B. I watch TV and read books. (9) ( ) Who's that young lady? A. She's tall and thin. B. She's our principal. (10) ( ) Are there any tall buildings in the village? A. No, there aren’t . B. No, there isn’t.

线 姓名 班级 密 封 线 内 封 不 答


四.排词成句。 (15 分) 例:can't can't 1 no no I I No, I can't.











Miss white


六.阅读短文,判断下列语句的正误,对的打√错的打× 。 (15 分) Hello! My name is Tom. I like English very much.. My favourite food is beef, eggplant and tofu. I’m very helpful. I can do the dishes, set the table and

. In there a forest the is park 3 . We 4 . 5 helpful home at I ’m Tuesdays English on have

water the flowers. Today is Saturday. I often read books, do my homework and watch TV on Saturdays. What do you do on weekends? My home is near a river, there are some mountains behind my house. There is a road in front of my house, you can see two bridges over it .Welcome to my home .
密 封

( ( ( ( (

) 1. Tom likes beef ,eggplant and tofu. ) 2. Tom can sweep the floor. ) 3. Tom often water the flowers on Saturdays. ) 4. There are some mountains in front of Tom’s house. ) 5. There are two bridges over the river.

线 内 不 得 答

. 五.看一看,写一写。 (8 分) 1.There is an near my bed.

七、根据图片提示,填写单调或短语补全下列句子。 (12 分) 1.She can _______________ _______________ _____________. 2.Tom wants to ___________ ________________.

2. My favourite day is 3. 3. There are some grass under the 4. I like very much. .

. 3.I often___________ ____________on the weekend. 4.Alice often___________ _______ _______on Friday.

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