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21.--- I can’t wait to attend the prom tonight. I’m really excited about it. --. A.Good luck B.Do be calm C.Have fun D.So I am 22.Life is full of wonders, but they’re not always ones we pray for. A.the; the B.不填;the C.不填;不填 D.the; 不填 23.My stomach me. I thought it was going away, but now it’s getting worse and worse. A.is killing B.was killing C.kills D.killed 24.Walking to answer the door, she wondered who it was because she had no in this new city. A.appointments B.bonuses C.delegates D.acquaintances 25.There was a large crowd in the square, against the war. A.protecting B.protesting C.preventing D.promoting 26. The Gate of Fortune, from top visitors can enjoy a wonderful sea view, attracts many tourists. A.which B.whose C.its D.where 27.The fans were very disappointed that their idol was accused drug. A.of taking B.to take C.to have taken D.taking 28.--- Thanks for your timely help. --- You should thank Tom me. He sent me here in his car. A.except for B.regardless of C.rather than D.in spite of 29.Drinking too much, the doctor said, his poor health. A.resulted from B.based on C.arose from D.contributed to 30.The driver jumped out of the car it caught fire and didn’t get hurt. A.the moment B.in case C.as if D.by the time 31.Many people think this warm weather is for March. It should be cooler. A.abrupt B.absurd C.abnormal D.ambiguous 32.--- What did he want to know, John? --that we could finish our work. A.It was when B.When was it C.When it was D.Was it when 33.Premier Wen Jiabao’s three – day visit to Japan, as the “ice - melt” trip, has a positive effect on Sino – Japanese relationship. A.intending B.intended C.being intended D.having intended 34.Whether you’ll come to the meeting . We need you to make the decision. A.doesn’t matter B.shall decide C.must clarify D.does count 35. tomorrow, we would have to put off the mountain climbing. A.If it will rain B.If it rains
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C.Would it rain

D.Should it rain

第二节 完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 从后面所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出一个能填入短文空白处的最佳答案。 After having reached the peak of his career John felt an urge to repay his mother for all that she had done for him. So he asked her, “Mother, what can I do for you? I 37 36 want to repay you for all the 38 upon me.” 40 You

you have made for me and for all the love you have 39

Mother looked

and said, “Why do you think about that? It was my

don’t have to repay me.” 41 her continuous refusal to ask for anything, he continued to persist(坚持). To put an 42 she said, “All right. If you 43 , then tonight you sleep on my bed

end to the

with me, just as you used to when you were a baby.” 44 he fell asleep, the mother got up and brought a bucket (桶) of water. She 46 45 a

mug full of water on his side. Feeling

by the wetness under him, in his sleep he 47 48 his mother poured another mug of ,“What are you doing mother? Why

moved away to the other side of the bed. As he water on the other side. He got up and asked don’t you let me sleep? How do you 49

me to sleep on a wet bed?” 50 the bed in the night. I slept

Mother said, “I slept with you when you were a baby, when you I changed your nappy(尿布) and moved you to the 51

part of the bed, 52 53

on the wet side. Can you sleep here even for one night with me on a can, I’ll 54 it that you have repaid me.” 55

bed? If you

Dear children, you can bringing you up. 36. A. sincerely 37. A. consideration 38. A. spared

pay for the love, care and time your mother gave to you,

B. excitedly B. contributions B. showered

C. suddenly C. sacrifices C. placed

D. hopefully D. cares D. burst

39. A. amused 40. A. pride 41. A. Without 42. A. refusal 43. A. must 44. A. On condition that 45. A. lowered 46. A. harmed 47. A. settled down 48. A. anxiously 49. A. put 50. A. wet 51. A. warm 52. A. while 53. A. shallow 54. A. accept 55. A. forever

B. pleased B. pleasure B. Except B. request B. can B. Now that B. carried B. disturbed B. looked around B. nervously B. allow B. spoiled B. dry B. until B. cold B. learn B. never

C. hurt C. duty C. Besides C. debate C. may C. As soon as C. poured C. frozen C. woke up C. angrily C. force C. occupied C. soft C. once C. damp C. find C. still

D. surprised D. honor D. Despite D. discussion D. should D. In case D. filled D. astonished D. lay back D. carefully D. expect D. made D. clean D. when D. dirty D. take D. always

第三部分: 阅读理解 (共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列文章,根据文章内容,从文后所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳答案。 A Universities in Britain are a magnet (有吸引力的地方) for overseas students. There are currently over 200, 000 students from outside Britain studying at British universities. The largest single group is Chinese students. There are currently 50, 000 in the UK. But why is the UK such a popular destination for university students? First of all, the quality of your course is guaranteed. All courses are assessed by an independent system, so you can be assured that your course is officially approved and has wide international recognition. The British education system is very flexible in order to provide for the needs of a modern, complex society. It is also cost-effective. Degree courses are usually 3 years long, which is shorter and more intensive than in other countries. There are lots of scholarships available.
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You normally need 3 A-levels, which are the exams taken by people leaving school at 18, in order to enter an undergraduate degree course. You also need an IELTS score of at least 5.5, but many universities offer foundation or access courses to prepare students for their studies. British universities offer a personalized but independent approach. The emphasis is on creative and independent thought, which helps develop the skills you will need to compete in the global job market. Tutors not only teach but also provide support and guidance. As a result, international students have a very low dropout rate and very high pass rates. It is very simple to become an international student in the UK. The British Council offers a free and fair service to anyone who is interested in studying in the UK, and an organization called UCAS assists you in finding a course and making an effective application. So if some day you have the chance to study in the UK, don’t hesitate! 56. All courses in UK universities are assessed by _____. A. government office B. an Internet organization C. an independent system D. an educational department 57. British universities mainly focus on developing students’ _____. A. creativity and independence B. skills for doing business C. knowledge from the books D. competition in the job market 58. The function of the organization UCAS is to _____. A. give an examination to the students from overseas B. help overseas students apply for universities in the UK C. offer foundation or access courses to prepare students for their studies D. help those who drop out because of financial or other problems 59. From this passage, we can conclude that _____. A. universities in Britain are the most suitable places for overseas students to study in B. the British government has begun to forbid overseas students to study in Britain C. many overseas students study in British universities because they are poor D. the writer encourages the students to study in Britain for many reasons B It is with great sadness that I mourn the loss of my friend, David Hite, who passed away on January 18, 2004. For over six decades, David was one of the great forces in the world of clarinetists(单簧管演奏者). He was an excellent performer, teacher, conductor, arranger, instrument technician, but perhaps will be best remembered as a brilliant mouthpiece craftsman and editor of clarinet music for the Southern Music Company. Above all, David was a kind, warm, and generous person who was always ready to assist fellow clarinetists in pursuit of musical excellence. He was extremely knowledgeable in so many topics related to the clarinet and was always willing and eager to share this knowledge with his students and colleagues (同事). Born on September 25, 1923 in Ohio, David devoted his life to the study and practice of the clarinet. After moving with his family to Columbus in 1941, he entered the Ohio State
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University School of Music where he later got a Bachelor and Master of Arts Degree in Music. During WWII, he joined the US Army, serving as a band musician. After that, he returned to play in the Columbus Philharmonic Orchestra and in the Berkshire Music Festival Orchestra at Tanglewood, Massachusetts. In 1954, David joined the music faculty(全体教员) of Capital University where he taught for over 20 years. After leaving Columbus in 1983, he moved to the New York City area, working with clarinet and saxophone players in custom repairing instruments and mouthpieces. In 1986, he settled in Florida where, with his wife Jean, he won international recognition for the design and production of J & D Hite clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces. He also worked to expand the clarinet music literature, publishing many new editions and arrangements with the Southern Music Company. 60. How old was David Hite when he died? A. 81. B. 63. C. 70. D. 50. 61. The second paragraph is mainly about _____. A. what kind of person David Hite was B. David Hite’s experiences in his life C. how David Hite became so famous D. what kind of jobs he did in his life 62. According to this passage, which of the following statements is TRUE? A. He was a rich, kind and warm-hearted person. B. He was the most advanced instrument technician at that time. C. He was knowledgeable in many topics and always ready to help others. D. He was devoted to the study and mastery of the music history all his life. 63. The purpose of writing this passage is to_____. A. introduce the growth of a great musician B. talk about how to be a famous clarinetist C. recall the life experience of a friend D. explain the benefits of learning musical instrument C When I was young, I thought I had nothing to do with those who were elderly. I think most young people find it hard to believe that they themselves will grow old. When you reach old age, you know in your heart if you have lived a satisfying life or not. No one else can know this or decide it for you. The single greatest challenge we each will face is whether we can honestly say at the end of our days on this Earth that our life has been well spent. I believe that whether we can live a truly satisfying life to the end depends to a considerable extent on how we view death. Sadly, many older people are anxious and fearful about death. But I find it helpful to compare the cycles of life and death to the daily rhythms of waking and sleeping. Just as we look forward to the rest sleep brings after the efforts and exertions (尽力) of the day, death can be seen as a welcome period of rest and re-energizing in preparation for
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a new round of active life. There is a saying that goes, “To a fool, old age is a bitter winter; to a wise man it is a golden time.” Everything depends on your attitude, and how you approach life. Do you view old age as a period of decline (衰落) ending in death, or as a time in which one has the opportunity to attain one’s goals and bring one’s life to a rewarding and satisfying completion? The same period of old age will be dramatically different depending upon your own outlook. In fact, even though our bodies may become old, if we maintain an active, positive attitude, our hearts and minds will remain “youthful” as long as we live. 64. In the writer’s opinion, whether our life is well spent or not depends on _____. A. what we have got before our deaths B. how much money we have earned in life C. how we view death D. what we believe in when we die 65. The fourth paragraph is mainly about _____. A. how we should understand the old saying B. how we should treat the old people C. how people view old age differently D. how to bring life to a rewarding completion 66. From this passage, we can see that the writer’s attitude toward life is _____. A. unclear B. imaginative C. pessimistic D. optimistic 67. According to this passage, the writer believes that _____. A. most older people are fearful about death because they have a lot to do B. life and death are natural cycles of life so we should treat it actively C. all older people should be satisfied with their life however miserable it has been D. we will be youthful physically and spiritually if we have a good attitude D CareerBuilder. com now offers the most functional and easy-to-use online job search in the industry. In fact, there are now so many ways to search for jobs on CareerBuilder.com that you’ll be able to get the results you want in much less time! What are keywords? Keywords are specific words or phrases that are used to search for jobs. A search looks for these words in job postings and if it finds them, it will pull them up for a user to take a look at. It’s the same way you do research on the Internet. The more keywords are used, the more closely the job will match what you’re really looking for. How can I make the search engine find the exact phrase? With our advanced search feature, you may select how you want to use the keywords in your search. If you select ANY WORDS, you’ll see jobs that contain at least one of the keywords you listed. With ALL WORDS or EXACT PHRASE selected, the resulting jobs must contain all of the keywords or the exact phrase you listed.
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Can I search in a geographical area? Yes. Location choices are optional (可选择的). If you type in a city, we’ll search within nearly a 30-mile radius (范围) of it. Can I search by type of job? Yes. Using our advanced search, you can choose up to 2 professions that fit your search. Can I look for jobs only within a specific salary range? Yes, you can. Our advanced search feature lets you choose the pay ranges you want to see. If you don’t select any, we’ll show all applicable jobs. Note: Many major corporations are prevented from showing salaries online, so if you check the bottom box, they won’t show up. 68. If you want a job selling Volkswagen Beetles, which of the following keywords should you type in? A. Volkswagen. B. Beetles. C. Selling Volkswagen Beetles. D. Volkswagen Beetles. 69. CareerBuilder.com helps you do the following EXCEPT ________. A. decide how to use the keywords B. get the salary information of all the corporations C. choose the city where you want to work D. search for the work you like most 70. What is the writer’s purpose of writing this passage? A. To help you find a favorite job. B. To assist you to select a keyword. C. To persuade you to surf a job-hunting website. D. To tell you how to find a good job. 71. This passage probably comes from a ________. A. technological magazine B. computer magazine C. textbook D. web page E Medicine comes in lots of different packages. Painkillers in a tablet can make your headache go away. Antibiotic cream (抗菌素膏) from a tube can prevent your cuts from becoming infected. But can medicine come packaged in chicken egg? A team of scientists from Scotland say “yes”. They’ve engineered special chickens that lay eggs with disease-treating drugs inside. These eggs come from chickens that have been engineered to produce certain drugs inside their egg whites.
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These drugs are made of molecules called proteins. Animals make thousands of proteins — they’re the main element in skin, hair, milk and meat. Since animals can make proteins easily, they’re good candidates (候选者) for making protein drugs. Researchers have already made cows, sheep and goats pump out protein drugs in their milk. But chickens are cheaper to take care of, need less room, and grow faster than other animals. Those qualities could make chickens a better choice to become living drug factories, says Simon Lillico of the Roslin Institute near Edinburgh, Scotland. Lillico and a team of researchers changed chickens’DNA — the code that tells cells how to make proteins so that the birds’ cells made two protein drugs. One drug can treat skin cancer, and the other treats a nerve disease called multiple sclerosis (多发性硬化). The scientists changed the chickens’ DNA so that they made these drugs only in their egg whites. This protects the chickens’ bodies from the drugs’ possible harmful effects and makes it easy for scientists to collect the drugs. 72. If you cut your finger, you may use ________ to heal it. A. painkillers in a tablet B. antibiotic cream C. disease-treating drugs D. protein drugs 73. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. Scientists from Scotland have packaged medicine into chicken eggs. B. The drugs are made of molecules called proteins. C. Scientists chose chickens for experiments because chickens are easy to look after. D. The animals are good candidates for making protein drugs. 74. The drugs in special chicken eggs can ________. A. treat lung cancer B. help reduce headaches C. change people’s DNA D. treat multiple sclerosis 75. We can infer from the passage that ________. A. eating eggs is the best choice for patients now B. scientists changed the chicken’s DNA and put proteins in chicken eggs C. in the future we may eat special eggs as drugs when we are sick D. the drugs produce harmful effects on the chickens’ bodies



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