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kaplan word power词汇书A

Word Power Part 1 (a): Words You Really Ought to Know 我刚刚购得 KAPLAN WORD POWER 一书. 750 must-know words. 个人感觉比 XDF 的要 共 好的多.现共享出来,由于我的打字速度慢,每天计划出十个含例句,大家一起来学吧! The author's foreword: We cou

ldn't include in this book every word in the English Language. We assume you know that! What we did attempt to do was organize the most important words into three broad categories. We started in section 1 with words you really ought to know already---to build your confidence and straighten out any critical incorrect impressions you might have had about actural meanings. If you know these words, we figure you're ready to have lunch with an admissions conselor at Harvard or make a great impression on an interview at a Fortune 500 firm. Sections 2 and 3 cover words of increasing difficulty. You 'll wind up training your brain and increasing your word power with new level you decide to trackle. Lesson1: Would you abdicate or advocate? 1. abdicate v. to step down from a position of power The king decided to abdicate in favor of his smart, though woefully impetuous son. The abdication heralded a new era. 2. abridge v. shorten, condense, or lesson in length At first he planned a lengthy abdication speech, but than he decided to give an abridged version so he wouldn't bore his kingdom to death. Had he decided to abridge the speech himself, the queen was planning to lose it. 3. Absolve v. forgive or free from blame As part of the king's historic decision, he decided to absolve all those villains who languished in the tower. 4. Abysmal adj. extremely wrethched, bottomless The prisoners had been living in an abysmal situation. 5. Advocate v. support, or be in favor of Not one cabinet member could advocate the king's posiion. They all became advocates of his proposal, however, when the king's son threatened to hehead them. 6. Affinity n Sympathy, atraction, kinship She possessed an affinity for the local artists, so she called upon them to display their wares at pre-abdication crafts fair. 7. Agenda n. program, things to be done

The queen's agenda grew longer every day and was impossible to address. 8. Aggrandize v. make great The king's wealth had aggrandized during the tme of hs reign. The queen had also experienced an aggrandizement of his wealth. 9. Allusion n. an indirect reference She was sometimes refered to sa Queen Jackie, which was an allusion to Jacqueline Onassis and his famous shopping spress. 10. Altruistic adj. unselfish concern with the welfare of others The royal family, despite their excesses, had been quite altruistic about the fairness of the tax system. Every lesson tells a story Hope that is helpful to your guys. -----拿高分,单词是基础! If you know these words, we figure you're ready to have lunch with an admissions conselor at Harvard or make a great impression on an interview at a Fortune 500 firm. ---------The author. Lesson2 Climb every mountain 11. Acquiesce v. to comply passively , to give in The king's cabinet did not easily acquiesce to the pardons Their acquiescence was critical. 12. Aesthetic adj. concerned with or appreciate of beauty The Queen, with his fine, aesthetic sense, decided to stage the abdication with an eye towards high drama and bright colors 13. Amnesty n an official pardon for a group of people who violate a law In fact, the king himself had granted amnesty five years before to a ring of conspirators who had been planning to rob a bank. 14.Animosity n, Ill , Dislike He harbored no animosity towards the conspirators, even though a portion of his own money rested in the bank's vaults. 15.Anomalous adj. irregular, abnormal, unusual The price secretly plans to hang all criminals once he is crowned, as he considers his father's decision regarding amnesty an anomalous one. Lesson two: Climb every mountain

16.Arduous adj. difficult to do , laborious Sam knew the mountain-climbing expedition would be arduous. Jenna, Sam's wife, having experienced the arduousness of last climb, decided not to go 17.Augment v. to increase or enlarge Sam felt it important to augment the number of guides he employed for the climb. 18.Austere adj. stern in manner or appearance, strict in morals He also felt that the group should follow an austere routine, as any frivolity could cost them lives. 19.Aversion n strong or fixed dislike, afeeling of repugnance Sam had a decided aversion to joy seekers anyway, because they usually wasted too much of his time. 20.Banal adj. commonplace, trite, unoriginal He particularly hated climbers like Harrison who, with his fancy airs and fancier equipment, struck him as utterly banal. Every lesson tells a story.
Baroque adj. extravagantly ornate, flamboyant, characterized by bold ornamentation Harrison's wife, Dinna, who favored brocade gowns and velevt wraps studded with jewels, decided not to climb in favor of shopping for other baroque acountrements 22. Begrude v. envry another's possessions, to concede reluctantly. Harrison did not usually begrudge Dinna her purchases, but this time he did feel slightly annoyed. 23. Benediction n Blessing, a good wish He would have considered her company on this climb a benediction. 24. Benign adj. gentle, not harmful, kind Diana, however, viewed her refusal as completely benign, because Harrison was well aware that climbling did not suit her. 25. Blanch v. to turn pale So it was no surprse that she blanched when Harrison lit into her. 26. Blithe adj. happily, Lighthearted , joyful She had blithely assumed Harrison wouldn't care. 27. Botch v. to bungle, to foul up "Darling!" she exclaimed, " I certainly botched this up, didn't I?"

28. Bracing adj. invigoraing, v. to prepare "We must brace ourselves for a difficult seperation," Harrison replied sternly. 29. Broach v. to open up a subject for discussion Harrison hoped Diana would not attempt to broach a conversation about his hurt feelings 30. Buffoon n. lown or fool Harrison hated talking about his feelings with anyone but sam's wife Jenna.....a fact that made him feel like a tremendous buffoon.

It was a catharsis for Gmaters when they got a score of 750.

Lesson 3: Peaceniks 31. Bulwark n. something used as adefense, a strong pretection. The villagers used dirt and logs to provides a bulwark against the army's invading tanks. 32. Cache n . A hiding place, something hidden in a serect place The guerrillas had a weapons cache in an underground tunnel 33. Callous adj. Unfeeling and insensitive The army officiers were callous anout the destruction of the villages. 34. Candor adj. truthfulness, great honesty, frankness The villagers tried to communicate with complete candor. 35. Capitulate v. to surrender, to surrender, to stop resisting The army would not captitulate, even in the face of increasing violent resistance. 36. Catharsis N. an emotional purification, an emotional release. It was a catharsis for the army soldiers when they heard the rescure helicopters. It was a catharsis for Gmaters when they got a score of 750. 37. Caustic adj. biting in humor News traveled fast, and the usually witty General Quarters could not even muster a caustic remark. " I am stuipid" Jake made a caustic remark when he got only 610 at last Gmat test. 38. Censure n. the act of blaming or condermning He did, however, issue an angry censure against the guerrillas 39. Chastise v. to criticize severely The guerrillas, though chatised, had no regrets.

40. Chronic adj, constant, lasting a long time The villagers hoped their conflicts with the army would not be chronic.

41. circumspect adj. careful, thought through The battle had made lieutenant Louis, one of the few survivors, more circumspect when facing his enemy. 42. clemency n disposition towards mercy,mildness Liteutenant Louis even looked upon his ownmen with a gentler eye, granting clemency to a few privates who'd been caught stealing. 43. Clique n. an exclusive group Among the privates a clique began to grow, devoting itself to honoring the villager's perspective. 44. Coalesce v. to come together as one, to fuse or unite. Their view coalesced over time, eventually reaching the news media. 45. coherent adj. making sense, organized and logical The privates finally decided to write down their views in a coherent manifesto that they would bring global attention to the region and end the fighting. 46. compatible adj. able to get a long well The author was quite compatible with her editor; they communicated well Lesson 4: Love me, love my writing 47. colloquial adj. conversational, used in informal specch The book was written in a colloquial style so that the information would be more user-firendly. 48. convey v. transport, to conduct, to communicate It is sometimes difficult to convey to an author the sort of revisions that are needed on a manuscript. 49. conviction n determination ,a state of being convinced Often an author cannot see the need for any changes and announces with conviction that the manuscript is perfection. 50. copious adj. abundant, lavish Authors much prefer copious praise for their work to any other type of response. Word Power ---06 51. corroborate v. support with evidence If they don't receive flattery from their editors, authors have been known to seen out others who will corroborate their abilities.

52.craven adj cowardly It was the editor's craven decision to write out his criticisms on paper the day before taking a vacation 53. Criterion n standard for judging The criterion for detering the strength of a manuscript varies from editor to editor, and often depends on what book buyers are purchasing. 54. Cursory adj. brief, without much attention to detail The author gave the editor's letter a cursory look and, without even finishing it, promptly decided to call her agent. 55. Dearth adj. a shortage "Don't worry," the agent chuckled." There is a dearth of material on this subject. you two will work it out. 56. deference n respect, courtesy The author, in deference to her agent, went back to the editor's letter suggesting numerous revisions. 57. deft adj. skillful She had to admit the editor was deft at purchasing a criticism in a positive light. 58. delineate v. describe or picture in words, to detail The necessary revisions were clearly delineated, leaving no room for confusion or misunderstanding. 59. Delude v. to deceive; to have false illusion The author decided it was best not to delude herself into thinking the manuscript needed few changes, because in fact, the editor was right. It need quite a bit of work. 60. depravity n moral corruption Besides, the topic of the book was the moral depravity in many of today's art forms, and the author felt honor bound to follow her consicience.

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