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www.wujiajiaoyu.com,中小学直线提分,就选福州五佳教育 文章出自:http://bbs.fzsxw.com 福州升学论坛是福州最专业的小初高教育家长交流平台 ,由福州老师 和妈妈免费提供最全面实时的小升初政策、试题、备考攻略、重点中学、中考资料、高考真题等信息资源 9.Beijing is the c____________(文化的) and political center of our country. 10.Our school gave a r____________ (招待会)to the visitors. 11.Her brother bought her a 12.Christmas is coming. People are busy 13.These words are 14. There is a guard at the e 15. We d 二.单选 1.The best machines were _______ and sent to the exhibition. A. selected B. chose C. picked D. elected 2.I _______ whether he had any real understanding of Shakespeare. A. believe B. doubt C. guess A. takes; apart A. in turn A. decorate A. argued A. falling D. know D. take; apart 3.Let’s _______ the radio _______ and see what’s wrong with it. B. separate; from C. tell; apart C. in answer C. arrange C. talked C. sinking C. owns 4.Mary gave jack so much help that he gave her some roses _______ for her kindness. B. by turns B. repair B. debated B. dropping D. in return D. rebuild D. quarreled D. declining D. belongs to C. survived D. common D. for design D. saved 5.Before the wedding party will be held, why don’t you let me _______ your sitting-room for you? 6.To our surprise, they actually _______ on the question till late into the night. 7.When the ship was damaged by a typhoon, the captain refused to leave his _______ ship. 8.Do you agree that all the land _______ the state in this country? A. belongs in their home. A. ordinary A. with design B. longs for 9.Since then, people all



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