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Module 2 Unit 2 I'm drawing a picture. 课件2

Listen, point and say Bear: What are they doing? Oh, It’s not a panda Listen and say Hi. I’m Becky. I’m eight. I’m writing a letter. And I’m drawing a picture. Now, I’m colouring the picture. It’s for my friend Fangfang in China. Do you like it? Listen and say. Then sing. I’M LISENING TO MUSIC I’m listening to music. I’m reading a book I’m writing a letter. Come here and lock. I’m playing football. I'm taking to you. I’m doing my homework. Are you doing it, too? Mime and guess listening watching walking playing reading singing eating Playing football Is he playing football? Do and say Take your family photos to class and talk about them. playing football drawing a picture is/am clouring a picture watching TV She’s listening to the radio They are watching TV Homework: 1、复习文章对话 2、向家人介绍自己的画作


B4M2U2 I'm drawing a picture
Book 4 Module 2 Unit 2 I’m drawing a picture. 一、教材分析: 内容的...7奇怪的大石头_课件修改... 39页 免费 微反应器 6页 1下载券©...
王娟教学案例“i'm drawing a picture.”
Im drawing a picture.”教学设计与反思潍坊锦绣学校 王娟 一、教学目标 ...2.帮助学生进一步理解现在进行时所表达的意义。以及如何就对方和第三人正在做的...
新标准英语一起四册M2U2I'm drawing a picture教案
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年级英语外研社下册doing文档下载_高中教育_教育专区。英语同步(外研社一起)Module 2 Unit 2 I'm drawing a picture. 参考答案 1. B A I can read ...
小学英语外研版(一起)年级下册M2U2+Im+drawing+a+picture.教案_英语_小学教育_教育专区。小学英语外研版(一起)年级下册教学课件、教案、习题 ...
She saw him drawing a picture in the classroom....九年级英语 Unit2 1. used to do sth. 过去常常...still 仍然,还 用在 be 动词的后面 如:Im ...

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