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PEP小学英语五年级下册Unit4 When is Easter A Talk

When is Tree-planting Day? It’s in March.

When is Children’s Day?

It’s in June.

When is National Day?

It’s in October.

When is New Year’s Day? It’s in January.


The dialogue.

When is the sports meet? Zhangpeng?

It's on April 4th.
It's next Friday, then. Good luck(好运). Thanks.



There are some special days in April.四月有些特别的日子。

When is April Fool’s Day?
It’s in April.

It’s on April 1st. first =1st

When is Easter ?
It’s in April.

It’s on April 5th.
fifth =5th

Easter is in April. April Fool's Day is in April, too. Easter is on April 5th. April Fool's Day is on April lst.

Can you tell me the difference between “in” and “on”?告诉我in和on有啥区 别?

Mr Jones和张鹏还在侃四月份有 啥好玩的节日呢,我们去偷听 下他们的对话吧!


Answer the questions (1)When is April Fool’s Day? It’s on April 1st. __________________________ (2)When is Easter? It’s on April 5th. _________________________



什么时候是愚人节? 它在四月一日。 复活节呢? 它在五月五日今年。


There are some special days in May.



May Day

Mother's Day?

May Day?

May 1st.
Mother's Day?

May 10th.

Homework: 1.完成课时通30、31页; 2.抄写对话一遍。

Show time

S1:There are some special days in a year. S2:What are they? New Year’s Day Children’s Day S1: . May Day S2: When is ? China’s National Da S1: It’s on . April Fool’s Day… S2: When is ? have a big dinner with my family S1: It’s on . S2: Wow! I love watch TV with my family sing/dance/go to a park Children’s Day !do housework I can/will dance. clean my room/cook …
go to the Great Wall

What is the longest and most important festival in China? 重要的

The Spring Festival


?The spring Festival is on the first day of the first lunar(阴历) month. It’s on February 19th this year.

On New Year’s Eve, we usually have a big dinner and watch TV together .

We set off firecrackers and fireworks. 烟花 鞭炮 In the morning, we wear new clothes and visit our relatives and friends. 亲属

The Dragon-Boat Festival 端午节
? The Dragon Boat Festival, the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. It’s on June 20th this year.

?On this day, we often watch dragon boat races. ?We make and eat zongzi. 龙舟赛 ? It’s to remember a great poet, Qu Yuan.(屈原)


Double Ninth Festival
?The Double Ninth Festival is on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Chinese calendar, it is on October 21st this year.

We often climb mountains.

We usually visit old people and send gifts to them.


2. 询问家人的生日,并牢记每一位亲人的生


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