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Healthy Holsteins
Burch & Kolstad Farmer John prides himself on having the healthiest dairy(乳品的) cows in the world. He knows the vitamin(维生素) content for one scoop(勺) of each feed type and the minimum(最小的) daily vitamin requirement for the cows. Help Farmer John feed his cows so they stay healthy while minimizing(使减到最少) the number of scoops that a cow is fed. Given the daily requirements of each kind of vitamin that a cow needs, identify(确定) the smallest combination(结合) of scoops of feed a cow can be fed in order to meet at least the minimum vitamin requirements. Vitamins are measured in integer(整数) units. Cows can be fed at most one scoop of any feed type. It is guaranteed(保证) that a solution(解决方案) exists for all contest(竞赛) input(投入) data. 【我的思路】 DFS 把所有的情况枚举一遍,按照组合数的搜索方法。 【code】 { ID:yxy07015 PROG:holstein LANG:PASCAL } var n,m,i,j,v,min:integer; a:array[1..25] of integer; b,minb:array[0..15] of integer; map:array[1..15,1..25] of integer; function check:boolean; begin for v:=1 to n do if a[v]>0 then exit(false); exit(true); end; procedure dfs(k:integer); var i:integer; begin if check then begin if k-1<min then begin min:=k-1; minb:=b; end; end else for i:=b[k-1]+1 to m do begin

b[k]:=i; for j:=1 to n do dec(a[j],map[i,j]); dfs(k+1); b[k]:=0; for j:=1 to n do inc(a[j],map[i,j]); end; end; begin assign(input,'holstein.in'); reset(input); assign(output,'holstein.out'); rewrite(output); readln(n); for i:=1 to n do read(a[i]); readln(m); for i:=1 to m do for j:=1 to n do read(map[i,j]); min:=$7f; b[0]:=0; dfs(1); write(min,' '); for v:=1 to min-1 do write(minb[v],' '); writeln(minb[min]); close(input); close(output); end. Executing... Test 1: TEST OK [0.003 secs, 276 KB] Test 2: TEST OK [0.003 secs, 276 KB] Test 3: TEST OK [0.000 secs, 276 KB] Test 4: TEST OK [0.003 secs, 276 KB] Test 5: TEST OK [0.000 secs, 276 KB] Test 6: TEST OK [0.003 secs, 276 KB] Test 7: TEST OK [0.003 secs, 276 KB] Test 8: TEST OK [0.005 secs, 276 KB] Test 9: TEST OK [0.011 secs, 276 KB] Test 10: TEST OK [0.030 secs, 276 KB] All tests OK.


Agree R Disagree In 1864, Prussia and Austria joined forces to seize the provinces of Schleswig and Holstein, which were ruled by the king of Denmark....
动物名称 中英文
(Africander) Galloway Highland Guernsey Hereford Channel Island Brachyceros Netherland Friesian Holstein-Friesian Brownsind Black Pied Lowland Black and White ...
(Holstein,德国) Hungaria(a.hungarica) Hydruntum Iabada 匈牙利(见 Pannonia) 奥特朗托(Otranto,意大利) 爪哇(见 Java) Lemanus Lacus 日内瓦湖( Lake of ...
同级舰只: ★ F215 Brandenburg 勃兰登堡号 下水日期:1992 年 8 月 28 日 服役日期:1994 年 10 月 14 日★ F216 Schleswig-Holstein 石勒苏益格.荷尔斯泰因...
(Rheinland-Pfalz)、萨 尔州( Saarland )、萨克森州( Sachsen )、萨克森 - 安哈尔特州 (Sachsen-Anhalt) 、 石勒苏益格-荷尔斯泰因州 (Schleswig-Holstein) 、 ...
Butyrophilin is a major glycoprotein of bovine MFGM and comprises over 40% by weight of the total protein associated with MFGM in milks from Holstein ...
holstein—lewis 骨折: 肱骨远端 1/3 骨折伴桡神经嵌压。 hutchinson 骨折: 同 chauffeur 骨折。 jefferson 骨折: 寰椎环的压缩性骨折, 骨折是由枢椎压缩性外力...
同级舰只: ★ F215 Brandenburg 勃兰登堡号 下水日期:1992 年 8 月 28 日 服役日期:1994 年 10 月 14 日★ F216 Schleswig-Holstein 石勒苏益格.荷尔斯泰因...
现将不同生产 方向的普通牛品种分述如下: 乳用品种 黑白花牛(Holstein-Friesian) 荷斯坦牛又称荷兰牛,还有译为荷斯坦一弗里生牛(更有仅 称为荷斯坦牛或弗里...
Holsteinian 埃尔斯特 Elsterian 克罗麦 Cromerian 明纳普 (Menapian) 7,简述第四纪年代学的基本方法 , (1)物理年代学方法:古地磁,热释光,光释光,电子自旋...

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